allergies + congestion

I sprayed this product 2 or 3 inhalations through the nose for hay fever. This product alleviated my symptoms of extreme hay-fever, itchy nose, and watery eyes, immediately and made me feel good and calm as well. The effects lasted for about 3 hours. 

OK I want to say it is a brilliant decongestant. Natural and nice. H.S.

If it passes the wife test we will be impressed. She is a Maori nurse who makes some rongoa products mostly Kawakawa based and knows Maori community well in terms of attitudes / behaviours / practical issues. Good news on the wifey front - liking the product so far seems to help clear her chronic blocked nose.

Allergies and Congestion - it works!

This worked straight away for my partner on the days when anything triggered a sneezing allergy and blocked nose. It would work for a few hours - and then he'd need to use it again. He'd been doing that for a couple of weeks, but interestingly hasn't needed it recently, but it is on standby for if and when he does again! Catherine S. New Zealand New Zealand

Subtle and effective

I loved using this product and know that it did lift my spirits when I was feeling a bit blue and upset. Highly recommend this and use it to see for yourself! Thank you for inventing such an effective tool all made naturally :-) A++++ Sommer W. New Zealand New Zealand


Hi, I bought one of your bee sprays at the resolution festival and said that I would write a review but haven't got around to it yet until now. A friend of mine used your product in a healing system that uses the frequencies to treat people and you can put the products like yours in it which it can then beam the frequency into a person. Whilst doin that the effects I found were like a portal or opening in my sinus that was supposed to be open but I had it closed, kind of like a clenched muscle. I felt like it was a connection of my body via the sinuses to the outside world that I was resisting with subconscious beliefs that was causing my hay fever, after the one treatment, my hay fever significantly reduced. I also found it useful for spraying up a blocked stuffy nose. Thank you and I hope you are well.

headaches + muscle aches + joint pains

Regarding your bee have headache and muscle pain spray, bloody hell I can’t believe it works. . . It is especially good on my burning neck muscles (whiplash injury) and the girls reckon it’s great for their sore muscles. Love it.

I’ve suffered from chronic neck pain on and off over the years due to a car and ski accident. When I get stressed it flares up. I go to osteopaths and chiropractors and have massages but for quick pain relief I’ve never come across anything quite like this product. I spray it on behind my neck and rub it in gently- within 30 seconds to a 1 minute the pain is remarkably subdued down to something manageable. Then a few more sprays and its gone! I carry it in my handbag also.

I also suffered bad chaffing from regular kayaking and spayed the vitality/ wellbeing spray on every night and the chaffing and pain disappeared.

I’ve also recently moved homes and the amount of dust that was stirred up caused headaches and sinus clogging! The allergies and nasal congestion product worked a treat with a few simple sprays around the edge of the nose- after minutes the feeling of being clogged had subdued right down

 I’m very happy with these products and will continue purchasing them as well as sharing them with my friends and colleagues.

Both my husband and I have had trouble with back and joint pain for years and have been to chiropractors and doctors and tried all sorts of balms but nothing has ever eased the pain as fast or as long lasting as the oh bee have spray. Thank you so much. I believe in this product and will be sharing it with everyone I know. Kind regards 
Heather Cork
This from our friend Heidi " I am pretty impressed with the spray - amazing on my neck and head - seems to draw the pain away.

My mom ordered your spray as it helped with a ruptured vein on her finger. She gets them occasionally from knitting a lot. They can be quite painful and usually take a week or so to heal. With your spray it had cleared up completely the very next day!!! She says: "it’s normally a painful healing. This time, it just disappeared." 

Mum says "something is slowing down or stopping my arthritis". I've had her on two sprays a day, one for each hand for a couple of months. Yeah, and her eyes are so clear & shes mentally sharper. Thanks!

Tony says Hello. When I opened the package from you on Friday morning. The first person who saw it was Tony who used to work at Lactose company in 1990. He recognized the words “The Milky Whey“ on the box. He has asked me to say Hello. Also I provided a friend of mine a couple of sprays on his knee the week before. He has come back for more. He has had a problem with that knee since he was sixteen, and the pain has disappeared. He managed to do concreting this week without pain. He is a builder now in his forties.  Know we will meet one day.

I was a bit skeptical before trying this product in all honesty but I ended up spraining my ankle pretty badly and after applying some Manuka spray on the area it was fully functional after a couple of hours, also useful for relieving joint pain to my surprise, I find it pretty damn useful for almost anything! You really wont regret buying it.

I would like to start this by stating that I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to these cure-all type products, I've never quite understood how one product is able to help with so many different things and actually work. I used some of my friends spray to see if I liked it before getting a bottle and I was sold on it pretty quickly. To keep this brief I will list the things that I have used this spray on that it has genuinely helped with:

Tooth ache from a wisdom tooth coming through
Soothing sore throat
Spraying it on acne and pimples
muscle aches and pains, specifically on my neck
Spraying on my temples when I have a headache
Soothing sunburn
Spraying it on my lower back when I have period cramps
You wanted some feedback re your magic potion. Well, for me, after an initial improvement in energy and pain reduction, nothing much has shifted or if it is, it is too subtle to notice. From the people I gave your product, none seem to feel much change. I am persisting because of what I imagine the subtleties are of its effect.



vitality + well-being

Product review for vitality and well being drops. I find them fabulous. I use them twice a day and my joints and mussels are relaxed and functional when I stand up lately I can feel my legs supporting me not like before they felt like jelly. I'm even starting to feel more energy in myself.  
I would highly recommend this product to any one especially to older folks 
Thanks for introducing the product to me. Regards Collin Payne

My name is Janine McKenzie-Minifie, I have a background in pharmacy and I work in the bodywork field. I have been using oh bee have spray topically for almost two years. I began when I was recovering from a major illness. I found oh bee have helped maintain my energy levels through my long days being a working mother with a social life. Over the time I have been using oh bee have I have trended in a healthy direction and I feel my emotional and physical resilience has been enhanced.  I am grateful to Dr Johnson for using his position at the cutting edge of quantum science to create and distribute products to improve our wellbeing. His approach targets all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional. I have gifted oh bee have  to friends and family and I have seen results. His products work gently and with the body, which is a welcome change. It does mean though that you just feel better, without accompanying side effects of a lot of herbal and pharmaceutical preparations. I have found only upsides to taking these quantum biology products. 20.04.2021

Hi, I have been using the well being drops and to be honest I feel better when I use them. My legs feel like they are able to support me and my upper joints don't ache and wake me when I lay in the one position. I can lay in same position for hours. I'll pay that account next week  and order some more  but I would like to also buy a product to take to boost my energy levels, so I don't feel tired all the time. I'm insulin dependent and have heart problems and my bedtime activities are suffering a bit. I knocked off for a few days as I went away and forgot to take it with me but ill resume it this evening. That time off it showed me it really works. Collin Payne 16.04.2021

I'll write you up something soon.. but I just thought you'd like to know I'm genuinely impressed with your product! I have no idea how it works and I usually don't believe much in topical products so this product has really changed my belief in them. My partner has MS (multiple sclerosis) and it has removed his tingling in places and I have a prolapsed a disc in my back years ago and this really helped to take the pain away. Thankyou so much. 

It's fantastic. I can feel it working. Never thought I'd say that lol. I'll use a little more to solidify everything and then write you up something better. Thankyou so much. Excellent work.

I looked at your website a while ago. I shall take another look though. I find your work very interesting. I've managed to do twice as much gardening lol. Thank you.

I find the spray gives me energy. I use it so I don't fatigue on my long days. It's clean energy, I don't feel like I'm effected by taking it. Its free energy, I don't find I'm in deficit after using it.
I have used several bottles of the OH BEE HAVE restorative energy product since October 2019. I was very interested in the health value inherent in this quantum technology from the information and expertise Keryn provided. Within the first few days of spraying, I felt uplifted and my brain fog had started to dissipate. My energy felt more sustained during the day. I would usually be lagging by mid afternoon, but I noticed I was able to feel on a more even keel with my energy levels. As someone who has struggled with Hypothyroid and Hashimotos symptoms for 20 years, I found the effects to be soothing and beneficial. I recommend this product to those who need an uplift. Karin

Dr Johnson has the related qualifications and practical experience to have formulated oh bee have, a product that provides unique benefits. I have been using Oh bee have for over a year now and friends and family have also used the product. I feel it supports my energy, health and sense of wellbeing. I have seen friends and family benefit from oh bee have. It works in a gentle way, with the body. I have found things just work better, and without any feeling like I have taken something synthetic. Oh bee have is totally natural and I feel it is safe and effective.


Mental well-being is important. I am finding the anti depressant affects of OH BEE HAVE are a real game changer here is what other's have said 

18/05/2020 After struggling with melasma and burning sensations of my facial skin over two years with doctors unable to tell me why, I happened upon this product. I use a few sprays each morning and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t experienced burning skin since using this, even when I go into the sun or drink alcohol which used to be a major trigger. Even the dark spots seem to be lessening, my fine lines are non-existent, and I have been feeling a lot less depressed than I was before using the spray.😊

Mum says "something is slowing down or stopping my arthritis". I've had her on two sprays a day, one for each hand for a couple of months. Yeah, and her eyes are so clear & shes mentally sharper. Thanks! I have also been using it and definitely more energy & more connected & less reactive too.

I received a bottle of OH BEE HAVE off Keryn and found it really amazing loved reading up on the science behind the product and I am an energy healer myself so very sensitive to energies and vibrations, using this product I felt I was calmer and more at peace connected to the oneness of the universe. It sure is what it says it is. Highly recommended buying a bottle for yourself and giving it a go for a few months.  

I used up the spray ages ago, but it was great thanks. I got a real buzz off it the first time I used it, but more energy the other times.

 The anti-inflammatory properties are obtained rapidly if you understand the science of miracles it can happen within the blink of an eye.
    Natural remedy for happy rash and things like it.
    I am allergic to sanitary pads and am yet to find a suitable alternative. This means that I still use them despite the reaction I get from them. I recently had a severe reaction to the point that it was painful to walk. I sprayed this on the effected area about 2-3 times and it was basically a miracle. The swelling and pain had gone away and was completely soothed. I would highly recommend this product as a wonderful and natural remedy for happy rash or any irritations like it.


    The wound healing benefits of the product is also amazing. I have registered the product on the MEDSAFE WAND medical device database. New wound care product on its way!​

    PS: My mom ordered your spray as it helped with a ruptured vein on her finger. She gets them occasionally from knitting a lot. They can be quite painful and usually take a week or so to heal. With your spray it had cleared up completely the very next day!!! She says: "it’s normally a painful healing. This time, it just disappeared." 😊 Gerlinde Ullrich


    Manuka honey's known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties it makes a great gift during these difficult times.

    Hey Keryn Amazing ... My Kuri Omahu n I n Maximas my cat spent holidays at beach....bein a dog...doin wot dogs do ...sniffin etc...winds sand n beach...he contracted a very bad bug in his no position to take him vet ....i sprayed ure magic potion in his eyes twice over a day....then next day....his eyes completely clear
    .. His conjunctiveitis completely instantly cleared....phenominal keryn ty 🙏🙏🙏🙏 phew no vet fees....that woz the only xmas gift we received 🎅and we omahu max n i are completely grateful for your wonderful miraculous⛑ gift 💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏