How to use

Spray on your skin and massage in


How to use

A topical cosmetic spray of Manuka honey royal jelly proteins. You can use 10 sprays per application. Application is topical. Nill by mouth. The formulation is silky smooth for skin application only. Feel sensational in your rejuvenated skin. 


Royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey. INCI name: MEL RJPI. Water. ​No artificial ingredients: Preservative-free, fragrance-free, non-sticky formulation, pure and simple as nature intended. Proteins are gently recovered from Manuka honey to retain their biological complexity and functionality.


When to use

Morning and night and when your skin needs a rejuvenation boost.

Where to use

Arms, legs, torso, stomach, head and face.

Size of the proteins

The proteins are very small around 10 nm in size.

MRJP complex

You don't need to understand the magic to harness its skin rejuvenation properties. 


Gold Star rating system

Independent testing 

Provided by an independent laboratory, ensuring quality and traceability.  1 star = 1 billion proteins per mL.