Bipolar disorder


The earth has two poles, a north and a south. The earth is bipolar. Swings and roundabouts. A light side in the face of the sun and a dark side (night-time looking away from the sun). Bipolar disorder research is not funded by governments. Why? Without a rationale model for the human brain, consciousness, and the unconscious mind, we have been doing trial and error-based research and not going anywhere fast! That is until now!

So, why is my approach different. Well, I am a scientist with 18 years research experience in regenerative medicine. I have also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So, I have had first-hand experience of the disease itself from the inside. This combination of personal experience and research expertise places me in the unique position of being able to develop a therapeutic intervention for bipolar and heal myself.

That is exactly what I have done. No longer on pharmaceutical drugs, I have developed a natural product from Manuka honey that supports the mineral (monoatomic) system within my subconscious mind, and I now am in a position to help others with bipolar disorder. having shown the benefits of the GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) product that I have developed.

If you are interested in understanding bipolar disorder continue reading. There three levels of energy within our bodies 1) ATP biochemical cellular energy produced by the mitochondria, 2) Radical energy system that is used in cellular autophagy and apoptosis (recycling biology back into CO2 and water that releases light within cells, and 3) Atomic energy systems (isotope physics) that is based on atomic half-lives which happen to be a light based transfer system that is faster than the movement of molecules, that enables turning of cellular processes throughout the body and responsible for enzyme rates of reaction.

As a biochemist, I was only taught about the ATP cellular energy systems operating in biology and not about the other two ways the body can produce energy. The currently held widespread view in the wellbeing industry is that antioxidants are critical to prevent cellular damage produced by radicals. Do a quick search for antioxidants and you will see many outlined as the nest best thing to sliced bread! Despite this marketing onslaught, there is little scientific evidence for the long-term health benefit, demonstrated in clinical trials for antioxidants. Sad but true! We have in my educated opinion got it very wrong. Just look at the growing evidence of Western disease as a clear indication for just how very wrong we have got this. In fact, antioxidants can make things worse. Great for making money but the long-term issue is the poor survival rate.

Antioxidants and cancer

As you can see in this study, there are negative effects of antioxidants on the increased incidence of cancer versus the placebo.  

Radicals and longevityYou can see from the graph in the study above the role of free radicals in extending life. If longevity is your thing and you want to live healthy into your later years and not be a burden on your family, society and the medical system, I would suggest you consider empowering your well-being using high-energy short-lived species that put additional energy in your body. I have created a product from Manuka honey that does just that. Increase the level of energy in your body and increase the joy in your life.

Bipolar disorder or manic depression is a seesaw of highs and lows, ups and downs, and the speed of these can vary between individuals. To give you an example of the depression or low energy state, your body will only be using the cellular ATP energy producing system and the high manic state would be due to too much of the atomic energy system. A more balanced energy is therefore obtained in the radical energy system within our bodies. This is exactly what OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is designed to do. This concept of energy and its origins from the physics within our bodies is being developed in a scientific field of research called quantum biology. Despite the knowledge of physics in the universe starting back in Newton's time, it has gone through some dramatic changes over the years. Einstein followed by the quantum mechanics gurus of the 1930's created a new model for the atomic world which cannot be reconciled with the external universe and gravity and the general theory of relativity. 

Quantum mechanics

So, what physics do I use to understand how our own bodies produce energy? I have created a new physics model called SUSY (supersymmetry) inversion, which is an over-simplification of quantum mechanics at the scale of a human being. My model uses the ideas of Newtonian physics, combined with Einstein's general relativity, in a photon model of supersymmetry inversion built from wavelengths that start at the Planck scale. The purpose of this model is to remove oneself from the concepts of mass, charge and time.

Does this have any relevance to the universe we live in? Putting myself outside of the bounds of the physical universe, I get the first opportunity to attempt time travel. To understand the inner universe from the perspective of non-interaction and without measurement. This may sound completely crazy but such a position in thinking is what is needed to explore the bounds of space/time and create an understanding of the mathematics of a singularity.

This approach is what my bipolar mind has allowed me to do. So, my disease in all its craziness, has been enabling for me to look at the universe from the perspective of an outsider, which I have become, as no-one is comprehending the physics of the singularity that I am creating as a conceptual model for time travel. This perspective is somewhat disruptive to the current paradox of quantum mechanics and completes the unified field theory, in my humble opinion.

Double slit

The double slit experiment is famous for demonstrating the weird world of quantum mechanics and the effect of an observer on the outcome of the observation. My thesis is that if you stop observing and measuring something profound happens. A singularity is generated under such conditions. Not one that can be observed! So how can I verify the singularity. The paradox remains you would say. The hypothesis is to work outside of space/time and at the speed of light. So, in affect time travel! From the time traveller's perspective, travelling not at the speed of light but at the resolution of the Planck scale using lights geometric state of inverted symmetry of zero mass and zero charge (photons) a new universe of Planck scale, end of time, is enabled merely based on distance between two points. Hence, the ability to take time out of the equation and return to Newtonian physics at the atomic scale but in the form of Einstein's equation E = mc^2. From this new perspective all can be observed without interaction and without collapsing the wave function. This bold approach to the theory of everything is in fact why I am considered bipolar.

My own take has been, our current standard physics model used in biology and physics taught at schools has only identified 5% of the universe. I have a model that identifies 100%.

What does this mean? I have made some big steps forward and quickly using my bipolar creative manic state but have learned how to not be manic in that process, but still harness the creative benefits of bipolar disorder. It is difficult for those around me, but I am learning how to allow others to learn at their own pace without pushing them too hard. It is somewhat frustrating for me as for me at least my disease corresponds to an inverted symmetry to a person's intelligence. Where the frustration comes from the inability to explain complex ideas to people who have limited knowledge of the theory I am producing.

Whilst I was in my initial manic state, I obtained a significant amount of energy to work quickly and have laser focus. This benefit allowed me to develop my model of mind and the subconscious mind physics. The ability to build off this model and create a deeper understanding of how my mind was operating in my own manic state allowed me to explore the therapeutic potential of products that I was making to support my mind's function and regain wellness after both a manic and depressive episode. Being a scientist, biochemist, has its health benefits and has allowed me to bio-hack my mental well-being back to the point where I have re-established my mental wellness and have started my own quantum biology regenerative medicine company that I am just getting off the ground. The technological innovations that I am developing are a quantum leap forward into the future of health technology that puts the power of healing back into people's hands. 

If you want the power to heal yourself and if you are suffering from mental illness, such as bipolar, then I suggest you make contact with me at The plan to capture the IP, raise some capital, and conduct a clinical evaluation using an external CRO, to demonstrate the clinical benefits of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and obtain claims for the product in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

If you would like to be a part of this clinical trial evaluating the healing potential of the regenerative apitherapy technology that I have developed, then please reach out.

If you want to learn more about my subconscious mind physics model using SUSY inversion, then please explore my website further. Take care. Mental health is such an important topic at the moment with COVID-19 and the benefits of taking care of oneself is seen in the overall performance of an individual in all aspects of their life.