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Questions about NANOS? 

Is NaNos used topically for brain health?

Yes, all my products are developed for topical applications. I know this seems to be a strange concept for brain health but if I can provide some information relating to why topical is the best approach.

NANOS images

How does that work?

1) The proteins are 100 nm in size and produce a light energy system called photo-Fenton chemistry which generates 1200 eV in 1 nanosecond so faster than the human eye can see working at a billion times per second. Also smaller than the eye can see. The retina of the eye points inward. Rods and cones are on the inside. Looking in. the physics of light within the subconscious mind is observed. The model. SUSY inversion. A unified field model based on the physics of light within mono-atomics coordinated to neurotransmitters.

2) The skin cells are innervated, which means the nervous system is throughout the body and the cells in the skin originate from the same cells in the foetus as the neurons.

3) The membrane of the cell is the brain of the cell as it receives the external signals to process that information internally by changing gene expression. The first signals come from outside of the cell. These initial signals are light, our radical paramagnetic bodies pick up these signals which translates that information from external to internal through the membranes. The products support the paramagnetic processes of the body also. These are faster than the biological processes that are happening within the body. That is why physics produces chemistry which generate biology. Using biology to control biology is difficult. Using physics to control biology is easy.

4) The proteins from the manuka honey that I isolate are hydrophobic and are compatible with skin stratum corneum which is also hydrophobic or lipid loving.

5) Topical application by-passes the liver first past metabolism processes which controls and breakdown the proteins preventing systemic delivery. This means the proteins in honey (royal jelly proteins) get broken down in the liver and do not enter the blood stream. There are inflammatory macrophage cells in the liver and they love to remove the proteins from the stomach if you have chosen this route of administration e.g. you have eaten the honey.

6) The skin is fluidic and allows a constant recycling of what is on top of the skin down into the hair follicle, into the stem cell niche where it is broken into regenerative precursors for growing the next layer of skin. The skin is our largest organ of the body and using it as a portal of health to improve our well-being makes sense if you consider our evolutionary development. From one cell organism where everything has to cross the membrane to enter into the cell. If your holistic body acts as a single cell in unity then topical application of a topical light food provides a context to support that holistic understanding. Providing health and well-being by enhancing the flow of light within your body. 

7) The functional role of light in the product means topical application provides benefits also. See the following videos.

This is what the proteins look like under the NanoSight and how the laser light makes them dance to create waves. Demonstrates their light interactive properties.

This is the way the product produces light. It is called photo-Fenton chemistry. It produces photons of light energy when bonds are broken but also through a light capturing process called electron capture also known as K+. This produces bubbles of light. Like a yin / yang photon. This is the light energy that the product puts into people. Vital energy.

The hydroxyl radicals produced break cells down into CO2 and water. However, the water is quantum entangled to create coherent biological structure using light. When white light is shone on the liquid it looks like a water puddle. When UVA light is used the energy within the light transforms the shape of the water to create the dark structures. Going back to white light then the structure releases the light that it captured in an instant demonstrating the quantum entanglement processes that are occurring in apoptosis which produces the apoptotic bodies which are packets of information to communicate throughout the body enabling the body to act holistically as one in unity and work effectively in health. Understanding what healthy cells can do is the starting point to understanding disease.

So all three brain health products are used topically. It takes time for the products to work systemically and 10 sprays twice a day is a good dose to use to enhance well-being and enhance cognitive function. There is more information on my website as to the model behind the mono-atomics and understanding how hydrogen's ability to quantum tunnel is used in memory formation. You can go to my website to read more about that if you're interested?