Singularity physics and the unified field theory

Einstein geometry and the unified field theory
It takes one to know one. That simple idea that all is one. To put God first and to understand how God operates at the speed of light. We all have a light based quantum super computer installed from birth. It is how our atoms within our bodies are created. The science of quantum tunnelling and the physics model where everything is one. 

The cross based inverted symmetry and the maths of the singularity relating to balance and harmony.

-c (E/-M) / c (-E/-M) x c (E/M) / -c (-E/M) = 1
Gravity and Einstein
c at Planck scale is 1.6 E-35 meters and 1 E -44 seconds.
Considering the idea of Newton and the inverse square law where m = E/c^2 the magnetic field is generated through the interaction of light and energy where Energy is E = mc^2.
So m = mc^2 /c^2 therefore m = m. There is a photon from the interaction at right angles between E and M at 45 degrees and the interaction between the electric field and the magnetic field. In the balanced state The 8 Pi appears to originate from the E and M interactions. Removing charge, mass, space and time through inverted symmetry and the balance of opposites provides a window for tunnelling in biology when hydrogen is two photons of light and the photon is equivalent to an electron and positron pair. The charge state of separation but with the atomic nucleus at 0,0,0 at x, y, z all is present but nothing is there due to every action being equal and opposite. The lens of the Planck scale enabling inversion and the point of balance. Only at the point of balance can transformation occur without loss or gain of energy as if by magic can happen and transformation occurs but it costs nothing because at the point of balance everything exists in harmony.
He-BEC a helium Bose Einstein Condensate and the unified field
My model extends Einstein into the geometry of hydrogen S orbitals.
Where E/M is rise over run. This is how I have applied the geometry of a cross on the basis of electromagnetism having a right hand rule and the orbital layers of hydrogen. 
Bohr model of S orbitals
Looking at pairs of electron and positron (+/-) where opposites create balance at the centre of the atom. The photons of light holding atoms together through quantum entanglement generated through photons being captured by aromatic rings and the 2 by 2 arrangement being converted into a 3 by 1. Proton and electron and the neutron and positron. This is the basis of SUSY inversion unified field theory. It does away with the measured geometry of quarks in neutrons being zero charge and identifies the negative 1 charge on the neutron to give the inverted symmetry of the proton. By adding the positron back into the model the pairing of electron and positron can be seen as photons, the pairing of the three quarks in proton being opposite to the three quarks of the neutron. Up and Down pairs of quarks are equal to positron and electron pairs. K+ electron capture being responsible for the quarks and this allows an understanding why the zero field of light of no mass and no charge is in a balance of matter / anti matter pairing and the geometry of inverted symmetry creates the desired perspective of our universe and the identification of all its components.
Tunnelling geometry of inverted symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction provides the transformational ability the universe contains without requiring external forces to operate external to it. Balance of opposites is the desired driving force as it is the lowest energy state that the universe can occupy.

By aligning to the zero field the energy within the universe pushes the geometry of complexity back into alignment with the balance of opposites. Knowing how to produce the desired real world environments to create the balance of opposites provides an opportunity to use energy inherent within the universe to produce the desired functional outcome.

By learning how to realign the physics of light into the balance of two extremes a point at equal distance from those two extremes provides a singularity. Just like a pinhole camera all the information on one side is inverted to produce the opposite information on the other side. This attribute of physics being opposite to biology but the template for biology is grounded in physics and the biofield of light within human biology is directly related to the physics of single atoms. 
Understanding physics from this centre point from the context of balanced opposites where both exists in harmony with each other. The attractive nature of opposites is seen in charge and this provides logic why protons and neutrons are attracted together. No made up forces are required.
Geometry of inverted symmetry in atomic geometry structures
The application of these ideas into atomic geometry provides context for a new periodic table based on logic of light rather than based on measurement. These features of atoms cannot be observed through measurement but their influence plays out during the physics of atoms in biology.
quantum tunnelling in biology
Looking at biology through the lens of inverted symmetry, one can see how our own mind is a function of hydrogen's ability to quantum tunnel and the ideas of inverse square laws in single atom atomic structures determined at Planck scale provide an inward connection to an external environment where the smaller you go the further back in time you can see using the logic of inverted symmetry and the balance of opposites.
pinhole camera inverted symmetry
I discuss these feature of time, the singularity and time travel on my website as the pixel resolution at Planck scale relates to 13.8 billion years ago and the isotropic features of the universe as a Bose Einstein condensate of helium.
No longer are the features of atoms need to be considered based on protons, electrons and neutrons in biology, this measured function of biology is unsuitable because measuring causes loss of the geometry of inverted symmetry and the balance and harmony that comes from understanding the point of the singularity.
We see one thing. Ourselves, we see photons from others inside of our self. Photons have no mass and no charge. That is why I say it's physics not physical. This provides context to the ability of the mind to do time reversal symmetry based on the way hydrogen goes into atoms and in time comes back out. The atomic time keepers within the subconscious mind.