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I have started to share my knowledge and expertise in order to provide an understanding on how I see the universe in which we live in. One inner dimension of reality and how that relates to human health and well-being. The only thing that I get to control is me. I take ownership of my decisions and my truth. I do not tell people what they should do. That is a decision I have made based on the experience I have had. That is why I am into helping others heal themselves because personal empowerment is important as your health depends on it!

Speaking up and speaking out. Get informed and know the current limits of knowledge. If the people you are working with have not updated their knowledge to the quantum biology model of SUSY inversion, then you will be challenged by what I am saying. 

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PHD, Author of Light Medicine: A New Paradigm - The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity ( interviews Dr. Keryn Johnson, PHD, CEO of Quantum Technologies Unlimited ( In this extraordinary interview, Dr. Johnson describes his journey as a Quantum Biologist who was downloaded in a spiritual experience with a new Unified Field Theory of Science. He describes a new model of atomic structures and rearranged Einstein’s famous equations of E=mc2 by considering Light as the foundational principle of creation. Dr. Johnson describes Helium Bose-Einstein Condensate as the manifestation of God the creator (He the Father) and explains how by considering the supersymmetry inversion of creation his concept can be applied to quantum biology – and how the novel view of Hydrogen atoms through SUSY inversion (no mass and no charge in the geometry of two by two allow quantum tunneling) can be utilized to access the creative light principle in the matter itself by returning positron symmetry into the standard model of physics. In the application of his revolutionary theories, he explains how light-emitting and absorbing molecules in natural substances like Manuka Honey (OH BEE HAVE empowering healing - royal jelly protein isolate) can utilize UV Light using (Photo-Fenton chemistry) and facilitate the intracellular death of aging structures enabling regeneration at an atomic level within the body. The Light of creation comes from God, the quantum Observer, and has its origin in the subconscious mind. Dr. Johnson scientifically explains how the neurotransmitters in our brain through monoatomic particles are creating the matter of the neurological structures in our brain at the speed of light, and how the divine Light shines from within to holographically create our physical body and our reality.

Here is my latest discussion with Ana.
Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PHD, Author of Light Medicine: A New Paradigm - The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity ( interviews Dr. Keryn Johnson, PHD, CEO of Quantum Technologies Unlimited (
In this progressive interview, we dive into the differentiation between the concepts of humans being carbon-based life forms (identified through acts of measurement) and the current model in science based on a 5% matter external and the transition to a new model SUSY inversion that identifies 100% as an internal-based science model where our biology is built from hydrogen, inverted symmetry where the arrangement of electrons and positrons in hydrogen produces no mass and no charge enabling quantum tunneling and how this allows a scientific understanding of God. We are beings of light, and light through quantum entanglement creates the structure within atoms. This is produced through quantum tunneling, radical chemistry and is responsible for all atomic structures within biology. The atomic structure of the cross in S orbitals, and the right-hand rule of electromagnetism, and the connection between Einstein and Christ. The power of the holy spirit can heal the body in a nanosecond. How this new physics model at the Planck scale developed by Dr. Johnson in the geometry of inverted symmetry (SUSY inversion) of photons (positron/electron pairs) relates to immortality, time-travel, and spiritual healing is being discussed.
Is there a scientific basis for Christ's consciousness? I explore the links with Nisha Miglani in her Divine Sight Podcast. Watch the video as we discuss the geometry of the cross and its application in quantum tunneling of photons within the hydrogen atom and how to comprehend the message within yourself in the flow of light within the subconscious mind. Hydrogen from amine in dopamine and its role in producing atoms within the ring of the hexagon (aromatic ring) providing an understanding of how hydrogen can be used in biology to create isotopes of atoms and how these unstable forms of atoms provides the unique properties of time through atomic decay events leading to the release of visible light as well as light within the mind at night in your dreams. Light during the day time is collected and stored inside of these atoms and that light can be released at night to enable healing and regeneration. This atomic geometry from instablity to stability provides some further context to the importance of sleep and its rejuvenating properties.