Major Royal Jelly Proteins

Royal Jelly nanoparticles a topical biomaterial for health and well-being.

MRJPs (royal jelly proteins) are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, and are commercialized as an over-the-counter food supplements. They have antimicrobial activities against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They also show an ability to lower blood pressure, fats in the blood (hypercholesterolemia), stop tumour growth in vitro, and anti-inflammation.[17]

 Major Royal Jelly Proteins

Structure of the MRJP1 oligomer showing the H-like complex structure contains four MRJP1 (green or cyan), four apisimin (yellow or wheat), and eight 24-methylenecholesterol (blue, purple, orange, or lime sticks) molecules. The size of the particles in OH BEE HAVE are around 100 nm in size.

Colloidal particles in OH BEE HAVE 

The structure of the particles act like waves of energy.

Major royal jelly proteins and apisimin

A. Detailed interactions of MRJP1 and apisimin in the MRJP1 dimer; symmetric intermolecular C-terminal and N-terminal interactions and intermolecular C-terminal antiparallel β-sheets β31 (left). B. Interactions of Osl in the MRJP1 oligomer; four Osl (ostreasterol or methylenecholesterol) molecules in the surface potential of MRJP1; interactions of the inner two Osl molecules with MRJP1 and apisimin (left).

Other components of OH BEE HAVE (ΩH ଓଁEE ħΛVE) include minerals and phenolics.

minerals in OH BEE HAVE

Mineral analysis of royal jelly nanoparticles isolated from Manuka honey.

Manuka phenolics

The interaction of light with phenolics and the minerals creates a photo-reduction cycle. When the royal jelly particles get taken up into inflammatory cells they get exposed to hydrogen peroxide which is the photo-oxidation cycle. The reaction produces high energy short lived electrons which produce 1200 electron volts of energy and have a half life of 1 nanosecond. Photo-fenton biochemistry. It happens to occur naturally in our bodies and is part of apoptosis. Part of our natural death and regeneration system. We we upset this natural system within our bodies we stimulate the formation of cancer through the loss of quantum entanglement processes that are produced from radical energy cascades within the body. The radicals are paramagnetic so they sense energy in the environment of your body. If you are in a negative environment then you feel bad and hold those negative emotions in the structures of your body. If you are in a positive environment then your emotional well-being will be in harmony and in good health. 

Radicals tie light together into structure through quantum entanglement. Light produces structure depending on the frequency used to measure structures. See the following structures made using light and a microscope.

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