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We explore the edges of quantum science with Dr. Keryn Johnson, an ‘eccentric’ quantum biologist with crazy, bold new ideas, sharing a personal story about how difficult it is to be taken seriously in the scientific community when not working from a ‘status quo’ paradigm.

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Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc
Has a PhD in Biochemistry, Masters in Molecular Genetics, and a BSc double major in Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry.
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One of the most intelligent and intriguing humans I have ever met. It was such an honour to have connected with you and get your story, knowledge with wisdom and experience for the world to see! Here is the link to the interview with Lingo Lewi.

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc and the science of quantum biology. Unified field theory based on SUSY inversion and the unity between science and religion through spiritual experience. Health and well-being based on regenerative health and alternative medicines extracted from nature. Let food be thy medicine and let light be thy food. Topical high energy light foods for the rainbow body. OH BEE HAVE EMPOWERING HEALING (EM) electromagnetism or the light within. To infinity and beeyond. Buzz light yeah! Bee gotten not made. The concepts of light inside oneself and how to open a doorway within to see the unseen. The knowledge of quantum biology is revealing a deeper sense of reality beyond our current limited science of solid matter physics and the 5% of the universe that science plays in. The field of energy that is beyond our current limits. To bee or not to bee that is the question? I choose to bee! Thanks a million for giving me the opportunity to have you on the channel! Can't wait to see you again! Dr Keryn's YouTube channel:    / @drkerynjohnson   NZTN - New Zealand True News.

Our first conversation with the amazing, New Zealand based, Keryn. If you purchase honey from Keryn, please be sure to mention you found out about him and his products via The Quantum Bridge show - thanks! Find out more via:    / @drkerynjohnson      • OH BEE HAVE empowering healing   The Quantum Bridge social media and other channels can be found here: Twitter: @TheQuantumB   / thequantumb   Rumble: The Quantum Bridge

Here I discuss the new physics model I have developed called SUSY inversion, a single atom physics model to understand quantum biology and the role that hydrogen plays in memory formation and the generation of isotope physics. This new knowledge provides the platform behind understanding how OH BEE HAVE empowering healing the light-based quantum apitherapy product operates and assists people in their power to heal themselves. The technology is what I have personally used to develop my own healing modality and to support others via a shamanic vision that I had back in 2013 at Church on the cross roads of life and death and choosing the path to salvation via forgiveness and healing came from the atomic decay of the atom Hf 156 / 72 in an atomic time reversal symmetry that revealed how the light within the mind is produced via atomic decay. Find out how the latest technological marvel of light-based topical healing modalities is changing the face of our understanding of humanity and the healing potential that exists in each one of us that is released at night in the light of our dreams. This is a presentation for the Doctor's Federation for the World and my contribution to the Global Health summit in 2022 Sept. The science is radically different from the current university teachings of atomic structure, and it is a logical model in which dark matter and dark energy are identified through a non-interactive logical framework. This has major health implications and is a foundational shift away from solid matter physics. It resolves the W boson anomaly identified through logic and the introduction of positrons into atomic structure. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing Putting the power of healing into your hands.

Having experienced something that was considered mental illness by psychiatrist, diagnosed as bipolar, Dr Johnson has walked out of mainstream Western science of materialism and into the realm of light, electromagnetism, within the electromagnetic force within atoms of hydrogen Dr Johnson found the answer to his own personal experience in healing. The integration of a new science framework that explains the light seen in dreams at night, and how this is generated through the atomic decay process means Dr Johnson's new science model logically explains how the production of light occurs within the mind through the time reversal symmetry of atomic decay the conscious mind has sufficient time to integrate the experience of reality and by doing so resides in the past. Having developed a unified field theory based on non-interactive logic that is aligned with spiritual understanding from the religious perspective. One's cross is revealed within the atomics of the mind in a way explaining the metaphor of Christ's Passion. A new science has been born in the experience of negative time dilation and the understanding that comes from finding God in the science of creation. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing Sensational skin rejuvenation topical royal jelly spray.

A meeting of minds and a discussion about empowering people using the natural regenerative properties of Manuka honey and how these are now available in the product OH BEE HAVE empowering healing, a royal jelly protein extract from Manuka honey that performs photo-Fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals, which supports cellular death and regeneration within our bodies to support a persons health and well-being. Quantum Biology Research Institute OH BEE HAVE empowering healing Sensational skin rejuvenation topical royal jelly spray.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, Ph.D., Author of Light Medicine: A New Paradigm - The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity ( interviews Dr. Keryn Johnson, Ph.D., CEO of Quantum Technologies Unlimited

( In this progressive interview, we dive into the differentiation between the concepts of humans being carbon-based life forms (identified through acts of measurement) and the current model in science based on a 5% matter external and the transition to a new model SUSY inversion that identifies 100% as an internal-based science model where our biology is built from hydrogen, inverted symmetry where the arrangement of electrons and positrons in hydrogen produces no mass and no charge enabling quantum tunneling and how this allows a scientific understanding of God. We are beings of light, and light through quantum entanglement creates the structure within atoms. This is produced through quantum tunneling, radical chemistry and is responsible for all atomic structures within biology. The atomic structure of the cross in S orbitals, and the right-hand rule of electromagnetism, and the connection between Einstein and Christ. The power of the holy spirit can heal the body in a nanosecond. How this new physics model at the Planck scale developed by Dr. Johnson in the geometry of inverted symmetry (SUSY inversion) of photons (positron/electron pairs) relates to immortality, time-travel, and spiritual healing is being discussed. Quantum Biology Research Institute OH BEE HAVE empowering healing Sensational skin rejuvenation topical royal jelly spray.
Alex and Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc chat

The light within

Time to unveil the atomic clocks operating in the unconscious mind model developed by Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc and the window into the unconscious mind operating system that is timed to perfection. If you have ever wondered why certain things happened when they did in your life then take a look. There are clocks controlling your biological processes and these operating with perfect timing.

Alex and Keryn
Alex and Keryn discussion regarding Adam and Eve

The light within - 2

Here Alex and I discuss the tree of life, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. The Bible story for the formation of life in the garden of E den. A place where energy is stored to create atoms (isotopes). The model is a way of looking at the unstable aspects of our biology and how I got to witness the atomic decay of an atom that changed my perspective of reality from the physical materialism of science to a quantum biological light based electromagnetic model of the light operating within the mind.

Alex and Keryn -2

Hydrogen biology and Christology - The Light Within

I talk to Alex Kelsick about the model of hydrogen biology and its implications to the relationship with Christ's consciousness and the science that is aligned with a Biblical understanding taught in the Bible as well as a science that is taught from the perspective of quantum biology and hydrogen and its role in how biology generates energy.

Keryn and Alex - 3

The unconscious mind

Alex Kelsick talks to Dr Keryn Johnson about the physics of the unconscious mind. After a detailed walk through of the new physics of single atoms and the role that hydrogen plays in isotope physics.

Alex Kelsick and Dr Keryn Johnson
The light within Dr Keryn Johnson

The Passion of Christ and the Paschen lines

I discuss with Alexandre Kelsick the relationship between The Passion of Christ and the physics of the unconscious mind.

The light within

Discussions of Christology

The healing power of unity through comparative analysis between science and theology and the role of an atomic cross in the union between the message of Christ's Passion and understanding our biology through a flow of hydrogen in Him, with Him and through Him

Christology discussion

Quantum Theory and the atomic singularity

Dr Keryn Johnson talks to Alex Kelsick about the atomic singularity and the SUSY inversion model. A new atomic model including positrons and its application to a non-interactive logical framework in which to explore biological phenomenon within the realm of the unconscious mind's isotope physics operating system.

SUSY inversion discussion