level 3 science

The healing benefits of apoptosis and its links to hydroxyl radical formation
MGO reacts with the amino acids lysine, arginine and cysteine in proteins. These amino acids perform important functions in structural proteins and enzymes. An example is histone proteins that DNA wraps around in chromosomes. Lysine acetylation on histone proteins controls gene expression. Two enzyme classes in your body HATs and HDACs control the acetylation state on histone lysine residues to control which genes are active and which ones are inactive. When MGO reacts with lysine residues on histone proteins and other proteins it can inhibit HDAC enzymes and therefore regulate gene expression. Inhibiting HDAC enzymes is used to control cancer progression. This provides a potential mechanism as to how Manuka honey and MGO modulates gene expression and anti-inflammatory activity. OH BEE HAVE has been tested for its ability to inhibit HDAC enzyme and shown positive signs of inhibition. The chemical reactions that MGO performs causes biological changes. These changes result in improvement in health and well-being when using OH BEE HAVE. Empowering your healing. If you want to know more and dig a little deeper into the mysteries then go to level 4.