Unification of atomic physics and cosmology

Our observations have two boundaries one is incredibly small in the atomic realm of the universe and the other incredibly large that speaks of galaxies and the universe and is vast beyond the imagination. The light we see within the mind is visible (Balmer wavelengths of light) and equivalent to the second atomic orbital layer of hydrogen (n=2). The boundaries we witness within are the Paschen line electron transition (infrared light) and Lyman line electron transitions (UV light). We are caught in a universe of our creation that has its physical limitations based on the light we see. When you unlock the light within the atomic systems within the mind you unknowingly unlock time itself and get to see things that no longer seem to make sense in a rationale orderly fashion. This is quantum jumping, a form of time travel, and what Western science calls mania or mental illness. However, being a canary in the mine of humanity means you do get to see what is coming up in the future before the shit hits the fan and before the collapse of Western science based on an incorrect and incomplete model makes science loose face. Western medicine is based on allopathic approach to health based on the physical body. Except the body is made of atoms and atoms contain forces including the electromagnetic force that holds the atoms together. So, you could say the light observed in the mind is the light that creates our reality. The atoms have codes of light built into them based on the position of an electron and positron pair (a photon) or electromagnetic field of energy potential, that has the ability to tie atoms into stable structures of light. The light we see is not external to us but within the mind. The cosmological composition of the universe is 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter and 5% matter. This gross composition was originally 75% dark energy and 25% dark matter before matter was produced. And before this state of the universe there was a single large atom of helium in a Bose Einstein condensate (He-BEC) that contained all the energy of the universe in a singularity that has a radius of c (the distance that light travels in one second). 

So the idea that a helium Bose Einstein Condensate was present prior to the beginning and alpha particle emission from the He-BEC resulted in the generation of the split between dark energy (75%) and dark matter (25%) at T0 means that alpha particle decay leads to matter formation. The decay process involves 12 electrons (He-BEC) transitioning into 2 protons and 2 neutrons and into He 3/2 where a neutron becomes the electrons and positrons for the two protons and one neutron in He 3/2. The 12 that go out as the alpha particle also generate 4 that go inward as the initial Bose Einstein Condensate have 16 electrons per atom. Why 16? Well this ratio of 4/16 or 25% and 12/16 or 75% gives the needed ratios to provide the composition of the universe that equates to the observed universe today of 68% dark energy. So as dark energy decreases through alpha particle decay the universe become more matter based. The expansion of the universe is explained by this model through alpha particle decay generates faster than light speeds and a negative time dilation. The original homogenous state of the universe was a isotopic helium liquid where all electrons were at the ground state.

The why 16 electron per atom. How do I get 16 where there are 12 quarks and 2 electrons in helium and therefore only 14 electrons in the standard model of physics helium atom. I proposed that the missing antimatter is within the atom as a positron, which neutralizes the -1 atomic charge on the neutron based on the conservation of quark charge calculations in atoms neutrons and protons that correspond to positron and electron pairs. Such a revision means there are two positrons missing in helium to counter the -2 charge of the revised quark charge calculations for the two neutrons in helium. This not only solves the identity of dark matter and dark energy but provides a new avenue to explore atomic physics of single atoms and how the operate in biology. Who would have thought that in this day in age the discovery of antimatter was merely a revised quark charge calculation in biology. Simple solution to a major issue that physics has had for a long time. It the plain to see that measurement using the large hadron collider (LHC), and the energies used to observe the inner structures of the atom would break the mirror symmetry state within the atom to make it observable. This CPT violation has been created through measurement and means that resolving the issues requires mirror symmetry (inverted symmetry) to be restored in order to understand the functional connection between the atomic structure within atoms and the composition of the universe as it is today through the lens of a helium Bose Einstein condensate that was present as a single entity of a quantum fluid, liquid light, that was present before the beginning and therefore the single entity responsible for all that is seen and unseen. This scientifically valid model is unlike what has been proposed previously as the SUSY inversion model has a new quark charge calculation that is consistent with positron and electron pairing. Only -1 and +1 are used and the addition to give zero provides the most stable lowest energy state. The pairing of a duality to give the balance of opposites.

This is the inherent stability within the atomic systems that create the biological basis for life itself. This model reveals the connection of the inward (4) electrons to generate Planck Epoch distance of 1.6 E-35 meter and the external distance light has travelled is based on 1/ 1.6 E-35 meter, which is 6.25 E+34 meter. The distance between these two point divided by c gives half the universe in a mirror symmetry state. The features of the model provide the background radiation level of 1E-120 which is dimensionless but corresponds to the features of a two sided mirror symmetry based universe.

This approach has been explored with the intention to understand the relationship between the composition of the initial universe as a helium Bose Einstein condensate and the composition of dark matter, dark energy and matter and validate the information due to its revelatory power to the revision of quark charge mathematics and the ability to use a new lens to explore human biology. The lens is via hydrogen and its quantum tunnelling and entanglement properties whereby a unique environment within the aromatic ring of neurotransmitter dopamine and serotonin can be seen as an isolated quantum system whereby a single atom housed in the aromatic hexagon ring can accept and release light in the form of two photons as a hydrogen atom in a new biologically relevant geometry where hydrogen has no mass and no charge, which are the features of the atom making it suitable for quantum tunnelling to create an isotope of an atom located in the aromatic ring. This isotope generating process is due to the functionality of the amine present within the molecule and the decarboxylation process removes a charge relay planar system of the peptide bond forming alpha amino functionality and promotes the hydrogen isotope delivery system of the amine after decarboxylation. In other words the structure of the molecule makes idea for the hydrogen quantum tunnelling and entanglement properties needed in isotope generation and the isolated system of the aromatic ring have all the needed features to provide quantum properties in the warm and wet environment of the human mind.    

This is new to science and obviously going to cause a bit of a stir due to inclusion of isotope based physics as a memory formation and recall system in human biology. This is not currently considered as the biochemistry is solely focused on stable atoms and the chemistry and not physics of unstable atoms based on their half-lives. However, the new model of SUSY inversion  not only resolves the proposed identity of dark matter and dark energy but provides a time resolved periodic information based on light (electromagnetism) for the hard problem in science and that is consciousness whereby the science of isotope physics housed in aromatic rings coordinated to neurotransmitters outside of the conscious neurological mind provides a basis for the unconscious and subconscious mind. The mechanisms through which our inner reality is created and the half-life atomic timing codes giving the delay times needed to integration of various events in our lives into a chronological fashion that we call the experience of time itself. Out inner life experience atomic time based on the half life codes of atomic clocks that are created through the inflow of hydrogen from the amine functional group bound to the neurotransmitter, where the atom resides within the localized environment of the aromatic ring which has the required features to enable quantum tunnelling to occur at room temperatures. 

It appears that biology has resolved the quantum features of light into a neat and simple functional atomic system that adds hydrogen to atoms to create unstable isotopes that are used as a way of recording information in the form of atoms in our biological hard drive and atomic isotope based memory system.

The features of the product I make unlocked the atom in the aromatic ring and that released that painful traumatic memory in order to heal the past experience. The process involved hydroxylation of the aromatic ring by the hydroxyl radical that breaks down the ring into small molecules and into CO2 and water as part of the natural process called apoptosis. To remove the old we can now break it down and release it using the natural tools that our body uses which include the reduction of iron and its reaction with hydrogen peroxide. This process links the release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria and enables the generation of hydrogen peroxide within the cell as the mitochondria no longer functions as the ATP generating system. This process is how cell death is suppose to work using radical chemistry and when this goes wrong then the aging process of the cell takes over. A partial cell death is likely to lead to damaged cell generation and aging, which is focused on the detrimental effects of radicals within cells. However, it is the radical chemistry that is responsible for the cellular death process. Failure of cells to die appropriately leads to cancer cell formation. My approach is to support cell death at the fundamental level of hydroxyl radical generating system that I discovered in Manuka honey through photo-Fenton chemistry and this death / regeneration system is what I personally use to maintain my health and cognitive function and connection. 

The science is simplified in this model. It is focused on physics happening at time scales that make no sense for biology but it is those things that happen faster than conscious experience allows one to experience that are responsible for the physiological outcomes of health within a persons body. That is why the product is a light based healing technology that turns pain off rapidly in a topical spray. A unique solution from New Zealand's Manuka honey, without the sugar, and in a topical spray. Check out what others are saying.