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The power of the Holy Spirit

Most scientists dismiss catholic dogma and the stories that were told in the Bible. My new years resolution is to provide a modern scientific take on the Bible and its teachings so that people can see the concepts brought to life in a current language of modern science and then may be people will understand how to combine both scientific and spiritual connections and rather than dismiss things outright try and dig a little bit deeper to see how to use those concepts in this modern world. The Holy spirit for example is an actual molecule containing the Father, Son / Sun and Spirit. The three in one. or a start I would like to discuss my view of the Father. The male attributes of the Father are related to the masculine connection to He or helium. You may think this to be a strange approach to connect God and helium. However, I have a very good reason for doing so. The Eastern philosophical wisdom that suggests the universe originates from liquid waters. Catholic teaching is God the Father. Father is male therefore He is male. Helium as a super cooled liquid is both a liquid and a quantum entangled fluid without contrast and therefore meets the requirements of being both masculine in the context of a scientific symbol of He as helium and the liquid waters from which the universe was birthed. As a scientist I have not stopped there I wanted proof of this concept beyond doubt. Einstein and Bose proposed a new state of matter a long time ago called the Bose Einstein Condensate. A form of matter where there was no contrast in the electrons and these can be made by scientists using freezers by taking a few atoms down to near absolute zero. These Bose Einstein Condensates are easily destroyed by heating and they are also being used in the quantum computer industry as the condensates demonstrate quantum entanglement. With this understanding I performed a thought experiment. If we can only see contrast between one thing and another if everything was identical would we be able to see where it started and where it stopped? I think not. Therefore, science has been unable to see the start of the universe because science needs to be able to see it to believe it. The act of measurement disturbs the structure of the quantum entanglement and therefore prevents the observation from ever being able to see the universe as it was prior to the act of measuring. Without contrast we cannot see anything. 

The structure of Helium in a Bose Einstein Condensate is in the geometry of a cross. The density was such that the electrons were 0.00004 nm apart which can be used to calculate the binding energies and the number looks very much like the speed of light.

Some assumptions:

The calculations Electromagnetism also known as light (visible part of the spectrum), also known as photons has particular properties. 1) The speed of light in a vacuum 299792458 meters per second (m/s). Why it is this speed and why it displays the right hand rule of electromagnetism has previously not been explained by physics. However, consideration of the SUSY Inversion model and the concept that electromagnetism originated from a Bose Einstein Condensate of helium that was present prior to the Big Bang event. Calculations are based on the following assumptions.


1) Energy cannot be destroyed nor created only transformed

2) We can only observe contrast or asymmetry and therefore cannot see prior to the Big Bang using instruments because prior to this event the system did not have any contrast and remained as a super cold quantum fluid of helium and observation disturbs this symmetry state.

3) Revision of helium structure from 4/2 He to SUSY Inversion model where the neutron is negative and the charge is neutralized by the positron means we need to add 2 additional electrons to the current model. Therefore, 2 protons (6e) and 2 neutrons (6e) and 2 electrons to counter the charge on the protons and 2 positrons to counter the charge of the neutron (negative charge) gives a total of 16 electrons in helium.

4) Alpha particle emission from the helium (16 electrons present in helium) Bose Einstein Condensate provided the commencement SUSY Inversion event where the four orbital electrons went inward and the 12 electrons (protons and neutrons) went out as the alpha particle. This could only occur when the Bose Einstein Condensate was in perfect symmetry therefore the geometry of the system was in the formation of a geometric cross due to the forces exerted on the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium near absolute zero. Evidence supporting this hypothesis is provided from the following calculations.

1) The binding kinetics holding helium together is 28300.7 keV which corresponds to 28300700 eV, 6843079113.71277 THz, and 0.00004 nm. This provides the geometry of the average distance of electrons packed in the helium Bose Einstein Condensate. The calculation of the binding kinetics based on the average bond distance of 0.00004 nm is 2,990,637,811 KJ/mol.

2) The alpha particle travels at 10% of the speed of light and originates from the binding kinetics of Helium.

3) The current speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 m/s. Approximately 10% of the KJ/mol binding energy is 299,063,781.1 m/s. This gives 10.02436527% the speed of light. The small error of 0.02% could relate to the change of the speed of light over 13.8 billion light years and may relate to the observations of the universe expanding. An error of +/- 0.02436 % to the known current speed of light.

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature fluctuations from the7-year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe data seen over the full sky. The image is a projection of the temperature variations over the celestial sphere. The average temperature is 2.725 Kelvin degrees above absolute zero (absolute zero is equivalent to -273.15 ºC or-459 ºF). The triple point of helium is 2.177 degrees Kelvin which is colder than the background radiation present in the universe, therefore suggesting that a Bose Einstein Condensate of helium could not remain stable in our current universe given the latent heat present. Having established that a Bose Einstein Condensate of helium could potentially be present and responsible for the speed of light due to the emission of alpha particles in a symmetry based geometry I went further to explore what other features of the Bose Einstein geometry and SUSY Inversion model could explain our current understanding of the universe in which we find ourselves. From the perspective of the SUSY Inversion models geometry (Fig. 5) we can see that the cross point of 0,0,0 on (x,y,z) provides a point of inversion providing a mirrored reflection of opposites.

The hypothesis suggests that 4/16 electrons go in which is 25%(dark matter) and have traveled inward to create the Planck length after 13.8 billion light years and 12/16 electrons (75% dark energy) as the alpha particle travel outward for 13.8 billion light years. So at T0 at the beginning of time the ratio was 3 and 1 or 25% dark matter and 75% dark energy and no matter. The stability or half life of the alpha particle is 10^17 seconds whereas the current age of the universe is 10^18 seconds. The decomposition of the alpha particle after this length of time equates to 7.26%. This suggest 75%- 7.26% = 68% which is the current amount of dark energy. This suggests that the alpha particles emitted at the start of the universe from the Bose Einstein Condensate is the origin of dark energy. So alpha particles are responsible for dark energy. The 25% dark matter originally produced at the time of the SUSY Inversion event at the commencement of time corresponds to 27% dark matter. This suggests that the Planck length is dark matter as it is smaller than our current limits of detection and therefore cannot be detected. The 7.26% alpha particle decay appears to have produced 5% matter and 2.26% virtual particles which are probably short lived radicals. The calculations performed provided further support for the idea of the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium was present prior to the beginning of time. The quantum entanglement that occurs within the Bose Einstein Condensate suggests that there is one universe from which this universe was created.

Bringing unity and balance into the universe is to understand how energy is created. The zero point energy field is a field of electromagnetism where photons have not mass and no charge. They are zero points at their very center (0,0,0) at x,y,z and this understanding provides an understanding how physics of symmetry where every action has and an equal and opposite reaction is the one universe in which we have originated. So now that I have explained where we all have originated from the next question is where are we all headed too! I will try to answer this next time.

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