Honey and it's anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

The antiviral properties of Manuka honey have been shown by others. Here is the latest evidence for what I have been saying for sometime. My approach is to use the innate part of the immune system. The very power system in the phagocytosis engine of the macrophage that is responsible for turning biology back into CO2 and water. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and the power of the hydroxyl radical to destroy viruses and bacteria. The vitality engine within biology and a part of our natural death and regeneration system in apoptosis.

Latest literature on the antiviral benefits:

Propolis, Bee Honey, and Their Components Protect against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Review of In Silico, In Vitro, and Clinical Studies


oney anti-bacterial activity has been attributed to the proteins present in the honey. Imagine that! Here is the scientific literature outlining the honey proteins antibacterial activity.
Active macromolecules of honey form colloidal particles essential for honey antibacterial activity and hydrogen peroxide production.

The colloidal structures change over time when water is added to honey. Here is the latest information published regarding these changes and how this impacts on the anti-bacterial properties.

Manuka honey is a little different because the Manuka honey does not produce hydrogen peroxide because glucose oxidase is inhibited. This means Manuka honey is special because it cannot produce hydrogen peroxide and yet it still kills bacteria and viruses. How it does this is not known as MGO the so called magic molecule gets broken down in cells by the glyoxylase pathway. This suggests an alternative explanation is needed to explain the amazing health beneficial properties that Manuka honey has. I have that explanation.

The latest information on COVID-19 alternative approaches to treating the viral infection that is saving lives. https://www.168chasa.bg/article/9839433
The beneficial affects of honey in allergy treatment have also been seen and as COVID-19 appears to be a Mast cell allergy based disease then these anti-allergy aspects of Manuka honey appear to be well placed to treat COVID-19.
Mast cell study and allergies and honey potential.