Quantum Technologies Ltd

Quantum Technologies Ltd

Quantum Technologies Ltd was established by Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc on the 18th of March 2019. I am developing magical products from Manuka honey for skin rejuvenation. After 18 years as a government scientist in the field of regenerative medicine and biochemistry, I got up the courage to venture on a new scientific path. I studied wound healing and regenerative medicine not at university but as a research scientist and made some pretty awesome discoveries including how to make an extracellular scaffold from a sheep's stomach for a New Zealand company. I also discovered a gap junction modulating peptide from the eye lens crystallin protein Beta B2. That was called GAP573. The development of the royal jelly proteins into a topical cosmetic spray is a steppingstone into bigger and more impactful technological innovations.  

Wellington NZ

At the top of Mt KauKau


Looking up at Mt KauKau from my office.

Founder and Inventor
Dr Johnson

Dr Johnson has a PhD in Biochemistry, Masters in Molecular Genetics and a BSc double major in Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry. Dr Johnson's research career has consisted of developing regenerative medicine technologies including an extracellular matrix from sheep's stomach for Aroa Biosurgery and a number of wound healing technologies including GAP junction modulating peptides, N-acyl ethanolamine pain reducing wound healing therapies, Manuka honey based wound healing technologies, organogels and a revolutionary sunscreen (Active High-Performance Sunscreen). Dr Johnson has spent 18 years as a research scientist and worked with over 50 companies and has over 100 scientific outputs.

Dr Johnson has recently developed a new model in physics that is an extension of Einstein's E= mc^2 through the application of light-based geometry enabling rearrangement of Einstein's equation to c^2=E/M (electromagnetism) and placing this onto a mathematical cross, to identify a SUSY inversion model, that enables the identification of dark matter and dark energy (see my SUSY inversion model). This creates a model in physics that includes positrons in the atomic structure, to restore geometric inverted symmetry, and generate a logical approach to non-measured understanding of the universe at the Planck scale (Planck Epoch without time 1E-44 seconds and space 1.6E-35 meter) with the geometry of light (no mass and no charge) as a technology platform for quantum biology. Let there be light and there was. In my case bee light is fundamentally what provided the insight and trauma release as well as provided an understanding that all is mind and how to unlock the light within through the physics of atomic memory. Come on the journey. I am sure you will like what you will find.

My experience was to heal the trauma from my past as an 11 year of child that was on 10/10/1983. Then 30 years later in 2013 I experienced the release of that trauma because of the product I was working on. When everything is revealed, it is hard to put the genie back into the box. The time it takes to reintegrate the information and experience into a logical framework and connect it to science that current has no observer in the act of observation. Some changes were needed. I have made these, and this provides both context for the model and the reintegration of the observer into the act of making an observation.