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Transformational healing using light in the form of food

The role of minerals in our minds is critical in the function of our minds. Why is this important? Well, the human mind works using single atoms called monoatomic minerals. These mineral are situated in coordination complexes with our neurotransmitters, which are atomic machines in our brains that convert light into structures of neurons. 

Here is the presentation that I gave regarding the role of minerals in the minds atomic machines, the neurotransmitters, and how light plays the essential role in their functioning. The subconscious mind physics model that I have developed based on the unified field model that I have created by changing quark mathematics and starting from scratch with the assumption that God is real and considered the entire universe. All that is seen and all that is unseen. I can only see just a small region of the electromagnetic spectrum but understand how that observation is created within me. See here for the presentation.

The model I have created is based on an understanding of science that I have developed since 1990, but I have expanded my understanding since having observed a visual phenomenon of a golden sphere of light. An atomic nucleus. How, well I think you would need to understand the logic behind the scientific model of the subconscious mind and then you would understand how we see Balmer lines electron transitions in the minerals of the subconscious mind and if these are released from their 3D cages within the aromatic rings the minerals release their light and the photons released in the atomic decay process can provide visual images of future events in your life.  The decay of atoms occus when isotopes of those atoms (minerals), monoatomics occur.

Hydrogen and quantum tunneling
So, how do the atoms, minerals, corrdinated in the aromatic ring of our neurotransmitters. The answer comes down to protonation of amines and the quantum tunneling of hydrogen into the coordinated atom. This creates the isotopes. So hydrogen from water protonates the amine. The amine NH3+ provides the hydrogen for quantum tunneling into the ring structure (hexagon), that contains an atom. This hydrogen storage system creates isotopes. Each isotope has a half life and that half life provides a memory storage and retrevial system based on the role of hydrogen in the mind.

Quantum tunneling
The ability of hydrogen to quantum tunnel is based on its ability to form an appropriate geometry where the proton and electron become the zero mass and zero charge geometry of a electron / positron pairing within the photon. So two photons are present in hydrogen in the cross based symmetry corresponding to Einstein's geometry of light in the S orbital structure of the mineral present in the hexagon aromatic ring struture shown above. Eisntein's geometry is shown below.

Einstein's geometry of light
By changing Einstein's equation from E = mc^2 to c^2 = E/M the structure of light can be arrnaged on a cross with X axis = M and -M and Y axis = E and -E. This geometry allows every action having an equal and opposite reaction and therefore, this geometry allows quantum tunneling of hydrogen, as two photons of light can occur. Where c^2 and -c^2 are the Z axis dimension.

Balmer lines
This is a zoomed in image of the S orbital lines of hydrogen in the Bohr model of the atom. The Balmer lines giving the visible wavelengths the retina see as the positron and electron pairing jump from one orbital layer to another corresponding to the Balmer lines. The subconscious mind works faster than the conscious mind as outlined below.

Conscious and subconscious mind
So the role of minerals in the mind is in the photo-electric effect and in the physics of the human subconscious mind. This means that if you do not have the right minerals in your diet your subconscious mind is not going to working optimally. The water, hydrogen, memory storage system based on quantum tunneling provides the ability of the mind to create atoms and their isotopes. 
Coordination complex
The mineral complexes are similar to covalent bonds and the intersection of the pi coordination complexes provides a 3D geometry, which potentially provides the context for human vision in our 3D reality based on Balmer line transitions. This provides the context for our reality. However, this reality can be broken through using Photo-Fenton chemistry when the mineral is iron and iron gets photo-reduced by electron capture of light and goes from Fe3+ to Fe2+. This reduced form of iron can react with hydrogen peroxide to generate hydroxyl radicals that hydroxylate the aromatic ring. See the reaction scheme below to see the process whereby the ring gets broken down to produce DHA and MGO which can be transformed into lactate by the glyoxylase pathway and used to grow neurons. So the functional role of the minerals is to take light and create the chemistry to grow or destroy neurons. Going from water based short term memory to structural neurons to long term memory made by the neurotransmitters and mineral complexes triggered by the light in the environment. 

So the role of minerals in the mind is critical for its function. You can check out more about the model and the products I have developed to support the functional role of minerals in the mind on my website.
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