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The physics of the human being - Quantum biology

There is a lot of woo woo in the quantum spiritual world, understanding that we are creative beings that generate the observable world around us in the subconscious mind and our conscious mind observes that outcome which is either agreeable or not. Science has clearly shown that the subconscious sends the signals faster than the conscious mind can integrate the observable world. There are no enzymes in the quantum subconscious mind only the 26 cosmological constants at play. So the question is how to understand and apply physics to human biology and go from woo woo to yahoo. Having a methodical approach is needed so this is what I have done.

There are several inconsistencies in the current scientific model and one of these is matter and antimatter destroy one another versus energy cannot be destroyed nor created only transformed. Everything was created from nothing and somehow more matter than antimatter was generated in this process which leads to the observable universe. I find the current flaws in the Big Bang model as laudable and find quantum physics, despite it being the best model we have is based on not being able to predict anything because you cannot know both the speed and position of an electron.

Again I disagree as a conscious observer I only see one thing and not all infinite possibilities after the measurement is made, which is based on my own observations. The so-called collapse of the wave function is merely an illusion based on a language that we have used to describe something that we do not fully understand or comprehend.

As the observer, I get to choose not to measure and not to interact with the system, therefore, from the point prior to measurement where all possibilities are available I can predict the outcome and the geometry of the system itself prior to measurement.

The prediction identifies a system in perfect equilibrium, in supersymmetry where everything is in balance and harmony without disturbance prior to measurement. This is the centre of balance between the duality of opposites, without judgment. The inherent duality within our biology remains stabilized within the centre of opposites. We have lost the ability to remain neutral and balanced when the polarisation within the scientific model is clearly demonstrated. However, dig a little deeper and you will discover the flaws made in the interpretation of the measurements including the charges on the particles we have assigned to atomic particles. When you change the fundamental charges on a neutron to -1 and add positrons into the model you restore symmetry into the physics model, which is the first step on the road to creating a unified field theory.

I will continue this theme in my next blog. Creating a new model to connect the dots between physics, chemistry, biology and psychology and back to physics to close the loop and connect the dots.



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