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Pain relief

Pain and what it is telling you!


Your in pain. Pain is connected directly to your emotional system, your water body. Detached from an origin a beginning and an understanding, we are born into this world from a place where our Souls are connected to a place where we are disconnected and have lost all understanding who and what we are and where we have come from in order to try and figure things out and rise within and experience connection, which was lost. The original sin concept of loss of connection is a deep seated pain within us all. It is not type of pain that drugs can help with. It is a loss of self love and understanding of self. We are complex beings of light and those complexities are embedded into our very structures of our being and our physical form.

The science of the physical body is make believe. We portray symbols to convey meaning as a way of communicating to each other and to ourselves to make the pain of disconnection less. When I had my spiritual healing at church back into 2013. I was no longer disconnected from the origins of the universe, no longer lacking insight and understanding, no longer feeling pain of separation and loss within. The shard of the dark crystal that had been broken was restored. 

My four wall were restored and my foundation was based on the rock and the word. As a scientist I look at things in strange ways to interpret things so that they are right from all perspectives. When everyone is right then the answer is obvious. 

So why do we experience pain in our bodies and why do we hold onto that pain? 50 million cells die everyday in your body and you experience no pain associated with that cellular death process called apoptosis (pre-programmed cellular death), which is able to recycle biology back into CO2 and water. The biological recycling system is based on the power in the hydroxyl radical (OH*). 1200 eV and 1 billionth of a second. So pain is not experienced in physics of death and regeneration. The balance of opposites within. The breaking of bonds within a molecule releases light. Light is two electrons in a symmetry of opposites where there is no mass and no charge. Feely light moves through the body until it interacts with electrons and does either photo-Fenton chemistry (hydroxyl radical generation), or photo-electric effect generating a photon of light of a given frequency (given by the distance apart of the two electrons). Light does not experience pain. So your light body is free of pain and the reason why your able to be pain free and feel light within.

Pain is associated with your physics form, from the biological processes occurring within which are complex processes that have coherence and complexity. The biology of pain is seen as a physical process resulting in either loss in integrity of the biology where a wound is inflicted through physical trauma. These are easily seen but it is the emotional pains and trauma which are not easily seen and are not easy to heal. Our beliefs arise from our environment present in our childhood and our interaction with the environment and the outcomes of those interactions led to our experiences, some good and some bad (again based on a values based judgement system that we have been given to interpret the world around us). Loss of connection and the pain associated with that cuts deep into our emotional wellbeing. The formation of memory within the body is generated through the physics of structure formation. 

The physics of structure formation and generation of long term memory comes from the act of neurotransmitters interaction with water (hydrogen) amine based proton pumps which put hydrogen (four electrons) into monoatomic minerals that are coordinated to the pi electron rings of neurotransmitters, which build our biology based on hydrogen and water and the geometry of light. So the memories are created in the form of physical structures within our bodies. The energy within the environment whilst we are creating these memories impacts the chemistry that is occurring within our bodies because the radicals (physics of paramagnetics) are sensitive to the energy in our environment (be it positive or negative) empowering or disempowering. Those environmental conditions change the way the electrons react with the surrounding molecules and therefore control the chemistry that is being performed in your body. All is well then one set of physics based on balance is obtained. All is not well and a different set of physics reactions occurs leading to different chemistry and therefore the biological output is different. So the environmental selective pressure on the physics happening in your body impacts on your emotional well-being.

With this context the pain in biology can be switched off in different ways. 1) use drugs and medications which targets biological pathways that have been identified by scientific research e.g. endocannabinoid pathway and CB1 and CB2 receptors and NAEs and FAAH. If you keep working at the level of biology in your body then you are not addressing the underlying reason for the pain in the first place. The fundamental trauma event that is held in the very structure of your biology and therefore in the physical form of light within the human subconscious mind is likely to be locked away in a volt and it plays out and repeats again when a certain set of circumstances play out in your environment. Fight or flight or freeze kicks in and your triggered to respond to that environment in a certain way. 

Remember the human retina point inward and you are seeing within your subconscious minds physics of monoatomics and the Balmer lines. This means the environment you are in is of your own making which is repeating until you learn how to break free of your biological limitations and to do so is to understand how to destroy biology through death and regeneration. So the photo-fenton chemistry of light based hydroxyl radical generation within your body allows your cells to break themselves down into CO2 and water. Releasing the trapped memories in the form of structure in biology and returning the system into a state of renewal and formation of new structures. This process and death and renewal means your light based physical form can be kept in a state of death and renewal and no longer stuck in a pattern of reoccurring patterns but you can chose to make decisions to do something new.

This ability to break old habits and allow energy from within create new experiences is a constant process of transformation and this process aligns with the very nature of the universe which is constantly bathed in light and using that source of balanced energy (no mass and no charge), a state of perfect symmetry of opposites, to create the physical form in the state of asymmetry. These are the transformational processes that take place within and a way of breaking free of the biological aging processes that accumulate damage within.

The damage that is increasing the loss of geometric symmetry within the atom and the chemistry and the biology causes aging processes within the body. The loss of mental clarity is due to the generation of biological structure that no longer align to the geometric symmetry of light within. As an egg white cooks it goes from transparent to opaque. The tangles and plaques within the mind are causing loss of light based transparency within the mind. The loss of the physics geometry of light within our bodies causes the loss of energy flow. Misalignment accumulates as we age. They go hand in hand. Break down the old using OH* and allow renewal to occur and the misalignment is replaced with correctly aligned structure within.

That is how OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is able to deal with people who have had pain for a long time. The pain is due to the flow of energy within the body being misaligned because of the loss of right hand rule based light geometry. This disruption in energy flow causes energy to be focused into incorrect areas within the body and restoration of the structure with respect to geometric symmetry within light is required in order to relieve pain.

So not only does the mind reinforce the experience of pain. It is there to tell you something is wrong and it needs to be dealt with. If you fail to deal with the root cause and just suppress the pain through medication then you are delaying what is needing to be done. Go deeper and experience pain free healing by healing the trauma within. Tears will flow and the wounds of the past will be observed. That is held in your emotional body and in the geometry of structure within but the long term benefits of doing your work are transformation.

Healing comes from within. It comes from source. The fountain of youth is the source within the very structure of your vitality and only you can be your own healer. Letting go is hard but when you do you can experience a deeper beauty. Enjoy, you deserve it!