Supporting your innate immune system using the physics of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

The power of the innate immune system is based on physics and the physics of apoptosis. We need to understand that light = energy. Energy moves around the body (chi) as light. This principle is clearly demonstrated in the above video. The photo-Fenton light based chemical reaction and generation of the hydroxyl radical. This is the power behind apoptosis and the production of CO2 and water and apoptotic bodies during apoptosis. The magical ability to turn a cell into many small vesicles that are connected to each other due to the fact that the were once one cell and the process is based radicals (the hydroxyl radical) and therefore without this magical cellular death and regeneration system our bodies would get old very quickly. So cellular death happens everyday. It is a good thing. The closer you get to death the more alive you feel. Think about the rush of jumping out of a plane. You feel alive facing death. This is also true in a cellular system called apoptosis as the death of the old cell allow renewal and the energy of the new cell is more vital because it works better at producing energy without having all the damaged parts hanging around. 

So if you want to support your innate immune system consider trying OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and turn on the cellular death processes in your body to restore your health and vitality. The magic of hydroxyl radicals is shown below.

The molecules produced are used by the body to start the growth of the new cells via a biochemical pathway called glyoxylase. Remember that biology has evolved over 13.8 billion years. It has learnt a thing or two over that period of time and knows how to take advantage of all the forces of nature to do magic. I had to experience the magic for myself to learn how it works and not that I do I want to share the vision and the opportunity to support the innate immunes system defense system. Try OH BEE HAVE empowering healing today to provide more vitality and optimum health.