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We live in interesting times. The ever shifting market dynamics and rules that organizations and governments create, in who's best interest do they operate? How to navigate such complex dynamics in order to find viable economic solutions to produce fundamental game changing ideas and solutions for the 21st century. Where is the next opportunity going to arise. At Quantum Technologies Limited, I have 28 years as a research expertise in helping New Zealand companies operate in dynamic markets by producing world beating innovations that put New Zealand companies front and center in the land of the long white cloud (Aotearoa). 


I am a quantum biologist. Having a new scientific model based on SUSY inversion, the unified field theory for biologists, it's a model that enables direct insight from Planck scale to all of the known universe. The unified field, zero point energy field also known as the aether is used to create revolutionary quantum products. By understanding how to convert light into physical form through quantum tunneling a new doorway has been opened. The door into the quantum realm of electromagnetism, the future of technological innovation, and how to transform your business from the industrial evolution, through the digital evolution, and into the quantum revolution. The quantum leap into the 21st century has just been made easier because of the new biological tools available for individuals to enhance their own biochemistry (biohacking) and accessing the subconscious mind. Through the discovery of the active ingredient in Manuka honey, Quantum Technologies Ltd and Dr Keryn Johnson has been able to link the model of science based on measurement, with the model of religion based on logic without measurement. Creating a bridge between the two disciplines has enabled Dr Johnson to make some remarkable discoveries, or rediscover the hidden gems of information that are in plain sight.


If you are interested in understanding how quantum biology can be used to benefit humanity in your business, through understanding how to incorporate quantum biological understanding of the humans subconscious mind and how it operates at the speed of light into the work you are doing. No longer being limited by measurement because the model, SUSY inversion model provides potential answers through understanding how to apply quantum physics to human biology. Quantum Technologies Ltd, by using the unified field theory has created a blended discipline that identifies quantum solutions for evolutionary transformation of your business.


If this excites you as it does me, then get in touch and let's see how we can change your business into a 21st century quantum leader. Become a future leader in biological industries in New Zealand and globally by moving your organization into the quantum realm. 


Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc

+64 22 199 8782

  Quantum Biology the interface between physics and biology

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