What if I am allergic to bee products?
Great question. I would say based on the testing that has been performed to date that the product does not appear to contain the allergens present, despite it containing MRJP proteins the MGO in manuka honey appears to have modified the proteins to prevent them from being allergenic. I would still use caution and try a small single spray on the arm to see if the allergy is observed. 

As OH BEE HAVE empowering healing has magical anti-inflammatory properties based on the proteins, the uptake into inflammatory cells has been shown to stop inflammation.

MGO reacts with lysine residues in the MRJP proteins which changes their allergenic properties which has been shown by a Japanese patent, where they have purposefully reacted the allergenic bee proteins with a lysine reactive chemical to achieve a hypoallergic bee product. Luckily, the New Zealand Manuka honeybee proteins have already reacted with the MGO leading to loss of the allergenic properties of bee proteins to those who are allergenic they can choose to use a natural bee product without the complications of allergies due to the magic of MGO reacting with lysine amino acids in the protein.

How do I use OH BEE HAVE?
The powerful healing properties of OH BEE HAVE are attributed to a molecule that reacts at the speed of light. A photon of light make iron reactive (Fe3+ goes to Fe2+) and this activated reactive iron can then react with hydrogen peroxide in our bodies to produce the hydroxyl radical. This natural system supports your cellular death and regeneration system. I have found that topical application of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing can deliver a range of health benefits when used topically. You can allow the product to absorb into your skin and this can put healing power into your body. 

You can apply on the face with closed eyes, people have used it orally, topically and nasally for various complaints. The rapid pain relief is obtained by spraying directly on the painful area and massaging in.

Radiance and a billion little beauties OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

How much should I use at a time?
I would recommend using as mush as you think necessary to help yourself. Starting off with 10 sprays per day is a good place to start feeling the benefits of Manuka honey's magic healing benefits.

What are the benefits I will obtain?
You know you best. All I can say is that with experience comes a deeper connection with yourself. What I mean by that is the product helps you heal from trauma that is locked deep within the very structure of your body. That light is released in the form of emotional memory, based on water structure, as this is released the waves of emotions can be quite overwhelming. It is a deeply tuned atomic healing technology based on light geometry and the benefits are widespread. Take a look and ready what others are saying. Reach out if you would like to know more. 

Quantum Technologies Ltd unlocking the limitations of materialism to unleash human potential.

Do you have trial samples available?
Yes, they are the little 5 and 10 mL samples. There is a small cost associated with these to cover manufacture, packaging and labels as well as a postage cost.

Can I get OH BEE HAVE at retail stores, supermarkets, pharmacies?
No, not yet at least. I am in the process of trying to people to distribute my products. Good things take time. If you would like to stock OH BEE HAVE empowering healing then let me know. I am always happy to discuss such opportunities to collaborate.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I have just started to get some international sales and I am always looking to get products into people's hands so that they can bee empowered and start their healing journey.

What if I have an allergy to the product?
Contact your doctor immediately and please contact Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc on 022 199 8782. Please stop using the product. It can be returned if this is occurring and you can get your money back.

The product smells bad, what do I do?
The quantum science that is performing it's magic sometimes produces a product that can be unpleasant to some people due to the musky smell. Sometimes it can break itself down into smaller molecules depending on the wavelengths of light the product has captured and used to create it's new structures. There are two ways of dealing with this if you think it is unpleasant. 1) dilution, add water until you no longer notice the smell. 2) return the product and I will provide a new batch that is more to your liking.  

Why are the products in the different coloured bottles?
The colour of the bottle impacts the chemistry that is based on the colour of the light. Blue light is a higher energy than red light. I know that the product changes its shape based on the colour it is exposed to. Why does it do that. Well it aligns to the energy in the light with different spacings basically it is adapting to its environment. It is a adaptive technology that supports health.  

How often should I use it?
Daily or up to three times daily. It is non addictive. It provides vital energy and well-being. So up to you really.