Putting the power of healing in your hands


Why is OH BEE HAVE empowering healing worth a try?
Have you heard that there is a new game in town called biohacking. Using nootropic benefits to improve mental well-being. Getting more from life by having more energy. I am glad to say that OH BEE HAVE empowering healing has multiple features that go beyond what you think food can do for your body. Have you heard the saying let food be thy medicine? Well this topical high energy food for your skin is revolution you have been waiting for. Transformational healing in a topical product. 21st century technology based on light? Seeing is believing and the proof is in trying the product. Give it a go you might just learn something new!
Why is a topical high energy skin food better than oral food?
If you are having trouble with your digestive tract and you are not absorbing food well then I just suggest you try a topical high energy light supplement. Food that restores well-being by putting high energy light into your body. Regenerative food technology that allows you to restore your well-being.
What benefit will I get from it?
Provides additional healing power to help the body heal itself rapidly by working in the physics of the human body, which generates the chemistry and that produces the biology. By going up the energy ladder into the physics we have established a way people can regenerate their well-being by putting extra light into their bodies. The topical approach enables one to bypass first pass metabolism of the liver. The skin being the biggest organ of the body means it is hungry and feeding the skin high energy food provides a new approach to maintain health and well-being to provide you with the additional needed energy to support your well-being. 
What does it feel like? 
A subtle calming effect but with an energized feel. It depends on how good you are on noticing subtle changes in the energy of your body. It can provide more sustained energy throughout the day. No caffeine, no stimulants, just the royal jelly proteins extracted from Manuka honey so that its magic can be applied directly on to your skin and you can experience a magic that puts the power of healing back into the hands of the individual.
What is it? 
The active ingredient isolated from Manuka honey. The royal jelly proteins have some special properties but is actually the combination of phenolics and minerals as well as light and a photo-reduction and photo-oxidation system that the bees use to give them their buzz. Understanding bee magic and biochemistry has enabled Quantum Technologies Ltd to get a buzz on!
When should I use it?
When you want more power and reduce the feeling of pain in your body. Daily, it's your body and so it's up to you. All I suggest is you try it under different conditions to see what you prefer. I like to get the extra energy so I can work thinking about quantum biology but that is something most people thing is a little strange. However, understanding physics in the human body using logical approaches has been very useful.  
How does it work? 
It produces revitalizing power in your body by producing short-lived pulses of power that are too fast for the eyes to see. But you will feel this as extra energy. How do you get more from less. Well it's the physics of symmetry / asymmetry states that allows energy to be obtained. The universe love balance. By moving back to balance the universe releases energy within your body. That is why ATP is made using a gradient of protons in the mitochondria. In physics, the asymmetry is obtained by other means. However, the outcome is the release of energy which provides transformational well-being. 
How was it discovered?
Through many years of scientific research and thinking outside the box to arrive at the new discovery. Plus trying the product that I was making myself to ensure that it produces the desired effects. My own health was under treat due to an anti-inflammatory condition that I had having been diagnosed with a gene HLA B27 which predisposes me to auto immune diseases. By using the anti-inflammatory properties of the product it can keep my auto immune disease at bay. Good no longer having to go to hospital twice a year for inflammatory eye disease that could make me go blind. That is why biohacking is so important. You are no longer a slave to your genetic make up. You biology can be modulated using topical foods to maintain your health and well-being into your later years.
Why use it topically? 
It has been shown to work when applied to the skin to quickly relieve pain and accelerate healing. Topical is the new oral! Well at least it gives you more bang for your buck. The skin is your biggest organ and it eats what you feed it providing benefits of additional energy which can be beneficial. The liver and oral digestion has a detoxification system that takes out the colloidal proteins and this can be bypassed using skin delivery mechanisms. 
How often should I use it? 
Daily but it is up to you 
How long does it last for? 
3-6 hours 
Why is it safe to use?
Manuka honey has a long history of beneficial use. There are no preservatives because Manuka honey has an inbuilt antimicrobial active ingredient that lasts 1 billionth of a second and enough energy to turn biology into CO2 and water. It is the process of transformation where energy cannot be destroyed nor created that Quantum Technologies Ltd takes advantage of to restore well-being. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is a quantum leap forward in regenerative medicine technologies from topical high energy foods.
Who should use it?
People wanting to harness the healing power of Manuka honey and empower their journey back to health and well-being. Anyone interested in the nootropic benefits of topical high energy skin products.