Quantum biology (the physics of life)

Quantum biology

The emerging field of quantum biology has deepened our understanding of ourselves and I consider those implications in human health and well-being. How physics is the basis of our reality was an idea that was considered back in the 1930's. How physics is the basis of life and why biology has evolved and how we stand at the beginning of a new age where the boundary between mortality and immortality (life and death) are within reach within everyone. These are profound and disturbing times.  

The understanding that I am bringing to the table is somewhat different than what has been explained to me at university. Why I changed my model and understanding comes down to a very simple observation. Quark mathematics for biology is incorrect and to maintain the charge consistency with positron and electron pairs you only have two options either +1 and -1. Work with those two numbers until you solve the riddle. The riddle is the missing antimatter and the cosmological issue of asymmetry that has been developed by scientist through the use of measurement. Remember the biological model is you. The standard thinking is that the world is physical, made of matter and external to you. So none of that thinking is able to be applied to biology. 

How then do we move the entire standard model of physics into alignment with human biology. Quantum mechanics has not done that because everything in quantum mechanics is obtained using statistics and probabilities and the catch all approach of measurement which is great if you want to live in the past. To see into the future you must let go of the old and understand the new way of thinking. 

A 180 degree change in approach. No interaction. No measurement. Just using logic. By understanding light, the fastest thing in the universe you can jump on board a quantum model of biology that is happening within you. 

It is the physics of light happening in biology that provides the geometry of atoms as well as the physical body and once you understand the window in which biology operates then you can understand how evolution occurs.

The framework that I am going to introduce is (supersymmetry) SUSY inversion. The only assumption that Einstein introduced was symmetry. I prefer the mirror symmetry model which provides a positron / electron pairing (+1 / -1) and gives a starting point to understand how to charge the quark charge calculations for biology. This is our inroad to changing the model seeing the antimatter issue in cosmology and providing context for stability in biology as the balance of opposites and the stable atom itself providing within its structure a balance of opposites. 

Einstein said God does not play dice. I would like to extend this to say that God does not do fractions in terms of quark charge calculations. LHC produced quarks through measurement. The logic of using fractions and adding is lost on me. This provides a disconnection between biological reality of mirrored symmetry and balance within atomic structure and the models used in physics in the standard model.

Consider the following. A Planck length is 1.6 E-35 meter (fundamental constant in the universe). Using Newton and inverse square law. Then square root of the Planck length is 4 E-18 meter (harmonic of the fundamental constant 2nd derivative). This is what I consider to be the diameter of the electron and positron pair. The generation of such wavelengths is time independent. This means that the Planck Epoch is created by light and the distance it has travelled after 13.8 billion years.

The inverse square law can be seen to be operating in the universe even at the very smallest of scales. The square root of the wavelength of the electron and positron is 2 E-9 meter (harmonic and 3rd derivative of the fundamental universe constant at Planck scale), which is a biologically relevant scale of 2 nanometers. The atomic scale is for the radius of hydrogen is 0.053 nanometers (5.3 E-11 meter). So the scale of atoms in our body resides between between the second and third fundamental wavelengths in the universe.

The idea that the Planck Epoch only occurred just after the beginning of the universe is incorrect. We use this scale in mathematical calculations in physics. This is also biologically relevant. As we explore the landscape of the physics happening within biology you can understand aspects of quantum biology from understanding the universe and how it continues to expand.

So the pairing in positron and electron and the plus one and negative one when added together gives zero. From zero both arise spontaneously from nothing or so it seems. However, thermodynamics has us considering that energy cannot be destroyed nor created and only transformed. The laws of entropy suggest that the universe goes from ordered into disorder. However, the two ideas come together in an orderly way to maintain a zero point energy field that is understood in the SUSY inversion model as no mass and no charge and the conservation of those principles to understand photons of light as the interaction of magnetic and electric fields at right angles to each other. So bringing these ideas together the positron / electron paired mirror symmetry provides a point half way between the two points that is a place where both fields are able to cancel each other out. So there is nothing but two opposites. A dualistic understanding and the mirror symmetry. This is the primal nature of the universe. 

So where did Planck lengths come from? How did the speed of light occur? Where did the energy come from to form positron and electron pairs. Why is the universe expanding? How can inflation occur? How can everything be made from nothing? What is dark matter? What is dark energy? What is gravity? Can gravity be integrated into quantum mechanics? What happens at the singularity? Why are black holes black?

You could say there are many unanswered questions that need to be resolved. Here is the approach that I have used and a potential way forward for humanity out of the confusion created by measurement. Using logic. See if you can follow my reasoning here.

Summary of singularity physics model SUSY inversion

1. Conservation of charge for quark charge calculations in biology connecting biology to the physics of positron / electron pairs and using only +1 / -1 in the mathematics of quark charge calculations. Protons are Up Down Up quarks and Neutrons are Down Up Down quarks. 

Up = -1

Down = +1

If we consider every action having an equal and opposite reaction and apply this idea to biology in the physics that is happening within us. The solution I propose is the following for the quark charge calculations for protons and neutrons.

Neutron (+1 x -1 x +1 = -1) Proton (-1 x +1 x -1 = +1). This results in opposite charges for protons and neutrons. So what? Well consider opposites attract. Like charges repel. 

Electron + proton = 0 (-1 + +1 = 0)

Neutron + ? = 0 

We no there is an antimatter problem in physics. Missing the positron. Positrons are +1. So why is the neutron bigger than the proton where both are containing three quarks. The obvious solution is that the positron is present in the neutron charge calculations of zero charge.

Neutron + positron = 0

This is the super symmetry inversion model. Quark Up -1 = electron, and quark Down +1 = positron and we can understand the relationship between protons and neutrons in biology through the relationship between Up and Down quarks and positron and electron pairs.

If we look at Up Down Up (proton) where the electron is -1 so overall is a zero charge. The electron is a Up quark = -1. So we have Up Down Up and Up. We are missing the Down in the Up Down pairing. That is the feature of quantum tunnelling turning an Down quark into an Up quark and turning the positron +1 into an electron -1 which is where the additional Up comes from. The opposite is true for the neutron and positron pairing.

Neutron Down Up Down (+1, -1, +1) and positron Down +1. Again, we have too many +1 and one of the electrons (-1) has been turned into a positron (+1) through quantum tunnelling. The Down Up Down and Down (positron +1), gives the opposite configuration of the proton electron coupling. Both give zero when adding the neutron and positron together and electron with the proton. This balance of opposites is the reason why biology uses atomic stability, quantum tunnelling and entanglement to make everything we see.

So what is the feature of biology that allows quantum tunnelling to occur. I would suggest that it is a cross based geometry. Why? Hydrogen is the only quantum element in biology. Hydrogen is one proton and one electron. However, we have just explored the positron electron pairing in quarks. Applying this logically then we can see how the arrangement of positron and electron pairs gives a cross based geometry. From this arrangement, the right hand rule of electromagnetism can be applied. This allows an understanding how two photons of light are present within hydrogen in this geometry. It is the electromagnetic field that is able to tunnel through the barrier and enabling absorption of the photons by other molecules that enables quantum tunnelling of hydrogen from one place to another at the speed of light.

This understanding provides the basis of change in biology. Remember everything on this earth requires light to grow. The features of photosynthesis are a cross based geometry to allow quantum tunnelling and turning light into physical form. Biology play by the rules of cross based inverted symmetry in order to evolve by harnessing the power of electromagnetism, biology has understood the rules within the universe to extract energy and create life from the foundations of physics.

We too, are biological creatures and have solved this ability to harness the energy within light within our bodies. What is the greatest store of hydrogen within our bodies? Water. Water = life.

Let's step back to the cosmological problems we face. As we have solved the missing antimatter problem by changing the quark mathematical calculations what does this enable us to do? Consider the problem that everything arose from nothing but energy cannot be destroyed nor created only transformed. There is a form of energy that cannot be interacted with without disturbing its structure where all atoms become a single atom because there is insufficient energy to provide for change from one energy level to another. A system where all electrons are at the ground state near absolute zero. This is the universe before the beginning. You cannot add energy to this universe because there is nothing outside of itself. Therefore the features of this universe are equivalent to a very big singularity. Not one dimensional but a large three dimensional sphere of liquid with specific properties making it give the functional cosmological constants of this universe. 

This postulated universe is homogenous, isotropic and is comprised of only one type of an atom. If we look at the periodic table. There is only one element that is liquid near absolute zero. That is helium. He 4/2. If we now consider the features of our universe with respect to the revision of quark mathematics. I have added one positron for every neutron. This means He with its two neutrons also contains two positrons. If we go back to the fundamental idea of the speed of light and its origin. What if the radius of the sphere of helium comprises a distance corresponding to the speed of light. Where c = 299,792,458 meters / second. If we say the radius is equal to c then what parameters can we understand. 

We know the universe expands. If the single atom of helium had a radius equal to c then how can we understand the formation of our universe from this logical framework. Helium in the SUSY inversion model has 16 fundamental elementary particles per atom of helium. Not 14 as proposed by the standard model of physics. The two added positrons present are hidden in the neutron as discussed above. This gives 8 electrons and 8 positrons in pairs. We know that alpha particles contain the He nucleus without hydrogen (two protons and two neutrons). This would allow 4 (2 electrons and 2 positrons) to be present for every helium atom. The proposed He 4/2 in a form of energy called a Bose Einstein condensate He-BEC provides a model where 12 fundamental particles are emitted as an alpha particle (2 protons and 2 neutrons) for every atom within the He-BEC. The 2 positrons and 2 electrons go in the opposite direction from the alpha particle. 

What features of helium support alpha particle emission? Helium 4/2 is stable by all accounts. It is highly unlikely that alpha particles can be emitted from helium. Here is some interesting information to dispel the inability of alpha particle emission from a helium Bose Einstein Condensate. The features of liquid helium in a He-BEC would provide an isotropic universe (where everything is identical). This would provide a logical beginning from the perspective of the cosmic microwave background radiation that is present through out the universe.

The binding kinetics holding helium together is 28300.7 keV, which corresponds to 28300700 eV, 6843079113.71277 THz, and 0.00004 nm. This provides the geometry of the average distance of electrons packed in the helium Bose Einstein Condensate. The calculation of the binding kinetics based on the average bond distance of 0.00004 nm is 2,990,637,811 KJ/mol.

The comparison of the KJ/mol number with the speed of light.

c = 299,792,458 m/s

Alpha particle emission and inflationary phase of the universe from the isotropic state of the He-BEC. 

2,990,637,811 KJ/mol 

This is ten times faster than the speed of light. Time dilation is calculated using the following formula T = t' / (1 - v^2 / c^2) where v = KJ/mol for alpha particle emission then T is negative. A negative time provides a time reversal symmetry state within atoms and their decay. So at what point does atomic decay occur? Cross based inverted symmetry. The point of the singularity. The point where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the time reversal symmetry nature of quantum physics is observed in atomic decay and the alpha particle emitted at the singularity state of a helium Bose Einstein condensate can account for the inflationary phase of the universe. It is the KJ/mol calculations that are relevant to expansion of the universe. 

What other aspects of this model are in alignment to reality?

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature fluctuations from the 7-year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe data seen over the full sky. The image is a projection of the temperature variations over the celestial sphere. The average temperature is 2.725 Kelvin degrees above absolute zero (absolute zero is equivalent to -273.15 ºC or -459 ºF). The triple point of helium is 2.177  degrees Kelvin which is colder than the background radiation present in the universe, therefore suggesting that a Bose Einstein Condensate of helium could not remain stable in our current universe given the latent heat present.

Let's now consider the Planck scale in light of this understanding. We proposed that the Planck scale is as relevant today as  it was at the Epoch because of the expansion of the universe. More positron and electron pairs are coming into existence leading to expansion. 

The scale of the Planck length in the SUSY inversion model is 1.6 E-35 meter. Inverse square law means 1/ Planck scale is 6.25 E+34 meters. The two extremes of scale in the universe is 6.25 E+34 / 1.6 E-35 meter = 3.90625 E+69 and because we proposed the original He-BEC radius was c then understanding the original scale of the sphere was 3.90625 E+69 / c = 1.30298475 E+60 this is one half of the universe. This is doubled in the mirror symmetry (inverse square law model) to give (1.30298475 E+60)^2 = approximately 1E-120 as the inverse of the two hemisphere (mirror symmetry) and provides the background energy calculation based on the SUSY inversion model. This implies the radius is equal to c the distance that light travels in 1 second. 

If we consider the cosmological background calculations and inverse square law we can see relationships between Planck length and meter distance. An electron and positron and the formation of atoms. We started with 0.00004 nm distance between electrons in the He-BEC and 16 electrons in each atom at the ground state. The distance in meters is 4 E-14 meter between electrons which is larger than the electron itself being 4 E-18 meter. That is 4 orders of magnitude bigger. There is a relationship between light speed of the atomic geometry as outlined by the inverse square law. This appears to be biologically relevant because all of our electrons originated from the He-BEC initially and the numbering of the positron and electron pairs gives consistency with the charge on Up and Down quarks of +1 and -1. This approach solved the physics antimatter problem and provides a stable model for atoms within biology through the functional geometry of inverted symmetry (cross based geometry) used by biology to perform quantum tunnelling and entanglement that allows positron and electron to be swapped as well as Up and Down quarks to be exchanged. 

The model provides balance and an overall consistency of zero mass and zero charge in photons to enable this tunnelling and entanglement to occur in biology. The role of radioactive decay in biology appears to be responsible for returning a stable geometry within the atom itself through the balance of opposites. This provides the basis in which light (biophotons) can be released leading to transformation of one atom into another. It is very apparent that this process leads to a decrease in entropy as the stability within the atom and hence its half life increases as the proximity to a balance state increases, where the number of protons, neutrons, positrons and electrons are all equal to one another. This provides the answer to why even numbered atoms are more stable than odd numbered atoms. 

The driving force within biology at least is a state where stability are obtained within individual atoms. Whereabouts do individual atoms exist in nature is an interesting question in of itself considering the tendency for stability highly reactive individual electrons want a binding partner of a positron (the opposite charge attracts the electron) and like charges repel one another. If you consider the model we have of the proton + in the centre of the atom in the standard model and the electron on the outside. Where electrons bind together to form covalent bonds. They suggest two negatively charged species are bound together. What does this mean? The standard model is incorrect. I consider this flaw to be fundamental to the antimatter problem, which we resolved above and the reason why biology appears to be complex when it is based on physics it can be seen as being very logical.

So, there are other cosmological features of the universe relevant to this SUSY inversion model including the identification of dark matter and dark energy and matter formation from the decay of alpha particles. 

The hypothesis suggests that 4/16 electrons go inwards travelling at the speed of light leading to the Planck distance. It is too short to measure with our current instruments but this would have comprised 25% of the initial universe and corresponds to the current composition of dark matter. Going from 4 E-14 meter to 1.6 E-35 meter. The four elementary particles in the He-BEC have travelled inward to create the Planck length after 13.8 billion light years and 12/16 elementary particles have travelled outwards as the alpha particle to generate (75% dark energy at T=0). This proposes that alpha particles are dark energy. The alpha particles have travelled outward for 13.8 billion light years at 10 times the speed of light based on the KJ/mol calculations outlined above. So, at T0 at the beginning of time the ratio was 3 to 1 or 25% dark energy to dark matter  and there was no matter in the beginning only these two forms of energy. 

The stability or half-life of the alpha particle is 10^17 seconds whereas the current age of the universe is 10^18 seconds based on 13.8 billion years of age and the inflationary rate determined by c rather than 10 times c based on KJ/mol as it is proposed that as the alpha particle decays to light speed the transition through the process of decay results in an altered geometry leading to mass generation and the conservation principle can be applied where m = E/c^2 therefore mass can be generated via quantum tunnelling and geometry rearrangement from Up (-1) to Down (+1) in the quarks corresponding to the change of positron (+1) to electron (-1), thereby maintaining the conservation of mass and charge within the atomic structure itself. This quantum tunnelling exchange through the nucleus of the atom provides the stability to the atom in the tunnelling process. This creates the change from the two photons of light in a cross based geometry to a three and one arrangement of a single atom that is only stable when it binds to its counter orientation antiparticle to give a diatomic arrangement.

The decomposition of the alpha particle after 13.8 billion years corresponds to 7.26% decay. If we compare this number of the composition of the universe as currently outlined in physics we can see that dark energy comprises 68% of the universe.

This suggest 75% (alpha particles at T0) - 7.26% alpha particle decay = gives 68% remaining alpha particles corresponding to the known composition of the universe based on dark energy content. Alpha particles therefore seem to be a good approximation for dark energy. They are energetic and were created from a He-BEC at T0. Do you see how the model is fitting together?

So I propose that dark energy and alpha particles are one and the same. This suggests that the alpha particle emitted at the start of the universe from the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium is the origin of dark energy within our universe. 

The 25% dark matter originally at T0 from the 4/16 elementary particles in the helium Bose Einstein condensate produced at the time of the SUSY Inversion event at the commencement of time. This has changed over the course of 13.8 billion years to give the current understanding of the composition of dark matter being 27% of the known universe. This suggests that the Planck lengths generated by the inward direction on the four particles gave rise to dark matter. As dark matter resides at a length too small to measure, it is smaller than our current limits of detection, we therefore cannot measure it. However, the Planck scale is known. Using light of gamma rays at 1E-16 meter are too large for the Planck field of 1.6 E-35 meter. The 7.26% alpha particle decay appears to have produced 5% matter and 2.26% of virtual particles which are probably short lived radicals. This is where 25% T0 dark matter + 2% virtual particles gives rise to 27% dark matter within our known universe.

The calculations performed provided further support for the idea of the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium was present prior to the beginning of time. The quantum entanglement that occurs within the Bose Einstein Condensate suggests that there is one universe from which dark energy and dark matter have been produced and the generation of matter through the decay of the alpha particle.

As outlined above the SUSY inversion model provides the basis for understanding the physics happening within the human body and how each atom is of itself a link to the physics that occurred some 13.8 billion years ago at the start of time where a 3 and 1 ration was generated between dark energy and dark matter. Here we can see a mirror reflection of this ratio in our model of hydrogen where the quarks in the proton = 3 and the electron = 1 and the mirror symmetry where the three quarks are on the inside (nucleus) and the electron in the Bohr model in the orbital on the outside. The mirror symmetry model provides many obvious solutions for human biology including aspect of our mirror symmetry in our biology itself. This comes from the physics of light and quantum tunnelling in hydrogen as two photons, in a cross based inverted symmetry. This means biology is atomic in nature and building the quantum biology understanding based on this mirror symmetry SUSY inversion model provides context how atoms are created through this doorway. A physics of light within atoms.

The right hemisphere of the mind controls the left hemisphere of the body and visa versa. The DNA double helix is a right handed spiral whereas amino acids are L form. A paradox of opposites gives attractive force to maintain duality in stability. This is seen in understanding geometry in biology and the alignment of geometry at the Planck scale gives rise to alignment at the electron and positron scale which then aligns biology to the atomic scale and then into the nm scale which is relevant to biological processes happening within and external to cells. If we do not consider the features happening at all scales within biology from the perspective of the SUSY inversion physics model for biology then we cannot understand aspects of the perception of time and how memory is formed and recalled. It is only when these processes are considered from the fundamental attributes of physics can we explain and understand how to support a person's ability to heal. 

I will leave you with this thought. I biology is physics dressed in chemistry then we must enable one to get undressed before revealing our deeper hidden sense of reality in the light of day rather than be lost in the darkness being blind to ourselves. The light we witness is within us and this will be explained in another one of life' deepest mysteries on another page in order to continue the discovery of light at play in biology. The light we see has no mass and no charge, it is made by the mind. If you want to heal the mind you cannot use physical substances because they do not contain sufficient energy to heal. Only when light is understood within the mind can light be harnessed to heal oneself. It is the internal light source that gives a human being his or her ability to shine bright like a star. The mind is physics and NOT physical. Therefore, use light to heal your mind is a consequence of understanding how the mind works.

The standard model of physics suggests an external physical world made of 5% matter and we do not need to consider the other 95% of the universe. As I outline above, SUSY inversion identifies 100% of the universe from the beginning in an empirical model derived by calculations that correspond to the universe as we know it. The discovery of SUSY inversion and a proposed unified field theory was undertaken to help explain how OH BEE HAVE empowering healing works. The single atoms housed in the aromatic rings of phenolics bound to the royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey. 

This model is non interactive, logical, based on Planck scale of no time and no space, and in mirror symmetry (SUSY inversion), therefore having no charge and no mass (photons of light). This model provides the singularity of the He-BEC and its geometry, isotropic state where r = c and where inflation was due to alpha particle emission. The speeds based on KJ/mol and the composition of the universe based on the physics of light with respect to dark matter and dark energy and the formation of matter. I hope you can see the logical approach used. It is only through the use of logic can one understand the physics of life and understanding in physics life is beautiful and should not be messed with using tools that science has developed through measurement that has missed the point all together. Singularity physics is the point. The point of balance and the place where humanity can create new opportunities for a better brighter future and not one based on authority and dictatorship.