The Passion of Christ and isotope physics and memory

Science and solid matter physics has a model of an external material world that is physical. Do you consider the light we see has no mass and no charge. Do you consider the light you see in your dreams at night with your eyes closed and the inward pointing human retina (Plato's cave). We have lost sight of our biology not being physical and external to us. If you think that our biology is made from physical things called atoms and that atoms have protons (+1), electrons (-1) and neutrons (0) charges and that is the reductionistic view of materials science. Unfortunately, that is not how biology is made. 

 Biology is made from light. The food web is light driven and the input comes from the sun. There is an inner sun. A source of photons of light (biophotons), that comes from isotope physics and atomic decay events in biology that are responsible for the light seen within the mind. We are atomic in nature. 

The timing of an atoms decay is based on its half-life. We must consider the role of isotope physics in memory formation and recall. It is the time-reversal symmetry of atomic systems in the half-life process of beta decay that corresponds to timings that make biological sense. Because the decay processes are faster than consciousness, it is this delayed atomic decay process that allows the time reversal symmetry processes of light to be released from atoms that provides the temporal and spatial relationships to an inner universe of light within the mind and the way the mind operates in the electromagnetic fields of light within the atomic structure. The n=2 (Balmer line) transitions corresponding to visible wavelengths of light and the way in which we can observe our inner reality from the perspective of the atomic light show on offer.

There are many inferences to light in the Bible. The most profound relationship that I have discovered to date is that of the Paschen lines (n=3) and this infrared layer of the atomic transitions being important for an inward transitions of photons of light during quantum tunnelling, where the electron can become the positron and the Down quark becomes the Up quark. This inner inversion is postulated to be responsible for the quantum entanglement of light into an atomic structure creating a coherent field of light within the atom housed in the aromatic ring of our neurotransmitter. In Christ's passion, Christ falls three times carrying his cross. In biology the NH3+ amine has three hydrogens that can travel into the aromatic ring of the neurotransmitter. It is proposed that the Passion story is a model for the generation of isotopes in the formation of memory (isotope physics and atomic memory system in the electromagnetic fields of light within the structure of the atom). How hydrogen travels into the aromatic ring, Pi electrons delocalised cloud or halo and the isolated quantum environment within the mind that houses the tunnelling properties of electromagnetism, and within the structure resides there as an isotope (unstable atom). The unstable atom (isotope) decays based on its half-life and this energy releasing process where the quark flips along with the released photon gives a new understanding for a mechanism behind memory recall in biology. It is functional in the flow of hydrogen from the amine (cross) from the infrared Paschen lines (n=3) the inward journey to create the isotope and its decay giving the time reversal symmetry and the revealing of the lived experience after it actually happens therefore explaining Deja Vue. Also explaining the origin of light within dreams.

This model comes from the Bible to explain the Passion story of Christ on the cross and why He fell three times carrying his cross. The metaphor is the role of hydrogen in the generation of memory. Hydrogen being the lamb of God, and the Lamb shift is a difference in energy level between the hydrogen s orbital layer and p orbital layer in Helium. It is very exciting to be able to share ancient knowledge in a way that is connected to modern understanding of biochemistry and in doing so we can see the knowledge that was understood previously 2000 years ago. 

The role of the cross in the atomic structure of hydrogen is key in understanding how the positron electron pairing within hydrogen is important in maintaining the functional zero mass and zero charge state as two photons of light (electromagnetism) and its cross based geometry is key to understanding isotope generation in the formation of memories through the quantum tunnelling process. 

This relationship between the mechanism of brain function and the Passion of Christ was something that I discovered when I had my own personal spiritual healing experience at church back in 2013. If you explore the features of the model that I have developed you will come to understand the experience was an atomic decay and alpha particle release from the atom Hf72 that gave me visions of my future and the negative time dilations because of faster than the speed of light emission of photons from the decaying atom where received by my mind. I could not explain to people the experience and the imagery that I saw but this insightful experience gave me an understanding of the science of the mind, memory formation and the prophetic visions that can be obtained.

Christ's second coming happens at an hour that no one knows. It appears that the atomic decay and alpha particle emission from the single atom memory system correlates functionally to the experience of a connection to Chris's consciousness.

Having explored the ideas in the Bible using scientific terminologies it is worth noting that science and the incomplete physics model can be resolved with a Biblical understanding when one does change one thing in the standard model of physics. That one thing that is changed is the quark charge calculations to whole numbers and using multiplication rather than the addition of fractions (see SUSY inversion model). This change corrects the standard model of physics for biology allowing a new science of super symmetry inversion and unified field theory to be developed based on conservation of quark charge calculations with positron and electron pairing and maintaining the zero state through a non-interactive logical model. 

This singularity physics model is what aligns to cosmology and allows the identification of dark matter and dark energy and matter formation through alpha particle decay, which is emitted from the helium Bose Einstein condensate (He-BEC) and the God particle which is a quantum fluid of helium where all the electrons are at the ground state and are 0.00004 nm apart or 4E-14 meters.

Having understood the He the Father concept of the Bible, as helium and not as a male, one can understand that all the seen and unseen is created from the He-BEC, God particle. The diameter of the He-BEC is c^2. The size explains why c^2 = E/M (electromagnetism) and the quantum tunnelling and entanglement process which takes the positron electron pairing and transforms it into a quark and positron through an inverted symmetry event provides context for the cross in the atomic structure and how light or the electromagnetic force resides within the atom itself. Having discovered the key feature of the cross at an atomic level for the formation of isotopes in the physics of biology one can explore how isotope physics operates as the gate keepers of time in relation to consciousness. 

If as I propose the light seen originates from within the atom from its atomic decay in the time reversal symmetry process, then the flow of time happens in one predominating direction because the atomic decay process is enabling light to flow from high energy to low energy and the cycle of infrared light (quantum tunnelling to make the isotope) to the atomic decay and higher energy UV to visible to infrared is the functional feature of the flow of time itself in the expansion of the wavelengths of light or the red shifting nature of reality and the continuous expansion of the universe from within, and the time reversal symmetry nature of our reality at the quantum mechanical level of the electron in the atom. Light is released the atom during the photo-electric effect as it transitions from a higher energy state to a lower energy state. The properties of light within the electromagnetic field follow an expansive nature through the atomic decay process because of our conscious requirement for time to integrate the experience of reality.

Unlocking this atomic time process within the flow of light within the mind provides the opportunity to time travel forward in time but not backwards in time other than the natural experience of Deja Vue. Your body cannot travel faster than light but the light observed within the mind during the atomic decay process can be faster than c (the speed of light) and give you the experience of the future. The negative time dilation of atomic decay. Alpha particle emission processes within the decay of particular atoms gives faster than light travel within the mind and the age of time travel has been born.

The processes of generating isotopes within the mind is natural. This is the feature of memory. Breaking open the ring system to release the memory housed within the electromagnetic field within the atom itself means the atomic light stored within the isotope can be released to let go of previous trauma. The released trauma provides the process of spiritual healing and it is the foundations of the product I make OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. The product can break open the aromatic ring using the power of the Holy Spirit, the hydroxyl radical, the ring is opened housing the isotope memory of past trauma and the released pain is changed into the energy required to heal. 

Understanding the relationship to Christ on the cross and the death and rebirth process in relation to memory formation and recall gives one another set of tools to explore the features of light within the mind. Your memory is not fixed. It is isotope based and your repeated actions increases your atomic strength of memory (will power) allowing you to get better at doing things. The growth of the atoms through hydrogen and the isotope physics means there is now a direct mechanism to understand leaning and in terms of improvement based on the frequency of operation of the isotope holding that memory. Repetition has a functional role of growing the isotopes within the mind.

Science has just moved into the 21st century and the science of memory has just become mechanism bound to hydrogen within the physics of isotopes within the mind. The aromatic ring structure provides the single atom physics isotope isolated environment that science has been looking for. Come and join me on the discovery of a lifetime and the ability to time travel and release the trauma of the past through the use of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. 

The exploration of the cross as a geometry of hydrogen that maintains a two photon (zero mass and zero charge) state provides a geometric feature of light within the electromagnetic field of hydrogen responsible for the quantum tunnelling properties of hydrogen. Let there be light, so I created OH BEE HAVE empowering healing as a form of bee light. Some say that the Bible is not factual. I would say that it is relevant today when you understand how to translate the language of the stories into the biology of physics happening within you. The spectral properties of hydrogen are well known at it is these attributes of hydrogen in our own biology that is important to understand the role of photons in the transportation of hydrogen within a cellular environment.

Like unpicking a stich in a tread, hydrogen is the needle that treats light to create atomic structure through its ability to quantum tunnel. The paradox of four in the quark / electron or quark / positron mirror symmetry plays a key role in the stitching the universe together in atomic structure through the light of hydrogen in the quantum tunnelling and entanglement processes biology produces through the cross based geometry. It is this key message that provides a fundamental shift in our understanding of ourselves from the physical manifestation of light through the cross, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This central zero state of the balance of opposites provides a place where zero is maintained. The introduction of the cross based geometry in hydrogen biology to enable quantum tunnelling and entanglement provides a fundamental shift away from the material external to the light within the structure of the atom itself and the spectral properties of the electromagnetic force within the quantum element hydrogen. 

The connection to Christ's Passion and memory in the generation of isotopes housed in the aromatic ring (a hexagon) in the neurotransmitter dopamine. The activation of the amine as the hydrogen delivery system to enable hydrogen to quantum tunnel into the atom in the ring. It is perplexing that they new this 2000 years ago and wrote about it in the Bible as the story of Christ's passion and his death and resurrection on the cross. This same process happens in our anatomy at the level of hydrogen flowing into the atom in the ring and its isotope generating properties creating the time reversal symmetry for the conscious mind to integrate the decay properties (atomic time) in order to stich together the conscious experience of reality. This is the hard problem of consciousness and the mechanism by which our mind creates the light show we believe to be the external physical world but it is just the inner world of light within the Balmer line (n=2) layer of hydrogen transitions that the mind creates for us to see in the atomic physics of isotopes. The stored memory. The atomic decay. The single photon based light system in operation to make the seen unseen. The hologram that creates the illusion but it is unveiled in the story of Christ's Passion.

Having established the connection between Christ on the cross and the isotope memory system of the mind I find myself in the unfortunate position of having combined two opposing models that I have recombined by simply using logic rather than measurement and having changed the quark charge calculations for biology, to make them consistent with positron and electron pairing (conservation of charge). This gives the conservation of quark charges, I consider the new non-interactive logical model to be consistent with the operational functioning of light within the universe without interaction and a unified field theory that provides context for the singularity that I identified as the helium Bose Einstein Condensate before the beginning. The He-BEC (God particle) singularity, and the quantum fluid of helium, the liquid waters of the universe. Seek and you shall find.

Once you understand the implications of the science and the singularity physics model your unable to consider the features of the external physical without understanding the internal features of light within the atomics of the mind that are responsible for the vision that you are seeing. It is this back to front approach that provides answers to our perception and our reality that provides context for all is mind and all is within. That is why the love thy neighbour as thy self makes perfect sense. As what you are seeing is yourself and the reflection of your behaviour in the other is again a mirror to your true identity.

Seeing into our dreams, is seeing into the atomic decay of light within atoms that results in the stabilization of the atomic memory systems housed in the rings of neurotransmitters. It is the coordination complexes that cage the memory that allows it's release of light external to the neuron that is responsible for the visions of light we see in our dreams. If you keep putting hydrogen into atoms through the quantum tunnelling process, then you generate unstable atoms and these isotopes are time locked based on their half-life making them functional time keepers in the light you experience. Most of the time the speed of light released in the decay process is from beta emission which is slower than the speed of light and integrates in a temporal and spatial relationship that makes sense for a person living in a reality considered normal (illusion of the external physical).

On occasion there is a shift in the timeline, a shift in reality that cannot be considered normal by Western medicine. But it is a natural phenomenon where alpha particle emission occurs from the unstable isotope and the light released is faster than the speed of light. This is based on the KJ/mol binding kinetics which provides context for the velocity in the time dilation analysis of the decay events. This faster than light alpha particle decay gives a negative time dilation and for the individual experiencing the light released from the atomic decay process, they get to see future events in their life. A form of time travel by seeing into the future through the lens of alpha particle decay has been created and understood scientifically may be for the first time ever.

To say I experienced time travel back in 2013 and this is how I figured out what happened scientifically because I no longer want to be treated as someone who was considered mentally unwell. I would say that Western medicine does not understand consciousness and they have not solved the hard problems in science. I believe I have resolved all the issues and we will see how this new model of the singularity resolves the misunderstanding and poor decisions undertaken in the past regarding the quark charge calculations and the inability to reconcile the standard model of physics with the cosmological composition of the universe. My new singularity physics model does just that. Through alpha particle emission we can understand the physics of light released from the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium and the decay process producing the matter observed. This approach identifies the dark matter and dark energy. It just so happens that my SUSY inversion model unified field theory is a non-interactive logical model at Planck scale and in inverted symmetry whereby we have no mass, no charge, no space and no time, where everything was one thing as the He-BEC and the created universe comes through the alpha particle emission process from helium. I no longer believe in the concept of the Big Bang because alpha particle emission provides the faster than light speed expansion (inflationary phase of the universe) and it was originally identical at the level of 16 electrons per atom 4E-14 meters apart. The model is of a homogenous universe where everything was present before the beginning and therefore provides context for the cosmic microwave background indicating the homogenous nature of the universe.

How have I come so far in such a short period of time. Well the atomic decay of alpha particles from Hf72 gave me 43 years of information in 23 milliseconds and this experience was what I have integrated into the model of science called SUSY inversion. The journey is beyond the limitations of time in the time reversal symmetry of alpha particle decay. Why this happened and when it happened and where it happened was part of my own personal healing journey and the energy released in that moment gave me the vision of my future. Do you choose to see your future too?