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The flow of energy in your body

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The requirement for various minerals in our diet suggests that without the right minerals our biology does not work properly. The enzymology of serine proteases suggests that the single atom of calcium bound to the protein has a significant role to play in the mode of action of the enzyme despite it being at some distance from the active site. The enzyme has a charge relay system of the following amino acid His, Asp, and Ser in the structure to enable hydrogens to circulate around the relay to catalyze the reaction. The current understanding that calcium provides the stability of the enzyme. However, having studied these enzymes during my Ph.D. means I have learned much over the years about their activity. If the calcium is replaced by another mineral the rate of reaction changes despite having structurally been near identical. The answer I believe is understanding that there are 27 isotopes of calcium and each one has a different half life, stability. There are half-lives of calcium that appear to correspond to the rate of reaction. I now understand that protons, which are quantum, are two photons in symmetry allowing quantum tunneling or in the stable biological asymmetry state of a proton and an electron 3 and 1 ratio. The quantum symmetry state 2 by 2 can be released from atoms, as all atoms have hydrogen (proton) within them as well as the corresponding counterchanged electron. So the unstable isotopes of calcium release photons (proton) at a rate that corresponds to its stability that then acts as a timing device within the enzyme to control the rate of reaction. The enzyme contains a mono-atomic clock that controls the rate of reaction. This comes in the form of an unstable isotope. When science uses measurements that are slow we get to see only the stable isotopes and therefore our understanding is based on stability rather than the flow of energy that occurs in the time domains that have higher frequencies that we are unable to observe in the biological complex systems of the human's beings biology. So rather than measuring, these hypotheses are based on logic and the rate of reaction is affected by bound mineral and the corresponding relationship between isotope instability and enzyme rate of reaction makes sense when enzymatic reactions are based on physics. The flow of electrons or energy within the body means stopping this flow or changing the timing of this flow will impact how much energy is available to the body or the rate of reaction.

My product provides more high energy electrons and the body takes that energy to use it in ways that it needs. As a baby, we did not need to tell our body what it needs to do. It is only when we are in a diseased state that we want to return to health but when you are healthy you focus on other things and your health and well-being just take a back seat as it looks after itself without too much effort.

The deep dive into the science of energy flow within our bodies and understanding how to see photons within the elements and keep those concepts alive means my knowledge has shifted and therefore I am having to share this with others allowing them to see my point of view. Having built a new model, a quantum biology technology platform, from the existing standard model and provide the framework necessary to support my quantum world view has been what my past year has been about. I am getting close to release this as an online quantum biology course.

Our biology has an evolutionary process built within it that commenced 13.8 billion light-years ago. I hope this is helpful and will be of benefit to you also.

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