Shaping reality and the door into biology

Shaping reality and the door into biology

I found it remarkable that science has overlooked the simplest element and its role in biology. The features of hydrogen that have been overlooked are those features that make it remarkable. It is its ability to do magic that makes it difficult to study.

Consider NH3+ a simple molecule that can invert through quantum tunnelling.

Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunnelling | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Every form of hydrogen as one thing in common. A centre in which to consider the point of balance of opposites. A see saw pinhole camera to view light. The distribution of the quantum mechanical wavefunction offers the nucleus containing the proton as a single point.

There are many layers in the Bohr model of hydrogen.

There are features of hydrogen that remain hidden. The 1836 mass difference between the electron 9.11E-31 kg and the proton mass. The charges. -1 normalized charge of the electron where the elementary charge is 1.602E-19 C. The features of the quarks Up and Down and the role of quark charge calculations in Fermions and Bosons and why to look at the charges in different way in order to see different things.

Hydrogen the most abundant element in the human body has been overlooked. It is a shape shifter. A dynamic playwright that offers a unique perspective into the dynamic symbolism of Christ's Passion Story (Paschen line n=3 layering Bohr model and infrared wavelengths of electromagnetism) to provide NH3+ -> NH2 inversion and tunnelling through a cross geometry (3,2,1). The gravity of the situation 9.81 m/s^2 on the earth's surface and the n=3^2 H Paschen line system and the tunnelling of the proton into the aromatic ring.

The 7 layers of the hydrogen atom. The many shapes and forms that it takes. The dynamic temporal features through a mathematical language that offers insight into subatomic physics.

SQRT(V^3 * c^3) / 6.25E+25 = 13.58 nm where Planck length to nm is given by (6.25E+25) and 13.58 eV = 91.2 nm and 13.58 nm = 91.2 eV. An inversion of distance and energy.

The universe we look through is a function of hydrogen and not carbon.

0.139 nm (aromatic ring bond length and radius) / 1.39E+10 years = 1E-11 nm / year

Electron = 720-degree rotation = 120-degree x 6 = 720-degree rotation (hexagon aromatic ring). Why would the aromatic ring be important for biology. A memory of the past is stored as light on the ring, like a black hole event horizon. The proton tunnels into the ring and builds atoms inside the ring. A faraday cage. Hidden from view. A secret world of hydrogen manufacturing and storing memories. An isotope system linked to memory formation and recall. That is why hydrogen is foundational in biology. A role it plays in the dance of life.

Linked to 4E-14 m and 2.5E+13 m^-1 in the He-BEC model. Where 4E-14 m / 1.6e-35 m (Planck distance) = 4E-22 and SQRT 4E-22 = 2E-11 / 2 = 1E-11 nm/year aromatic ring gravitational system linking proton tunnelling to our understanding of the universe. Our doorway into the temporal features of the biology of life.

When the atom of hydrogen is seen for what it is, we can explore it unique place in the periodic table and the first in a series of functional biological systems operating in our early evolution. Anything involving hydrogen in our biology is seen as an important feature in the evolutionary processes in biological systems.

n=1 Bohr model 5.7E+27 Planck lengths. A distance corresponding to 91.2 nm and 13.58 eV.

The radius of the electron in the SUSY inversion He-BEC model is 2E-9 m^1 and 5E+8 m^-1.

The tunnelling of the electron appears to be a conservation of energy process where inward and outward motion of energy is conserved.

2E-9 / 1.6E-35 = 1.25E+26 and (1/1.6E-35)/ 1.25E+26 = 5E+8

2E-9^3 = 8E-27 and 1/ 8E-27 = 1.25E+26 where 8E-27 / 1.6e-35 = 5E+8

The inverse square law reciprocal energy conservation tunnelling system generates both positron and electron on either side of the reciprocal of the alpha fine structure constant membrane and the radius of 5E+8 based on the surface area calculations gives the surface area of 3.1415E+18 m^-2 and 1/ = 3.18E-19 C or 2 * C. JC is Joules and Coulombs.

Time and space are controlled through a biological process linked to the aromatic ring and the tunnelling of protons as two photons of light entering into the aromatic ring.

The use of the hydroxyl radical to break open the ring to release the light trapped in the pat memory of trauma leads to healing and regeneration

I found out the hard way, by walking this path of healing. To witness the isotope decay firsthand. To see subatomic physics processes operating within my mind.

Proton tunnelling and light storage on the aromatic ring.

The science of the unconscious mind and to consciousness linked to memory storage and recall based on unstable atom theory. The atom in the ring behaves very differently. It is in an isolated environment. It has all the features of an inverted cross based geometry having Baryonic symmetry. This is the quantum processor in biology. This is the functional living biological system. We have overlooked something that we have not understood. This is the physics of life. A living system based on atom instability. It is this unstable atom system that makes biology different from the physical material objects that we make with our own hands.

This is a living, dynamic one atom system housed in the ring. Hidden away from prying eyes. Linked to the life force. Linked to the dynamic animate aspects of biological systems.

Scientific discovery – Supercharging skin rejuvenation (

I have developed a new scientific model to help to describe what is happening within the aromatic ring. It is a Baryonic symmetrical mathematical language based on Newtonian Physics inverse square law. As highlighted above the radius of the ring is directly linked to the age of the universe. In order words, we have an idea of the age of the universe but in reality, it appears that this could merely be a feature of our own biology in terms of the system linked to time and Gravity in atomic theory based on the observed features of the aromatic ring and the role that it plays in biology.

This is one quantum leap for humanity and one time reversal symmetry operating system to integrate time and space in biology. The unification of gravity and the Strong force has been achieved. We have identified a biological location for light storage. We have revised quark charge calculations to identify SUSY inversion model for the identification of the initial structure of the universe before the beginning of time. Identified dark energy and dark matter and we are currently using this knowledge to help humanity to heal from past trauma using the power of the stored light within the aromatic ring and using the Manuka honey spray (royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey) been able to generate hydroxyl radicals that break open the rings of neurotransmitters that have stored the light from the past experiences. Letting out the light for inner healing past trauma. Regenerative apitherapy healing technology. Biology is not physical. We cannot use the ideas of solid matter physics that have been developed in a test tube and apply that logic to the living human being that is a function of stored light housed in the aromatic ring generating unstable atoms.

We need to use a new science model to understand biology. One that can account for the composition of the universe based on a new atomic theory. A Baryonic symmetry theory. A model that identifies the composition of the universe based on isotope decay processes rather than the ideas of the hot Big Bang nucleosynthesis models currently holding centre stage but rapidly their performance is not getting any more recognition given the JWST findings.

A new model has emerged, the He-BEC isotropic singularity that offers greater understanding of the universe during the first 380,000 years of time. The features of 1.1991888E+13 seconds before light emerged to shed light on the darkness.

I hope you find this illuminating and helpful in your pursuit of whatever it is that drives your inquiring mind. Additionally, you can find further information related to my model and the regenerative medicine technology under development at


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