How does OH BEE HAVE empowering healing help people?

The product supports the natural healing processes that occur at night in a person’s body.

What is it about OH BEE HAVE empowering healing that is different from other products?

Royal jelly usually comes in capsules, and it is taken orally. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is used topically as a spray. The solution of royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey are bioavailable through the skin so you can get the benefits of the product through the skin, which is the largest organ in body.

Why the skin?

The skin contains cells that have arisen from the ectoderm in the foetus, which is the same origin as neurons (brain cells), the skin is therefore considered to be part of our brain and informs us of the universe around us.

Why Mauka honey as the source of royal jelly proteins? 

There are some special properties of Manuka honey that make the royal jelly proteins isolated from this honey different from the royal jelly that is isolated from the honey queen cells. For one it is modified by MGO and phenolics (the antioxidants). The chemistry leads to a complex array of biological compounds that cannot be made by people. It is the complexity of nature that creates the technology.

What are biophotons? 

Biology uses light to do some amazing things. The light coming from cells are known as biophotons. Biological photons have interesting properties, and the science is new so we are leaning how they operate in terms of the physics of light happening within atoms. I have made some interesting discoveries by understanding how biophotons are released from atoms in the atomic decay process and how hydrogen biology is linked to biophoton formation.

When do I use it?

It is used whenever you feel you need it or want it. It supports energy systems of healing.

How do I use it? 

Topically, spray and rub in. It absorbs quickly into the skin feeling silky smooth.

How much do I use?

I suggest starting with 5 sprays morning and night to get an idea of what the product does it could take several months before the mental wellbeing benefits arise. The pain relief benefits can occur quickly.

How does it work?

The science is complex but there is new physics that has been identified that operates based on how isotopes work. The science relates to water and hydrogen as well as processes called quantum tunnelling and entanglement.

What is an isotope?

An isotope is an unstable atom that releases lots of energy in a short period of time that the body uses to help cells regenerate.

How did you discover this? 

I have studied biology and regenerative medicine for many years and how healing of wounds in skin occurs. I discovered a light energy healing process in Manuka honey called photo-Fenton chemistry that produces a molecule that lasts about 1 nanosecond, and this molecule is what support our biological process of cell death. It uses this molecule to breakdown old parts of cells back down into carbon dioxide and water.

When did you make this discovery?

I made the discovery over 10 years ago, but no one wanted to listen to me because the science of light in biology is not what is currently understood and the people who were making the decisions at the time did not understand the implications of the discover.

When did you start selling OH BEE HAVE empowering healing?

I started my business Quantum Technologies Ltd in 2019 before the pandemic and started producing product to sell in 2020. The refinement and improvements in manufacture and scale up of the production are continuing and this provides an opportunity to learn how to bring a revolutionary new technology into the market and put the power of healing into more people’s hands.

What do you love about the product? 

I love the surprise on people’s faces when they try the product and realise that it really works, and that pain can just disappear. It is quite magical to watch, and it can be quite overwhelming for people bring them to tears.