quantum biology level 6

So this new model predicts the current understanding of the universe, a single universe that originated from a helium based Bose Einstein Condensate. 

This hypothesis also predicts some other features of our universe including the geometry of light and its speed. If you look at the symmetry of helium then you can see the right hand rule of electromagnetism occurs as well as the binding kinetics being responsible for the speed of light as the energy required to emit the alpha particle based on binding kinetics is responsible for the constant c. As the alpha particle travels at 10% of the speed of light and the KJ/mol binding kinetics corresponds to a number where 10% is approximately c, where the Bose Einstein Condensate has an average distance of 0.00004 nm between electrons.

These calculations stack up and provide an explanation for the origin of the geometry and speed of light in our universe.

The so what is understanding how to apply this knowledge into your life. The same laws of physics that were responsible for creating the universe are the same laws of physics that are at play in your body. The geometry of symmetry in your body is clearly seen in the symmetry of mirrored sides left and right and therefore balance in your centre of your body. The four arms of a galaxy provide the symmetry in hydrogen where there are four electrons and this could account four limbs in our body, two arms and two legs. The duality of opposites is also obtained in the mind with the two hemispheres which controls the opposite sides of the body. The holistic approach to well-being is to restore a vision of oneness and providing the idea of symmetry / asymmetry relationship in order to see both sides and then return to a central position in order to restore balance.

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