Science of pain from the perspective of inverted symmetry

Pain and what it is telling you!


Your in pain? Pain is connected directly to your emotional well-being, your water body. The structure of water in your body changes depending on certain things. Water structure changes with emotion. The pH  or the relative concentration of H3O+ and OH- determines the concentration of acid or base in your body and cells. They want to pair up, as partners of opposite charge to produce an overall charge is zero and this occurs when there is an equal number of H3O+ and OH- and this is known as neutral pH or pH 7.0. So balance is obtained at neutral pH and the number of H3O+ and OH- are equal.  

There are two atoms present in water H or hydrogen and O or oxygen. Oxygen is a diradical it has a structure where the electrons are lone pairs in other words it is an energy sensitive atom. One of the lone pairs can share an electron with hydrogen to produce the H3O+.

Hydrogen is the smallest element on the periodic table. It can be considered the source of all life on earth as it is responsible for light produced from the sun. Hydrogen is seen as an atom with 1 proton and 1 electron. It can also be seen as an atom containing two photons of light that are quantum entangled. A photon being an electron and positron pair. The three quarks in the proton are Up Down Up or -1 x 1 x -1 = +1. The electron being -1. 

If you consider the four positions around the center point x, y, at 0,0 as shown below there are four positions of interaction where the interactions give rise to either a positive or negative with rise / run (1/1, -1/1, 1/-1, and -1/-1). The concept that there should be two positives and two negatives is obvious. However, what we learn in physics is that the proton is +1 and the electron -1. The proton is in the nucleus and is comprised of three quarks Up Down Up and the Up quark is 2/3 and Down quark -1/3 and they are added together to give +1 charge. I am proposing to use multiplication and use the four positions as identified in the picture below. 

quark positions

The proton uses two negative positions and one positive position so the forth position is positive but we see the electron as negative. With respect to the neutron the calculations of the quarks include two positive positions and one negative position therefore one negative position is left for the positron which is seen as positive. So the positron and electron charges are opposite from what the model suggests based on positional locations on the math x,y geometry. Again, this fits into the idea of inversion symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So what is predicted is opposite to what is observed. An analogy is the negative of a photo. So we are seeing the opposite of what is actually there. Again we believe we are observing an external world but what we are seeing is an internal world of our own subconscious minds creation based on the physics of monoatomics which are coordinated to our neurotransmitters which relates to our emotional state of well-being and our internal water structure and the feeling of emotional pain within your water body.

If you think about the plane of the computer screen and positive is forward and negative backwards then motion above and below the plane of the screen can be imagined to give the opposite so that if you move forward the inverted symmetry has to be maintained. Motion providing the changing position in relation to 0,0 and therefore changing from positive to negative and back to positive as the motion moves from one quadrant to another around a central point. The attraction of one side to the other retains the connection of opposites and motion above and below the plane creates the negative and positive aspects of the waves of energy. When the wave is high there is an opposite balance of low. So we observe the opposite.

I also look at the mirror planes of the x and y lines, where each side is mirrored in the opposite side and the mirror planes are created by the connections between the opposites or the wavelengths of light themselves within the structure of the atom. 

So to get back to water and hydrogen. The structure of which is not so straight forward. If as proposed that hydrogen is a quantum element and this is due to its quantum symmetry state of two quantum entangled photons of light made of 4 electrons or two electrons and two positrons,
Photon as a pair of electrons

Then the concept of zero mass and zero charge of photons can be applied to hydrogen due to the symmetry of opposites in hydrogen that provides the necessary state for quantum tunneling to occur where hydrogen can be added to oxygen to form H3O+. This continuous exchange of hydrogen from one atom of water to another in order to create a zero state of opposites OH- and H3O+ is a property of water that is often overlooked and it is dynamic and provides an understanding of how protons or the light symmetry state of hydrogen can move freely around in water and exchange with amines and carboxylic acids. So the cellular workhorse in biology is hydrogen and biology makes us of its quantum nature to do amazing things.

ATP generation is due to a gradient of hydrogen produced in the mitochondria. The enzymatic processes of serine proteases relate to a charged relay system between a serine, histidine and aspartic acid which is the flow of hydrogen between these three amino acids.

water structure

Water structure changes with emotions as shown by the famous water crystal emotion studies previously performed. The atomic structure of water is affected by ions that are present in the solution. Water forms hexagonal structures like hexagon cages that can hold a single atom inside the ring structure. This feature of water has been exploited by biology as it is the universal solvent being able to dissolve biological molecules and the medium that is responsible for life. So life is a process that takes hydrogen and generates energy through its transformation generating light. Without water there is no life. The ATP generating system in our bodies creates water within the mitochondria as a byproduct of ATP production. It is interesting that the byproduct of mitochondrial ATP generation is a universal solvent that can be made by consuming sugar, fat and protein. So life requires water but it also forms water.

If you consider other features of water where it is a great medium for the transfer of waves and it is transparent to light, in other words it is a medium that allows the flow of different frequencies of energy in the form of colour.

If we consider for a moment that both hydrogen and oxygen are gases and there are two molecules of each in a stable form then the stability of opposites is able to be observed. When these two atoms come together they form either a solid (ice), a liquid (water) or a gas. The interchange between these phases of water plays an important role in the water cycle on earth.

The structure of water is a dipole. It is polar, having a slight positive charge on the hydrogen and a slight negative charge on the oxygen. This polarity or asymmetry within the water molecule confers geometric changes in orientation around other positively and negatively charged ions present in the water which occurs to neutralize the ions charge, creating a water shield around atoms that contain charge. If the charge is present on a carboxylic acid or an amine then the exchange of protons can occur at particular rates dependent on the pH of the environment. This constant flux of proton exchange again is driven by the unique quantum function of hydrogen in relation to oxygen in water and the dynamic exchange of protons.

This links back to minerals (monoatomics) and coordination chemistry that occurs where the neurotransmitter ring structure which also forms a hexagon shape holds a single atom that alters the function and the structure of water around the neurotransmitter. The decarboxylation (CO2 removal) from the amino acids is needed to activate the hydrogen exchange system in the neurotransmitters amine, that can coordinate with the monoatomic mineral.
pi cation interactions

With the neurotransmitter amine the exchange of the proton via coordination with the monoatomic provides for isotope formation of the monoatomic and then isotope half life play an important role in releasing light in the form of beta decay process to restore symmetry within the single coordinated monoatomic mineral. In a way hydrogen builds all atoms from the ground up putting in new bricks into the wall using hydrogens two photons that are quantum entangled. The new isotope generated then creates a symmetry state or an equal number of protons and neutrons to stabilize the new atom. So rather than seeing biology originating from nuclear explosions from distance suns that generate elements there appears to be a simple mechanism based on hydrogen whereby the neurotransmitters can take a single atom and change its structure by adding hydrogen to it through the mechanism of quantum tunneling and thereby creating isotopes that change the atom into something new when the beta decay process occurs. This new atom may have an alteration in the water structure around it which alters the emotional body. This transmutation process is linking experience to physical structure to emotion within the body.

This alteration in water structure provides a plausible link between the emotional water body and neurotransmitters and changes in monoatomic minerals coordinated with our neurotransmitters. The feeling of emotions and how they flood back into your body and wash over you links directly to the water structure in your body. Like waves of energy the size and scale of the emotion is dependent on the depth of the pain and trauma experienced. Your conscious mind often does not want to take you back to the pain of the trauma of the past and accessing those emotions, which prevents you from healing those wounds. Rather than trying to hold on to that pain letting it flow through your body and witness it provides a way of seeing it as a memory and providing a way of recognizing the experience and then use it to transform who you are through empowerment. The ability to release the memory, or the held water structure in the body requires you to experience the memory and then release the water through breath, tears and sweat. Moving forward and transmuting the memory into part of your narrative story and part of your way forward allows you to take control of how you define yourself and your values.

So why do we experience pain in our bodies and why do we hold onto that pain? Pain can be physical and emotional. I have spoken about water and the emotional body but the physical body is like your computer hard drive which records all of your experiences in physical form. One cannot damage an electron, photons are distances between electrons that is decoded based on distance and the speed of light. The geometry of light has a specific structure. As we age this structure no longer aligns with lights geometry and therefore signals of light within the body no longer get to where they should go too and this leads to the formation of pain within your body. It is known that the subconscious mind changes in response to experiencing pain. The idea of breaking down the old damaged cells to remove the damage using the bodies natural death and regeneration system is proposed. This process is outlined below. 

Death and regeneration in our bodies
50 million cells die everyday in your body and you experience no pain associated with that cellular death process called apoptosis (pre-programmed cellular death), which is able to recycle biology back into CO2 and water. The biological recycling system is based on the power of the hydroxyl radical (OH*). 1200 eV and 1 billionth of a second. So pain is not experienced in physics of death and regeneration that is because the thiols are oxidized by the hydroxyl radical and therefore the oxidative switch turns off pain.

The breaking of bonds within a molecule releases light when the bond is broken, which can move through water as a photon of light. Light is two electrons in a symmetry of opposites where there is no mass and no charge. Light can move freely through the body until it interacts with other electrons and depending on the wavelength it can do either photo-Fenton chemistry (hydroxyl radical generation), or photo-electric effect generating a photon of light of a given wavelength (given by the distance apart of the two electrons). Light does not experience pain. So your light body is free of pain and the reason why your able to be pain free and feel light within.

Pain is associated with your physical form, from the biological processes occurring within which are complex processes that have coherence and complexity and biological pathways that send information through neurological tissues to be feed back into the mind. The biology of pain is seen as a physical process resulting in either loss in integrity of the biology where a wound is inflicted through physical trauma. These are easily seen but it is the emotional pains and trauma which are not easily seen and are not easy to healed. Our beliefs arise from our environment present in our childhood and our interaction with the environment and the outcomes of those interactions led to our experiences, some good and some bad (again based on a values based judgement system that we have been given to interpret the world around us). Loss of connection and the pain associated with that cuts deep into our emotional wellbeing. The formation of memory within the body is generated through the physics of structure formation. 

The physics of structure formation and generation of long term memory comes from the act of neurotransmitters interaction with water (hydrogen) amine based proton pumps which put hydrogen (four electrons) into monoatomic minerals that are coordinated to the pi electron rings of neurotransmitters, which build our biology based on hydrogen and water and the geometry of light. So the memories are created in physical structures within our bodies but the emotional state appears to be linked with water structure around the neurotransmitter. The energy within the environment whilst we are creating these memories impacts the chemistry that is occurring within our bodies because the radicals (physics of paramagnetics) are sensitive to the energy in our environment (be it positive or negative) empowering or disempowering. Those environmental conditions change the way the electrons react with the surrounding molecules and therefore control the chemistry that is being performed in your body. All is well then one set of physics based on balance is obtained. All is not well and your experience is negative and a different set of physics reactions occurs leading to different chemistry and therefore the biological output is different. So the environmental selective pressure on the physics happening in your body impacts on your emotional well-being.

With this context the pain in biology can be switched off in different ways. 1) use drugs and medications which targets biological pathways that have been identified by scientific research e.g. endocannabinoid pathway and CB1 and CB2 receptors and NAEs and FAAH. If you keep working at the level of biology in your body then you are not addressing the underlying reason for the pain in the first place. The fundamental trauma event that is held in the very structure of your biology and therefore in the physical form of light within the human subconscious mind is likely to be locked away in a volt and it plays out and repeats again when a certain set of circumstances play out in your environment. Fight or flight or freeze kicks in and your triggered to respond to that environment in a certain way without being able to consciously respond in a timely fashion as the paramagnetic radical based energy system within provides a protecting cocoon enabling you to respond effectively without thought in the presence of danger. 

Remember the human retina point inward and you are seeing within your subconscious minds physics of monoatomics and the Balmer lines. This means the environment you are in is of your own making which is repeating until you learn how to break free of your biological limitations and to do so is to understand how to destroy biology through death and regeneration. So the photo-fenton chemistry of light based hydroxyl radical generation within your body allows your cells to break themselves down into CO2 and water. Releasing the trapped memories in the form of structure in biology and returning the system into a state of renewal and formation of new structures. This process of cellular death and renewal means your light based physical form can be kept in a state of death and renewal and no longer stuck in a repeating pattern triggered by environmental stresses but you can chose to make conscious decisions to do something new.

This ability to break old habits and allow energy from within create new experiences is a constant process of transformation and this process aligns with the very nature of the universe which is constantly bathed in light and using that source of balanced energy (no mass and no charge), a state of perfect symmetry of opposites, to create the physical form in the state of asymmetry. These are the transformational processes that take place within and a way of breaking free of the biological aging processes that accumulate damage within biology.

The damage that is increasing the loss of geometric symmetry within the atom and the chemistry and the biology causes aging processes within the body. The loss of mental clarity is due to the generation of biological structure that no longer align to the geometric symmetry of light within. As an egg white cooks it goes from transparent to opaque. The tangles and plaques within the mind are causing loss of light based transparency within the mind. The loss of the physics geometry of light within our bodies causes the loss of memory. People talk about brain fog and loss of memory. The plaques and tangles appear to be generated by radical chemistry which is the natural part of apoptosis. So are the plaques and tangles due to incomplete apoptosis and the stopping of radical formation by antioxidants? I am suggesting that the lack of apoptosis or the interference of apoptosis processes and the generation of CO2 and water from cells could be responsible for the accumulation of plaques and tangles in the brain of diseased patients having Alzheimer's and dementia. By stimulating the apoptosis death and regeneration system in cells the biology can recycle the old damaged cells to generate new cells that are able to respond effectively to environmental changes through adaption processes which are sensed through paramagnetics within the cell. The video below outlines how reversal of plaques and tangles could be achieved using the regenerative power of the hydroxyl radical.

That is how OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is able to deal with people who have had pain for a long time. The pain is due to the flow of energy within the body being misaligned because of the loss of right hand rule based light geometry. This disruption in energy flow causes energy to be focused into incorrect areas within the body and restoration of the structure with respect to geometric symmetry within light is required in order to relieve pain. So by breaking down the old cells that are damaged using the bodies natural death and regeneration system the old damaged cells can be removed and new cells generated to restore cellular functions without pain.

So not only does the mind reinforce the experience of pain. It is there to tell you something is wrong and it needs to be dealt with. If you fail to deal with the root cause and just suppress the pain through medication then you are delaying what is needing to be done. Go deeper and experience pain free healing by healing the trauma within. Tears will flow and the wounds of the past will be observed. That is held in your emotional body and in the geometry of structure within but the long term benefits of doing a deeper healing can be transformational.

Healing comes from within and your bodies natural regeneration system. The fountain of youth is the source within the very structure of your vitality and only you can be your own healer at the end of the day. Providing OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is my way of supporting your natural regeneration system in your body. It has helped me make some remarkable discoveries. Letting go is hard but when you do you can experience a deeper healing you can put an end to the deeper trauma that may be holding you where you are today. It is time to move forward and enable your wellbeing to be supported. If you are experiencing pain you should give OH BEE HAVE empowering healing a try. You might be surprised by the effects like these people where.