Removing damaging proteins from your body

The idea that biology accumulates harmful proteins as prions in the mind is quite interesting. The mind is using physics based on unstable atoms to think. It uses isotope decay energies to convey information to the living being (Soul) in order to perform tasks in the world. The tasks are first performed in the unconscious mind. You think and then act. 

Harmful proteins are those that accumulate in your body and cannot be broken down easily. An example is the Spike protein. However, your immune system has an innate ability to generate high energy short lived radical species that can release 1200 electron volts of energy in 1 nanosecond of time. Too fast for the human eye to see. Too much energy for the electrons in hydrogen to remain bound to the proton. What does this all mean. Within each and every one of us is a system that promotes the removal of old unwanted cells and aged, damaged and accumulated misfolded proteins. 

I have had an auto-immune issue that I first recognized when I lost my mother at 11. This resulted in my body creating psoriatic arthritis in my hips and knees and I was unable to walk without pain for 6 months. Trauma creates disease in a person's body.

The immune system attacking your body can be modulated as I found out using royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey. I discovered that these 10 nm sized proteins looked like a virus to the body and the white blood cells (macrophage) would see these small proteins and perform phagocytosis to bring them into the white blood cell and expose them to the phagocytosis process within the cell. The enzyme NADPH oxidase would then generate hydrogen peroxide and the reduced iron present in the royal jelly protein would react with the hydrogen peroxide generated in the phagosome to produce the hydroxyl radical. This turns the biological molecules into CO2 and water but also switches off the immune system cascade providing an anti-inflammatory activity and thereby modulating the immune systems auto-immune function keeping things on an even par in terms of wellness. Finding ways to keep well is important when the enemy you are fighting is coming from your own biology.

As many have taken mRNA "gene therapy" in an attempt to prevent infection by the cvid manmade spike, which is expressed within your own cells. It is important to now consider how to remove both the proteins triggering the immune system as well as the cells generating the proteins in the first place and to do so in a manner in keeping with biological systems that harness the healing and regenerative systems within us. The apoptosis system removes cells using the power of the OH* hydroxyl radical. Turning cellular contents of biological molecules into CO2 and water. The functional system that can be used to remove the mRNA and cells harbouring the gene tech for spike protein manufacture. What can be obtained using photo-fenton chemistry (OH*) and the features of cellular breakdown of biological materials using CO2 and water. A good way to detoxify the body of old cells as well as harmful gene therapy technologies. I consider the science of quantum biology and the quantum coherent features of the hydroxyl radicals system gathering our energy into unity through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our bodies are functioning on levels that science currently does not consider because the interdimensional temporal aspects of isotope physics is not considered relevant for biological systems. However, that is merely a lack of understanding on the part of biological scientists in the mainstream. The quantum coherent aspects of biology have been identified through a mono-atomic hydrogen-based system that creates life. The living aspects of biology. Not the dead stable atom system as we have been taught at university.