quantum biology level 4

Hydrogen appears to be the only element in the periodic table that is quantum and can tunnel and this property biology takes great advantage of. The pH of water takes advantage of this property as the hydrogen jumps from one water molecule to another. As we are 70% water our bodies are performing quantum tunneling and this is also occurring in enzymes in our bodies.

Biology have figured out how to make use of all the tricks that occur in physics and do it at room temperature and not at absolute zero which is where physics can produce a Bose Einstein Condensate another form of matter. After 13.8 billion light years biology has had a considerable length of time to harness the law of nature to learn how to take advantage of these laws in producing the abundance of life in all its diversity that we see around us. It is our own lack of understanding these laws and how they play a fundamental role in our own biology that has led us to the point of no return.

By shifting our perspective and learning how to harness the quantum physics in biology we are able to restore health and well-being. So if we start with the current measurement based system and understand the model we have is both correct and incorrect then we need to understand how this duality works. 

If we start again where everything is present but without contrast and therefore cannot be measured as the act of measuring causes a shift from the state of symmetry to produce what is measured and it is your own actions that are responsible for that measurement because you are the conscious observer by removing your observation the system returns back to a state of perfection or symmetry and only the laws of physics can determine the functional outcome. We know that quantum super computers need to be run in an isolated environment to operate best. So by using logic rather than measurement you can see a different reality than the one we have already created based on the stories science is telling us. What are the most believable stories.

The discovery and development of quantum physics happened after Einstein's discoveries, which happened after the periodic table was developed. The earliest discoveries have not been adapted to align to the later discoveries and therefore there is no convergence into a single simple model.

The misunderstanding in the current model can be understood by looking at radioactive decay either beta plus and beta minus. The ability to change an element from one element to another can occur in nature. This is explained by changing a quark from an up quark to a down quark. If we took hydrogen the simplest atom on the periodic table then the neutron form of hydrogen appears not to exist. The proton with its three quarks and one electron is the current model, where the charge on the up quarks are 2/3 and the charge on the down quark  is -1/3 so they are added together to give 3/3 or +1 and the electron is -1. This model, which is based on measurement is one approach to achieve the charge of +1 on the proton.

There is however an alternative solution which has significant consequences in understanding nature. The new interpretation is the electron has two sides one of which is negative but the other is positive. So either plus 1 or negative one depending on the direction. The quarks are electron where up us -1 and down +1. Therefore the charge on the proton is -1 x 1 x -1 = +1 and the charge on the neutron is +1 x -1 x +1 = -1.

This would appear inconsistent with a neutron having a zero charge and the conclusion people would draw that this model is incorrect. However, I would like to point out that the mass of a neutron is slightly bigger than the mass of a proton. This additional mass corresponds to an electron which is the anti-electron or positron that neutralizes the negative charge on the neutron providing an overall charge of zero.

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