Einstein's light geometry and magnetism versus mass

There are three ways to write the most famous of equations attributed to Einstein. 

E = mc^2  all is energy
m = E/c^2 all is magnetism
c^2 = E/M all is light

The E/M and rise / run on the mathematics cross.  The x axis -M and M and the y axis E and -E. In this inverted symmetry model of Einstein geometry at the Planck scale a single point can be seen at 0,0,0. This is the pin hole that inverts the image of the right side 180 degrees to the opposite on the left side. The + and - and the attraction of opposites.
The concepts of all is energy has been around a long time. E = energy. The concept of let there be light. "Let there be light" is an English translation of the Hebrew יְהִי אוֹר‎ found in Genesis 1:3 of the Torah, the first part of the Hebrew Bible. In Old Testament translations of the phrase, translations include the Greek phrase γενηθήτω φῶς and the Latin phrases fiat lux and lux sit.

In science the letter c denotes the speed of light. Also known as electromagnetism. My approach to understand my product and how it works connects to the photo-reduction on a single atom of iron and how this reduction step using light is important to make the iron atom highly reactive towards hydrogen peroxide in the body that is made by phagosomes in macrophage (white blood cells). The reaction within the immune system.
The concept of light, quanta and photons or electromagnetism (Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics, that deals with the electromagnetic force that occurs between electrically charged particles. The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces and exhibits electromagnetic fields such as magnetic fields, electric fields, and light.)

Most people when you ask them what the m stands for in E = mc^2, they say mass. Where does mass come from? Gravity! What is gravity? A force. A force between what and what? It is a force that relates to the mass of an object based on the inverse square law. Light also obeys the inverse square law. I would rather think of m as magnetism and the magnetic field present at right angle to the electric field that creates an interaction of a photon of light. The light wave can be any distance. So how big are gravity waves?

It is much easier if we start at the beginning and go from there.
The paradox of everything being present and also not being able to measure it. What do we know. 1) speed of light nearly 3 E +9 meters / second. Background radiation level of the universe and the quantum fluctuations. The amount of dark matter, dark energy, matter and the homogenous nature of the universe. The 26 cosmological constants. The functionality of photons being universal. Science has lost antimatter, and does not know why the mirror reflection of the 12 particles and the 4 forces and the Higgs field and the issues with Planck scale physics and the singularity. Well you could say it is piece meal at best and there is no logic to it all. 

So let's look at the logical approach I have taken no holds bared and at least see the simplicity of seeing the unified field theory from the perspective of non interaction and singularity physics and how this applies to human biology.
For a start there has been a long term battle between is there a God and there is a God but we do not understand how to interact with God and God is outside of the universe and therefore no longer engaged with the people of this universe. Again, I have to disagree with this logical assumption. For a start He the Father is proposed to  be male. Again, this assumption is incorrect. Genderless, due to the proposed evaluation of God as He as in a helium Bose Einstein Condensate. A quantum ball of light, A radius equivalent to the speed of light. The calculations I have performed to analyses this proposed solution to the question of God from the scientific stand point. Helium is the only element that is liquid near absolute zero. It has some strange properties as a quantum fluid, and its orbital arrangement as a Bose Einstein condensate where both S and P orbitals are full makes helium 4/2 contain 16 electrons at the ground state.

This is how I turned things on its head in scientific understanding from what I was taught at school and university to understanding how to build a new framework that includes human sight, consciousness and the physics of the human subconscious mind. So light is the fastest thing in the universe and therefore it is light first before it is matter. In fact there is only light when symmetry is maintained and that can be understood when the no measurements are made and no energy is used to make a measurement and disturb the symmetry present in the system at rest. So, c^2 = E/M if we consider E being an electric field and M being a magnetic field and the interaction between E/M (rise/run) in mathematics of a straight line then you can create a geometry of Einstein's equation and understand electromagnetism based on the geometry of right angles. So I do not consider m to be mass but magnetism. E is therefore electric and not energy unless you consider electric and energy to be the same thing. This then put c as electromagnetism and not just light which is limited to visible wavelengths.

By thinking of everything as light, and as this is our major sense, the physics of light needs to be understood in order to obtain an understanding of how light plays a major role in our evolution and in our biology. We have not even understood how light is generated in the sun from hydrogen. If you consider nuclear physics. Thinking about waves and how to place more waves into the internal geometry of an atom. At the center of the atom there is a nucleus which contains protons and neutrons. Current scientific thinking suggests that neutrons are zero charge and protons are positive. I disagree, which is why I have outlined the concept of -1 for the neutron based on multiplication of the three quarks rather than addition. 

The concept of a photon of light having no mass and no charge but being a symmetry state of opposites of the electron and positron which are just the same things but seen from opposites sides of 0,0,0. Both having a diameter of 4 x 10^-18 meter. Both having the same mass. Due to the charge interaction between the proton +1 and electron -1 and neutron -1 and positron +1. You can see in the image below the spherical bubbles with light bonding the bubbles into different geometry based on the number of light bonds holding them in place. The S orbital of an atom is a sphere and can act as a lens through its concave and convex nature.

The bonds of electromagnetism appear as light and straight lines that hold electrons in certain positions within the orbital structures of atoms. This is a concept of a shared pair of positron and electron and the presence of light based electromagnetic bonds within molecules and within atoms. As I have suggested previously the atomic geometry can be determined based on S orbital locations based on Planck lengths. This visual representation provides a concept of how light or bonds are present in molecules that occur between two atoms. As you can see the center of the atom is empty, suggesting that the nucleus is empty and the atom surface area is important for bonding. The reflection of all sources of light enter the nucleus and appear to disappear at the center, like a vanishing point. However, the geometry of opposites and the right hand rule can apply to S orbitals the geometry will change with P, D and F orbitals based on the number of positrons and electrons present in pairs.  

So I have changed the concepts from an external world to an internal one. Our biological senses are limited with respect to how they see light. Retina are inverted and we can see Balmer lines from electron transitions of hydrogen that provides visible light. I have talked about the inversion of the human retina, seeing inside the human subconscious minds physics based on monoatomic minerals coordinated to your neurotransmitters and pin hole camera like attribute of the original eye (subconscious mind) being the photo-electric effect and how you are performing a double slit like experiment with your two eyes so quantum entanglement is occurring in your subconscious mind. When the proximity of the electrons provides the wavelength of light then at certain times and in certain ways you get to observe things that are not what corresponds to Balmer line transitions but you get to consciously observe other transitions such as Layman lines. Observing down to S1 orbital explains how different times can be observed. All the light is present in the nucleus which is observable from S1 but not from S2. You need more energy to push your electrons closer together in order to see down at 1S level.

Where does that energy originate from? The only explanation I have identified to date is a radioactive decay process based on the half life of the monoatomic atom and the release of alpha particles. The images we observe in the retina a from the past. The concept that the light from the sun is 8 minutes 20 seconds old before it reaches earth. The light from the moon is 1 second old. The light within originates from bonds within your own molecules, in your body that get broken releasing light and within the monoatomic minerals coordinated with neurotransmitters and beta decay processes that restore the symmetry in the atom which restores balance and the stable geometry states within the individual atoms, hence the origins of dreams. So building the concept of releasing biophotons or light from within to see into the future is a little strange to say the least but the images that I observed during the radioactive decay event that happened as part of my spiritual experience provided me with an insightful situation where I got the chance to witness the physics of my subconscious mind, go a little crazy, and then return back to a state considered normal and then try an understand how the physics of the mind works in order to generate a new model of the physics of the mind that allowed me to convey to others what is happening in the mind based on single atoms and symmetry.

So the application of physics ideas and trying to understand how the physics of the subconscious mind works you have to stop time and understand that the perception of time is based on the integrative functions of the mind. However, when you build a model based on the Planck length then there is no time at that resolution and time can be seen as distance and geometry of space time is born out. Depending on your own perception and positioning within your being then you can reconnect to the center of you or your core being. This deep part of you can be found by going inward to discover all of yourself. This is a spiritual quest and does not lead to a material world but an inner world of light. By creating the scientific understanding of light or electromagnetism I have created a framework to understanding the light that occurs within in the subconscious mind and how that operates based on Einstein's geometry of c^2=E/M. We have two hemispheres of the mind. The balance of opposites. The comparison of symmetry. There is a point within where the right and left hemispheres are connected and all information resides within a single point. This balance of symmetry is a dance that one performs to create harmony not through control but through letting go of control and letting be.

So to me at least magnetism and gravity are the same thing. The scale is just different. The smallest thing within is connected to the greatest distance externally and the point of symmetry within the universe is balanced by the opposites of internal and external realities of our own creation as it is the mind that all is being sensed through and therefore altering your biology and seeing beyond your sensory limitations requires a change in physics within your mind. This does not appear to be an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination but can occur due to the half lives of monoatomic atoms and the role radioactive decay has at restoring symmetry in the subconscious minds physics.

So try thinking about the light within you. How breaking bonds releases that light and this is the source of an internal energy and vitality. The energy from light and the light within food is what I am going to start speaking about which will provide a different context to understanding how food provides energy based on trapped electromagnetism.