Scientific discovery

Biology has been taught from the idea that making measurements using a reductionist approach can led to an understanding of internal systems. We have the idea of solid matter physics. That is more of a Newtonian theory. Things are solid and physical, and they are external to us.

Unfortunately, this concept breaks down at the quantum scale. It is a small scale, and you must try and understand that quantum scales are too small for scientific instruments to measure. However, there are some clues that the model that science has developed for biology is incorrect. One example for this is the idea that atoms have mass and charge. Science currently does not understand the fundamentals of mass and charge. The ideas of mass and charge cannot apply to vision and seeing light within the mind. That is why there is a separation of mind stuff and matter stuff.

Mind stuff

The idea that mind stuff and body stuff (matter) are different. The idea is that mind stuff is made of unstable atoms and body stuff made of stable atoms. The unstable atoms are also called isotopes. The unstable atoms have time to think. They are atomic clocks and store light within the ring. The substrate for growing the light inside of the ring is hydrogen. 

So, the mind stuff has special properties because they act like atomic clocks. They are very good at keeping things ticking along even without having to think about them. That is why the clock system operating in your biology works perfectly. It is this discovery that unlocked the superpowers of the mind. 

I developed the billion little beauties product from Manuka honey because it offers its users an advantage. It gives you more time to think. I know that sounds strange but hear me out. When you travel faster time slows down. That is the thing with the general theory of relativity discovered by Einstein. 

The idea is that there are many atomic clocks with different timings operating within the mind. They store the light (memory) and they store it in a way that allows that memory to be recalled given a set of circumstances or situations.

Your mind uses those comparative situations to learn. A memory clock system that operates through comparison. A storage of light system that is able to see and compare before deciding what to do. The output is what you see. Remembering that it takes time for the conscious mind to experience reality. The unconscious unstable atom mind connected to the neurotransmitters aromatic ring gives the user a heads up which is connected to the fight, fright, and freeze response system. Release the atom and get more energy to respond faster than the conscious mind can gain awareness and respond. The physics of the unconscious mind is all based on unstable atom systems. Half-life timings and binding energies in kJ/mole provides a new way to understand the unstable atom response system. Biology just got a whole lot cooler. Unleash your potential and get NANOS today.

Atomic clocks and memory

The memory "stored light" is saved in a form that can be recalled. Memories are made using "hydrogen" the substrate for atom memory formation within the aromatic ring. It is a process that generates unstable atoms (isotopes). It is this model that provides the basis of memory recall being based on the unstable atoms created and housed in the ring (Faraday cage system), becoming stable once more and it releases its light in the process of becoming a stable atom.

The ring acts as a protective environment for the unstable atoms. Only one atom can fit inside the ring. This is why memory and consciousness is made of mind stuff and not matter stuff. 

What I am implying is that unstable atoms are used to make the mind stuff. There are by far way more unstable atoms than there are stable atoms. The one atom ring system is an atomic clock system. Memory formation and memory recall can now be explored from the perspective of hydrogen biology, quantum tunnelling and the isotope biological systems. Consciousness became linked to memory formation and recall through isotope decay physics. 

Our biology is truly remarkable. Take a look at the following video.

The storage of light within the mind offers a mono-atomic (single atom system) and not the typical diatomic atom model that is currently taught in biological sciences. That is why I developed the singularity physics (SUSY inversion He-BEC dark energy and dark matter model based on Baryonic symmetry). A model that unifies the forces in atoms by understanding the mirror symmetry operating within the ring.

I discovered how light was stored inside the aromatic ring firsthand. I discovered the role hydroxyl radicals played a role in opening up the ring when I was studying and developing the product OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. By using photo Fenton chemistry that generates hydroxyl radicals, I was able to break open the ring and release the stored light inside the ring. This is a great way to release those old memories that are no longer serving you. The ones that are holding you back.

That is why OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and NANOS in particular is being used to help those who have experienced PTSD and cPTSD, and past trauma. Break open the ring with NANOS and let the light out that is holding you back.

When I experienced this for myself what did I see?

This was the first thing I saw. I was not expecting to see this on that day. No where to run, nowhere to hide.  It all happens in an instant. In my case 23 milliseconds.

In this video I try to show what the experience was like. Like an NDE.

Having a PhD in Biochemistry did not prepare me for experiencing a spiritual healing at church back in 2013.  However, everything in my life started to make perfect sense when looking backwards. The time reversal isotope decay experience then showed by the inverted future from the trauma release of my past. I would never have discovered how the mind stores light unless I saw it with my own eyes. That is why we see our dreams at night with our eyes closed. Those hadron jets are a dream sequence and the rapid eye movement catching the information as the light is emitted during the atomic decay from the aromatic ring.

By using NANOS you can also experience changes in time and temporal leaps forward on the basis of releasing the stored light within the aromatic rings within your own mind. Your clocks are your own timings. When and if it gets released is based on the hydroxyl radical system that breaks down the old biological molecules back into CO2 and water. This is part of our natural regeneration system. That is why you cannot hold a grudge. That is like accumulating old tissues and cells and atoms in your body as old memories. Let the past be bygones. Letting go of the old to embrace your biology of renewal. Being grateful allows healing and regeneration. 

The ability to heal is within each and every one of us. I use OH BEE HAVE empowering healing to assist my biology to do the right thing. Breakdown old cells and enable renewal to take place. Putting the power of healing into your hands.