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OH BEE HAVE Empowering healing using the natural power of honey

  • Answering Gary's question

    I have a curly question for Keryn that I don't think he can answer:  Can you explain why bright plants of primary colours, such as red, orange, yel...
  • You are what you eat!

    Have you ever considered what you are eating? Food right? Well, your body makes energy from food. What is energy? The biochemist would say ATP is stored energy in our cells. The image of ATP provides some context on how energy is stored in your body. It is stored in bonds between atoms, which is the sharing of electrons.
  • The physics of the human being - Quantum biology

    There is a lot of woo woo in the quantum spiritual world, understanding that we are creative beings that generate the observable world around us in...
  • What is SUSY inversion model and unified field theory?

    What is it and why is it important? The unified field theory is a theory of everything described in a simple way to explain how all of the forces of nature and all the cosmological constants (26 of them) into a simple mathematical form. This was something that Einstein tried to do but never achieved.
  • My practical approach to SARS-COV2

    Are we going to work together or are we going to ignore the obvious? It is funny how over 100 companies have focused on developing a vaccine to COV...
  • Let's change the world

    Do you want to help change the world for the better? I need help. Your help. You see I want to make the world a better place. Not just good but way...
  • The flow of energy in your body

    The requirement for various minerals in our diet suggests that without the right minerals our biology does not work properly. The enzymology of ...
  • Oxford University study on honeys antibacterial and antiviral properties

    The healing powers of honey have now been confirmed in a scientific study that found it's better than over-the-counter medicines for treating coughs and colds. Published in the British Medical Journal and demonstrates the natural healing power of honey. It doesn't cause harm, its more effective and it combats antimicrobial resistance.