Imagine the power of the predictability of quantum mechanics in biology. This is the opportunity that quantum biology provides. I am offering my services to companies that want to exploit my expertise in Quantum Biology. Who am I and why should you care. I am no one special. However, I love biology and physics and have been able to bring those two fields together how well it is called mental illness. Yeah at least that what others think and I think you have to be mentally unwell in order to visualize the world inside out, back to front and inside out. c^2 = E/M. The righthand rule of electromagnetism tells me at least that everything is light and it is the light of the subconscious mind. Seeing at the speed of light means you can see beyond your own limitations of your senses and see how photons of light at the plank length collapse two discrete quanta. Being the conscious observer means you can choose where the electrons are positioned. If you take yourself out of the observation then its just light as a wave function. So I have figured out how to see what is not there and I use that concept to see how matter doesn't matter at all and it is just light, no matter what you say. So if you want a different perspective and see how quantum biology at the speed of light can change your world then contact me as I would love to change your mind about the world of quantum biology,

    OH BEE HAVE - regenerative energy (smart). BEE A QUEEN BEE THAT IS! Vibrate at a higher energy level and lose weight and feel great. Why do bees buzz. I know, I got the inside information. That is why I am THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST.