Discussions with Stitch

The discussion with Stitch covers the new science model SUSY inversion as well as the regenerative apitherapy healing technology that I have developed at Quantum Technologies Ltd. A manuka honey derived regenerative medicine. An apitherapy healing technology made by isolating the royal jelly proteins from Manuka honey. The monoatomics coordinated to the phenolics bound to the MRJPs provide the latest in quantum healing through the use of isotope decay processes the atoms release their light to support health, vitality and pain relief as well as supporting improved cognitive performance. A nootropic with a different. A topical light solution for regenerative medicine. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing (https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz) and (https://www.ohbeehave007.com) a regenerative apitherapy based on quantum biology and single atom physics. We also discuss the latest scientific discoveries that reveals the identity of dark energy and dark matter. #darkenergy #darkmatter #OHBEEHAVE Take a look at the future of apitherapy in New Zealand. #apitherapy https://www.qbri.org https://www.ohbeehave007.com https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz FB: Stitch Soutiere FB:   / thequantumbiologist   @randysoutiere276 @drkerynjohnson
Our discussions are free flowing and delve into the deeply perplexing science of the physics operating in the unconscious mind. A way to explore biology through the lens of hydrogen and the paradigm shifting science of SUSY inversion a new front runner in the Unified Field Theory. A SUSY model with an inverted twist. Shaken Not stirred. https://www.qbri.org https://www.ohbeehave007.com https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz FB: Stitch Soutiere FB:   / thequantumbiologist   @randysoutiere276 @drkerynjohnson

As we continue our conversation we explore the new logic based model of inverted symmetry. A yin yang geometry between proton and neutron and positron and electron. A new model and an explanation for why the neutron is larger than the proton and why there is a positron hidden in the neutron mass and how to understand the mirror 180 degree change in geometry. This relates to a way of looking inward and back in time down at the Planck scale as if it was a logic gate. A lens to see back in time. Like looking at the stars and seeing light that was there billions of years ago. So to we can explore logical frameworks that unlock temporal and spatial realities that convey the atomic universe through the lens of our hydrogen biology and the time reversal symmetry system of isotope physics. A way to explore the unconscious mind and the timing events in ones life. https://www.qbri.org https://www.ohbeehave007.com https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz FB: Stitch Soutiere FB:   / thequantumbiologist   @randysoutiere276 @drkerynjohnson
Alex and Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc chat

The light within

Time to unveil the atomic clocks operating in the unconscious mind model developed by Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc and the window into the unconscious mind operating system that is timed to perfection. If you have ever wondered why certain things happened when they did in your life then take a look. There are clocks controlling your biological processes and these operating with perfect timing.

Alex and Keryn
Alex and Keryn discussion regarding Adam and Eve

The light within - 2

Here Alex and I discuss the tree of life, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. The Bible story for the formation of life in the garden of E den. A place where energy is stored to create atoms (isotopes). The model is a way of looking at the unstable aspects of our biology and how I got to witness the atomic decay of an atom that changed my perspective of reality from the physical materialism of science to a quantum biological light based electromagnetic model of the light operating within the mind.

Alex and Keryn -2

Hydrogen biology and Christology - The Light Within

I talk to Alex Kelsick about the model of hydrogen biology and its implications to the relationship with Christ's consciousness and the science that is aligned with a Biblical understanding taught in the Bible as well as a science that is taught from the perspective of quantum biology and hydrogen and its role in how biology generates energy.

Keryn and Alex - 3

The unconscious mind

Alex Kelsick talks to Dr Keryn Johnson about the physics of the unconscious mind. After a detailed walk through of the new physics of single atoms and the role that hydrogen plays in isotope physics.

Alex Kelsick and Dr Keryn Johnson
The light within Dr Keryn Johnson

The Passion of Christ and the Paschen lines

I discuss with Alexandre Kelsick the relationship between The Passion of Christ and the physics of the unconscious mind.

The light within

Discussions of Christology

The healing power of unity through comparative analysis between science and theology and the role of an atomic cross in the union between the message of Christ's Passion and understanding our biology through a flow of hydrogen in Him, with Him and through Him

Christology discussion

Quantum Theory and the atomic singularity

Dr Keryn Johnson talks to Alex Kelsick about the atomic singularity and the SUSY inversion model. A new atomic model including positrons and its application to a non-interactive logical framework in which to explore biological phenomenon within the realm of the unconscious mind's isotope physics operating system.

SUSY inversion discussion