Innate immune boost to prevent COVID19 transmission

New information on apitherapies benefits towards COVID.

Here are some recent papers outlining the use of apitherapy products in COVID therapeutic approaches.

Here is the link for OH BEE HAVE nasal spray


I think it might be helpful if I provide this resource to you so that you could pass it on to people who are interesting in managing their wellbeing using apitherapy healing technology. To help those who have tested positive for COVID and who could benefit from the regenerative healing properties of apitherapy products including OH BEE HAVE empowering healing with respect to the potential to reduce the impact of COVID-19 transmission and severity of disease.
The technology that I have developed as a regenerative medicine scientist, and quantum biologist has the therapeutic potential to benefit those who have COVID, long COVID as well as prevent transmission between people as the product breaks down viruses back into CO2 and water using the power of hydroxyl radicals. This is revolutionary new science that uses the potency of the hydroxyl radical to break down all biological molecules back into CO2 and water.
Hydroxyl radicals potency to turn biological materials into CO2 and water
The product is isolated from Manuka honey and the discovery of a life time was to understand the photo-Fenton chemistry that is happening in Manuka honey is responsible for the antibacterial and antiviral properties of Manuka honey and not the MGO molecule at all. This ability to destroy pathogens is now understood and has resulted in a range of magical products made from Manuka honey. The OH BEE HAVE empowering healing range is transformational in its approach to help people on their healing journeys. 

I feel duty bound to at least bring this to your attention as well as provide people with the opportunity to use the products for their own protection. This is a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) product made from Manuka honey by isolating the royal jelly proteins that performs photo-Fenton chemistry. The physics happening at nanosecond speeds is faster than the virus can replicate and change its genetic sequence through mutations of the viral coat proteins and therefore is not subject to the virus's ability to change its epitopes on the surface of the virus and therefore the product I have made avoids all issues with antibody escape that occurs when the virus changes it's epitopes and the antibodies produced by a person's immune system via vaccination are not able to recognize the virus anymore. This is the normal way the innate immune system works. Therefore, we are harnessing nature's secrets to enhance our health and wellbeing and to provide protection of disease in a preventative approach. The product has been developed and formulated into a nasal delivery system.

If you require further information regarding the testing that has been done on the product and the results to date please feel free to reach out. 

Despite all attempts to develop a vaccine against the original COVID-19 strain, new strains keep emerging making the previous vaccines ineffective and the battle between the various vaccine approaches rages on. The simple truth is antibodies are specific and part of our adaptive immune response making them good for a specific target but bad for the shifting goal posts generated by a mutating virus like COVID19. We have another part of the immune system that is always on, called the innate immune system, and this is the focus of my research. To my surprise the deeper I dug into the science of the innate immune system the more I entered into the domain of physics and the role of the hydroxyl radical and its power to destroy pathogens including bacteria and viruses. Radicals are considered bad by science because they have been shown to react with proteins, lipids and DNA. This makes them idea for the non specific approach of destroying all forms of COVID19 and my idea for making a successful complementary medicine from Manuka honey that can defeat all strains of the virus.

My work on Manuka honey 10 years ago has come full circle, when I realised that the potent antibacterial activity of the hydroxyl radical is the reason why Manuka honey has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses. There are no known enzyme systems in biology that can detoxify the powerful hydroxyl radical and that is why bacteria and viruses cannot develop immunity against such a powerful oxidant. Thankfully, our biology has developed methods to use the powerful hydroxyl radical as the cell recycling system called apoptosis uses this important radical to transform damaged cells back into CO2 and water potentially preventing aging but that is another story altogether. 

As this is a natural process I have developed a deep appreciation for biology based on physics (now known as quantum biology), and how we can use this potent oxidant to generate an innate immune boost, that can be delivered directly to the nasal cavity to support the bodies first line of defence to defeat COVID-19 and break the chains of transmission. Because the approach is non-specific it does not need to be reformulated like a vaccine to target the next variant for the next global version of SARS. It is one solution for all variants.

Potentially, this is the solution to get New Zealand out of lockdown and to open our boarders. We could have a personal innate immune boost on us at times when we think added protection against the airborne virus is needed. A personal natural solution that we can carry and use wherever we like. To work as another defensive weapon against COVID19 and all its variants and allowing people to travel freely because they can prevent COVID19 transmission, which vaccines cannot do, and prevent the establishment of the disease in their nasal cavity using such a simple cost effective technology. This could break the chains of transmission for all  the different variants and provide an alternative to continuous vaccine boosters shots and jabs that are planned to try and free up the economy and enable international travel for the next global strain and variant of COVID19. 

Quantum Technologies Ltd is a New Zealand quantum biology regenerative medicine company. My name is Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc, I am developing an alternative complementary medicine from manuka honey by recovering the royal jelly proteins into an inhalable spray formulation "OH BEE HAVE empowering healing" can provide the natural innate immune system boost to protect us and prevent transmission of the virus. Hopefully, this will assist in allowing New Zealand to get back to Level 1 and help get our lives back to a new normal.

The product that I have developed has been put into a spray bottle for nasal delivery, and it is natural and it generates the desired hydroxyl radical in a process called Photo-Fenton chemistry. I am developing the clinical package needed to submit the product to MEDSAFE as an alternative complementary medicine. I will be doing the clinical trials needed for regulatory submission.

This logical approach using Manuka honey's antiviral properties targeting the nasal cavity is what I am developing to strengthen our natural innate immune system first line of defence, working with the bodies natural processes to create a defensive barrier to stop COVID19 transmission. There are no COVID19 variants that will be able to develop resistance to such an approach and because it is developed here in New Zealand using our resources, it can be made without the requirements of international vaccine manufacture issues with global resources and competition between various countries for a limited supply of vaccines. So New Zealand can develop and produce a COVID19 preventative complementary medicine that works with our bodies natural immunity processes within the innate immune system to stop COVID19 in its tracks.

The current vaccine strategy in New Zealand is not going to prevent transmission between vaccinated people especially when the boarders are opened and new COVID19 variants enter our country. Vaccination is therefore limited by its selectivity and that is why, even if NZ gets to 90% vaccinated as outlined by the Government, NZ will potentially suffer from massive infections rates of new strains that will have mutated making the vaccines used to vaccine people useless. If this happens we are back to square one and all the efforts to date have been in vain. 

Rather than putting all our eggs into the vaccine basket, we need to consider what alternative strategies and technologies are available to prevent transmission between people. Masks and social distancing and MIQ and tracking people's movements are the tools we are using to date. One approach we have not considered so far is the use of hydroxyl radical generators and other technologies that purify the air using photo-Fenton chemistry. Do so would assist in removing the virus from MIQ and this would be another string to our bow. The personal protection equipment (PPE) should include something that can destroy COVID19 transmission that can be used nasally. We use alcohol to clean our hands but we do not use a natural safe and effective natural product based nasal spray to prevent COVID19 transmission. STOP COVID19 at its source by helping me develop a Manuka honey antiviral spray to prevent respiratory transmission of COVID19.

I say it is time to develop a more robust strategy for New Zealand to get us out of lock down and enable free movement throughout New Zealand. It is time to make this happen. Let's go! Contact by email if your in? 

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc