quantum biology level 5

From this new point of view of the two ends of the electron being +1 and -1 and that quarks are electrons then number of electrons in hydrogen is four and helium with its two protons and two neutrons has 16 if you include two positrons to offset the negative 1 charge on the neutron.

This alternative perspective has some big consequences which include understanding the periodic table in terms of symmetry providing stability and asymmetry producing instability. The identity of dark matter and dark energy is also determined as well as the geometry of light and its origin and reason for its speed as well as the expansion of the universe.

These are big claims and big statements like these need evidence to back them up. I would like to start by saying these may be confronting ideas and reading the information that I am putting forward will challenge you.

The proposed solution is that a Bose Einstein Condensate of Helium was present prior to the Big Bang. Except it was not a Bang it was at the moment of creation but the quantum liquid of super-cooled helium was in perfect symmetry. So super symmetry is one concept that people have proposed (SUSY). My extension of this concept is to include inversion and seeing the emission of alpha particles as 12 electrons going out and 4 electrons going in.

The ratio of 4/16 is 25% and 12/16 is 75% and a ratio of 3 and 1. The alpha particle has a half-life of 10^17 seconds and the universe after 13.8 light years is 10^18 seconds old. This has resulted in 7.26% of alpha particle decay from the moment of the SUSY Inversion Event, at the moment of creation from Helium super particle of quantum liquid helium. So after 13.8 billion light years physics has determined that we have 5% matter, 68% dark energy and 27% dark matter. So from my model the 5% matter comes from alpha particle decay and 2.26 are likely to be part of dark matter, which are from the inward motion of electrons for 13.8 billion light years. The 7% decay from the alpha particles creates the 68% dark energy. So dark energy is alpha particles or He without its four electrons.

Interestingly the 3 and 1 ratio is seen in hydrogen 3 in and 1 out but opposite to 3 out and 1 in. Again the balance in opposites is observed.

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