quantum biology level 9

Physics as the basis for human subconscious mind is the game changer in quantum biology. Using the concepts of K+ and electron capture and photo-reduction, mono-atomic minerals coordinated to various neurotransmitters either promote or inhibit photo-fenton chemistry depending on the number of coordination sites on the molecule. The pi ring capturing UVA light which triggers photo-reduction of iron going from Fe3+ to Fe2+ and making iron able to generate hydroxyl radicals or sufficient energy to split water and put additional electrons into atoms. The production of new isotopes with an odd number of protons and neutrons creates unstable atoms that either release energy in the form of light to create stable new element through beta plus and beta minus decay. The changing the atomic structure of a single atom by using the UV catastrophe and putting more hydrogen into the atom provides a physics approach to memory because each atom with its different half-life results in the decay and release of that stored form of memory into an atoms atomic structure. It is already known that water changes shape with different frequencies and each atom bound to the pi electrons of the aromatic ring has a different strength of interaction and therefore will have the ability to change the shape or geometry of water surrounding the neurotransmitter. This resulted change in water structure based on which mono-atomic mineral bound to the pi electrons means water structure and emotion if directly linked to neurotransmitter function.

This again shows a clear link to the toxicity of Al3+ and its tight binding to pi electrons in the aromatic ring structure of the neurotransmitter as well as Li+ and its small size being used in bipolar treatments. I was diagnosed with bipolar and having had personal experience of taking lithium was able to understand its mode of action through personal experience. Having identify its mode of action and have restored my mental well-being through the development of my own product and this new model I am now in a position to share this and the functional mental well-being that the product produces. 

Having a model of how the subconscious mind works means therapeutics for the treatment of a range of mind based diseases that are based on physics can now be developed which will be of considerable benefit for humanity.

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