Cancer prevention using apoptosis to remove damaged cells in the body

ATP is a source of cellular energy and it is produced predominantly in the mitochondria as shown above in the video. The flow of electrons occurs and as the electron moves down an energy gradient it creates a proton gradient in the mitochondria which is involved in ATP generation and an energy currency in the cell. ADP goes to ATP and a phospho-diester bond is formed which is how energy is stored in the cell as a bond or a shared pair of electrons. When this bond is broken the energy is released to do the work in the chemical reaction being promoted. Magnesium is bound and supports charge cancellation through metal ion coordination. 

ATP mg complexThe electron transport chain transports one electron at a time. This radical based energy system has evolved over a long time. Capturing free radicals with antioxidants leads to loss of energy if the radicals are mopped up by high purity antioxidants are taken orally in the diet. 

Here is some scientific evidence outlining life extension and free radicals. Radicals are also important in a number of other biological processes including pre-programmed cell death or apoptosis. Without this natural cellular death process happening in your body you would accumulate additional cells that are not needed. This sounds a lot like the development of cancer to me.

Cell biology has a recycling system called apoptosis which uses the hydroxyl radical (OH*) that can convert cells back into CO2 and water enabling the complete removal of the cell. This ability of biology to recycle itself is what is fundamentally aligned to the concept that energy cannot be destroyed nor created but only transformed. OH* is part of the cellular death and regeneration transformation system. Stop this from occurring your biology looses its ability to regenerate itself. If this natural regeneration system if broken then aging will occur. So the physics in your body is critical for the formation of energy and energy in stored in the form of bonds between atoms. The other polymers that store energy include glycogen a polymer of glucose, amino acid contain bonds in polypeptide and proteins. When those proteins are broken down again energy is released. Lipids are also a stored form of energy where acetyl CoA is recovered from the fatty acid. Again, breaking bonds releases stored energy.

Here is a video demonstrating the release of energy when a bond is broken releasing biphotons or light from the bond and part of the photo-Fenton chemistry system present in Manuka honey and in OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. 

If you imagine the bond being formed between two shared electrons in the S orbitals between two atoms and the bond breaks releasing a photon of light, which is seen in the video above. The bond length increases in size as the bubble increases and gets to the point where the interaction between the electron and it's proton partner is too weak and the bond breaks releasing light photon containing two electrons in a super symmetry state having no mass and no charge. The distance between the two electrons being consistent with a wavelength of electromagnetism. 

I started thinking about the positive aspects of radicals and how they break bonds and how a bond in a molecule has a wavelength or distance and photons of light have wavelengths and connected the dots when I saw the above video about light being trapped in a bond in a molecule or between molecules. Light based interactions and how breaking bonds releases light knowing that a bond is sharing electrons and therefore the photon is a special interaction between two electrons where everything is in a symmetry state of opposites which is like the concept of yin yang. The quantum entanglement that occurs in photons is therefore continued into one molecule and another molecule in biology when radical chemistry occurs. Therefore, the radicals play an important role in bringing molecules together through quantum entanglement and this concept allowed me to consider the following video with respect to the role of the hydroxyl radical in apoptosis in the generation of a communication system based on the physics of quantum entanglement. This concept would create a unity and cohesion throughout the entire body ensuring that the apoptotic bodies that get taken up by cells throughout the body would be important in enabling cells to work together rather than independently ensuring appropriate cellular behaviour would occur. 

If this concept of communication at the quantum level is required for correct cellular behaviour and radicals are the basis for this entanglement process which are generated during apoptosis then the antioxidant aging hypothesis which has been brought into disrepute suggests that the continued use of antioxidants in peoples health and well-being strategy could lead to cancer formation because of the disruption of the radical based quantum communication system that is disrupted by antioxidants. 

As radical chemistry is important in many biological process and essential for the death and regeneration system in cell biology, the role of high purity antioxidants could be one reason for the increased level of human disease present in Western society. The accumulation of plaques and tangles in diseased brains in Alzheimer's disease and dementia could result from the interference of apoptosis by antioxidants leading to only partially broken down cells that lead to misfolding of proteins and disease. These types of disease would increase with the continued increased use of high purity antioxidants that block apoptosis preventing death and regeneration at the cellular level.

Nitric oxide is also a radical and important in cardiovascular health. Vasodilation is important for maintaining blood pressure and reducing the amount of nitric oxide through the excess use of antioxidants may impact on the cardiovascular system. So the implication are widespread as the radical based regeneration system in the body is sensitive to modulation through the use of highly purified antioxidants. The rates of disease are certainly not going down and we have been continuously increasing the use of antioxidants in our diets. The correlation between the two suggests a cause and effect type of relationship. Has the myth about antioxidants really been put to the test and shown to be caught holding the smoking gun as a causative agent for aging and human disease? Time will tell. Personally I think nature knows best and our evolution has occurred over 13.8 billion light years. Physics says that all time is happening all the time which means that biology has had a long time to get it right and it has worked out how to obtain energy from electrons and generate a highly complex yet integrated biological system in the human being that can obtain energy in a controlled fashion creating order from Chaos. The building of biological complexity and coherence in biology appears at least to this scientist to be built off of some simple physics principles that control the state of affairs in this universe. The physics of super symmetry inversion appears to be a suitable answer to the unified field theory creating a model that can predict our current universe. Starting from this symmetry of opposites principle offers an understanding of how biology works both catabolism and anabolism where the dichotomy of opposites is observed. Even enzymes, which lower activation energy can work in either direction depending on the concentration of substrates.  What controls the direction of energy flow is a good question and one that needs to be understood to comprehend how energy originates from the center of each atom and the balance of opposites (symmetry) where equilibrium is obtained and the atomic state of zero is observed versus an asymmetry in the balance of opposites has been lost (as in radicals chemistry) and unstable isotopes where the number of protons and neutrons no longer are equal and energy is released in the form of beta decay where the quark changes from UP to Down or Down to UP which rebalances the number of protons and neutrons. This flipping results in symmetry being restored which is a lower energy state and releases energy from with the nucleus of an atom in the process.

So physics is the basis of energy in biology and we have lost sight of that. By restoring the processes of physics back in your body you can restore your well-being and vitality. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing has the key molecule for restoration of well-being and vitality and that is due to the hydroxyl radical which is the key to unlocking the physics potential in your body.