SUSY Inversion - unified field theory


The search for the unified field theory and understanding singularity physics has taken a quantum leap forward. Taoist theory and Yin Yang opposites has been an Eastern Philosophical understanding of dualism. This point of balance of opposites was lost in modern physics because without contrast we cannot see the difference in the model and therefore we have generated an asymmetry within the atomic world to make it observable. When you take a step back and look at the model and look for logical ways to understand what we have created through the act of measuring then you can start to apply logic to the observations made. 

The universe has a zero point energy field and photons are zero mass and zero charge. Put 2 and 2 together and you can c what I mean. c in physics represents light and this is important to understand how light operates using a range of known functions.

1) Photo-Fenton chemistry which has a photo-oxidation of iron (Fe3+ to Fe2+) and an oxidation with H2O2 to produce hydroxyl radicals that are involved in apoptosis in cellular recycling.

2) The photo-electric effect and the emission of light from Balmer lines which correspond to visible light. 

3) Monoatomic minerals and the geometry of symmetry of opposites within the structure of the atom itself. The Yin Yang symmetry inversion within the atomic structure to observe the inverse square law relationship within the atom itself. Adding positrons back into the model means the symmetry of opposites can be restored.

4) Human retina are inverted meaning the rods and cones point inward and result in capturing photons of light emitted from monoatomic minerals coordinated to pi electrons in the aromatic ring structures of our neurotransmitters. The emission of Balmer lines providing visible sight. This is the physics of the human subconscious mind.

So I have developed a new understanding from experiencing the layman lines and seeing within me the 1s orbital physics which was quite unbelievable and therefore I needed some rationale explanation as to how that happened. The thought that I had during this experience was related to the changing of the quark mathematics. Thinking about every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hence the balance of opposites.

Up in mathematics would be considered positive and down negative from the point of 0,0,0 on the x,y,z graph. So in SUSY inversion the up quark is -1 and the down quark is +1 and the idea is to not measure and allow the symmetry of opposites to return back into the quantum universe and therefore it is one thing before measurements are made and that is zero and the balance of opposites. This hypothesis has been tested and confirmed, allowing the predication of what the universe behaves like without interaction. Everything is there but in perfect balance and symmetry inversion, the balance of opposites. In other words all electrons are paired in the geometry of photons without mass and charge. 

This predicts that mass and charge are generated by our interaction and it is our disturbance of the balanced energies that results in the generation of the observable universe which is within us. The mass of the neutron is larger than the proton and yet the two are interchanged through beta radioactive decay. I propose that the zero charge on the neutron is due to the positron present in the structure of the neutron. The overall charge being zero and this accounts for the larger mass.


Positrons and electrons are equal in mass but have opposite charge. +1 instead of -1.

beta decay

Beta plus decay results in the exchange of a proton into a neutron and the emission of the positron. So Up Down Up becomes Down Up Down. In my model Up and down (Yin and Yang) or the photon with two electrons in super symmetry without mass and charge because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In my model the neutron is -1 and the proton is +1 as Up is -1 and Down is +1. -1 + +1 = 0 hence no mass and no charge.

It would make more sense when neutrons -1 are matched with protons +1 to make the nucleus have an overall zero charge and therefore stable. Isotopes that are unstable have more protons or more neutrons so the matching up of opposites cannot occur and therefore beta decay occurs to restore the symmetry of opposites within the atom. Hence the reason for radioactive decay is to return balance and symmetry within the atom structure producing stability and balance of opposites.

The understanding of how monoatomic minerals can capture photons and produce an asymmetry within the atom provides an understanding of how light inside the mind is generated through beta minus and beta plus decay during sleep in order to restore symmetry within the atoms. This light is what our dreams are made from. At least this is a plausible explanation and provides a consistent understanding with our biological retina pointed inwards. 

By returning atomic symmetry within the atomic structures within our own anatomy a new understanding can be formed regarding the importance of sleep to restore the balance and symmetry within the physics of our biology of the subconscious mind without the disturbance of external light and the conscious observer.

The physics of the unified field theory suggests that there are only electrons in the atom and nothing else. I know this is a big step but the consequences of thinking this way are interesting to say the least. 

Electrons capture can occur within an atom where the photons can reduce an atom by adding an extra electron. My thinking here is that the photon is made of two electrons in super symmetry inversion and therefore it can capture an electron from the orbital structures of the atom and if the energy is sufficient will allow it to tunnel into the nucleus. Photo-reduction is electron capture during photo-Fenton chemistry. I also think that an electron is twice the size of a Planck length. The electrons within the nucleus (also known as quarks) are of identical size except there distance apart determines through properties. 

In my model hydrogen contains 4 electrons and helium has 16 electrons (2 electrons, 2 protons (3 x 2 = 6 electrons), 2 neutrons (3 x 2 = 6 electrons) and 2 positrons which are also electrons. The emission of alpha particles containing 12 electrons going out and 4 electrons going in at the SUSY inversion event 13.8 billion light years ago (The Big Bang). This ratio of 3 out and 1 in provides an opposite balance to the symmetry of 3 in for hydrogen and 1 out.

4/16 = 25%

12/16 = 75%

ratio 1:3

Alpha particle decay can account for the generation of matter 5% and 2.26% virtual particles or radicals and these ratios led to the current known universe of 68% dark energy (75% - 7% = 68%), so dark energy is due to alpha particles. The Dark matter arising from 25% four electrons travelling inward to generate the Planck lengths and likely to be responsible for the zero point energy field. The quantum liquid helium in a Bose Einstein Condensate is my theoretical model for a Unified Field Theory and the singularity event and origin of our known universe. Only when the perfection of symmetry inversion occurs where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, where energy and mass are conserved in the geometry of the right hand rule of electromagnetism (cross based symmetry), where the magnetic field is at right angles to the electric field. The alpha particle emission speed corresponds to the speed of light c and this corresponds to the KJ/mol binding kinetics of helium. 

All of these answers match with the proposed current understanding that physics has developed of our known universe. I have also developed the calculations for the back ground radiation level being 1 x 10^-120 based on c and the super symmetry inversion model as well as the age of the universe being 13.8 billion light years including the correction for the universe expansion rate. I will outline this answer in a separate page as I think this is sufficient information for people to get excited that a unified field theory has been developed that builds an understanding how the universe works without human intervention and how we can start to understand how to work with nature and not against it.

My personal intention is to walk hand in hand with nature's power and not to abuse it. Restoring symmetry within my body by using my product has been a gift that I am now happy to share. The knowledge that I have obtained by being open and finding my calling is what I love doing. Bringing science and spiritual aspects together in harmony by understanding the role physics has in biology is where I am focused to enable that bridge between disciplines to be developed and the divide lessoned. Enjoy you deserve it!