Dr Johnson has spent 18 years researching and developing regenerative medicine products and his work has covered cell biology, biochemistry, enzymology, cell proliferation and migration, angiogenesis, inflammation, wound healing, scarring and regenerative medicine.

Expertise in chromatography, skin biology, bioassays, enzyme assays, RP HPLC, spectroscopy, front face fluorescence, TGA analysis, FTIR analysis, XRD, SEM EDA, NMR, Tali image cytometer, Evos FL microscopy, SDS PAGE analysis, affinity chromatography resin development, zeta sizer analysis and zeta potential, collodial analysis, anti cancer, anti inflammatory, cell differentiation, signal transduction, biomaterials, and evolutionary biological principles at all scales of the electromagnetic radiation frequencies and in conjunction with the periodic table.

His latest venture is the merger of the disaplines of physics and biology in order to understand the weird and wonderful world of quantum biology. Dr Johnson also consults for a range of companies and is available for contract research work.