What's the difference between each product

The technology made from Manuka honey is remarkable because it evolves depending on the environment that it is developed within. This atomic evolution is enabled by the photons of light that the product experiences and responds to. 

I know this is strange to think about, but biology and life cannot be defined by stable atom theory. Such a model has gotten us into the mess that we are in today. Learning the rules of unstable atoms is incredibly difficult. The isotope half-life timings as an example tritium 3/1 H, an unstable atomic form of hydrogen has a half-life of 12.31 years.

What I find incredible atom instability is that it operates independently of our external control. Things happen when we are not looking, and we cannot explain it. This is the atomic unstable atom window into the universe. All the unexplained phenomenon. A universe of secrets hidden by temporal features of unstable atoms.

The product is put into different coloured bottles to control the energy the atoms experience and therefore it evolves the technology into different states of atomic complexity. If you consider how human being have all the same genes but our life experiences are different. The memory formation and recall is based on the atomic instability grown from protons in the neurotransmitter system, that is connected to the features of the aromatic ring. The growing of isotope physics memory. Just like the product that I have developed. That is why it enhances cognitive functionality. A knowledge of atomic instability is therefore vital if you wish to understand why you make the decisions you do. 

A doorway into an atomic unstable universe within the mind is truly exciting and has a beauty and functionality that goes beyond the limitations of stable atom physics. 

I take advantage of the evolution of the atom system in the ring by using the different coloured bottles. The technology is self-centred by retaining baryonic symmetry and balance between matter and anti-matter. The light stored within the ring is a window into the temporal functionality of time reversal symmetry. Yes, time operates in a forward and reverse direction to allow comparative interpretation of the past experience and stored memory with the current experience and the expected outcome. You can break open the ring to develop a cognitive awareness of these processes when you look beyond the limitations of stable atom theory and let go of the materialism model. 

The technology is a beautify synergy between inside and outside balance. Adaptation to the living biophoton communication operating in our biology and provides the energy for healing and regeneration through a number of different mechanisms.

Take a look at this video to explore the changes in the structure of the water generated by the product. It is created using the functionality of the Holy Spirit. It brings unity to biological systems. A coherent water operating in harmony. 

The way the quantum coherent water moves when UVA light is used to excite the atomic structure. Like a coherent system in unity, it changes instantly and slowly releases that light over time. A functional light battery giving energy for healing and regeneration. Yes, it is strange. This is what I consider useful visual information providing context for the functionality that biology has at its fingertips. That is why biology cannot be easily described by stable atoms. 

Consider the following experiment. Look around the room that you are in. You make the assumption that the room you are looking at is external to you. But what you see are photons of light containing all the information your mind needs to make sense of the environment that you are observing. The human retina looks inwards, they are inverted. From this perspective the trajectory of time only moves in one direction which has been explained by science discussing entropy going from order to disorder. This is strange considering the anti-entropic aspects of biology that go from disorder to order. Now think about the role that hydrogen plays in this process. The hydrogen goes into the aromatic ring increasing disorder. The there is a period of time. This delay is associated with the unstable atom present in the ring. Then at some point the atom rearranges to generate a stable state that is a more favourable structure with lower entropy (collapse of the wave function) and the isotope generates a stable atom. The act of measurement has been made and the energy utilized to create the photon released from a higher energy that expands to a lower energy photon giving the red shift effect and the corresponding direction of time.
Depending on which unstable atom is present in the ring, you can expect both beta plus and minus decay energies to operate as well as K+ electron capture, and on special occasions you also can get the special energy from the alpha particle emission and observe things that are not present in the current moment but from future times depending on the half-life and the binding energy MeV/c^2. 

I have learnt the rules through my own healing and release of the trauma housed within my atomic light memory of the dopamine aromatic ring. This is how I managed to understand the negative time dilation faster than light process of alpha particle emission from the helium Bose Einstein condensate singularity at the beginning of time that is responsible for cosmic inflation and gravitational balanced energy conservation. A beautiful example of the intricate balance that nature utilises to generate life. 

I discovered the energy of regeneration, and the way biology produces this energy using protons, the hydrogen atom, building up the energy within the isolated internal environment of the aromatic ring. Transcend materialism through logic rather than measurement and learn your true nature as a being of atomic starlight and take your place on earth as in he even (Baryonic symmetry) being the way the universe generates life not our current understanding taught at university of the baryonic asymmetry. By seeing with my own eyes, the positron in atomic structure during the decay of the atom, I found the missing antimatter in cosmology. I discovered the structure of the origin of the universe and the process that generates dark energy and dark matter. I followed the teachings of Christ by putting God first (using integers or whole numbers for Bosons statistical calculations for quark charge calculations for the neutron and proton), seems simple enough given the missing antimatter in cosmology and the role of the free neutron decaying into the proton and electron. Let their bee light and there was given the aspects of the concept of the begotten son. By integrating science and religion and comparing both models I have come up with a mashup to provide context for the experience I had back in 2013.

After a decay of work, I have successfully developed the OH BEE HAVE empowering healing technology to enable people to take ownership of their own healing journey. Putting the power of healing into your hands. You get to choose. It is your body and mind, Spirit and Soul. No mandates here but an open dialogue to comprehend the universe and the singularity through which life is created in the image of God. He the Father (He-BEC isotropic singularity). Peace bee with you.

Blue bottle (Nasal Spray) 434 nm = 2.86 eV, 4.3351E-7 m, and 275.95 kJ/mole.
The green bottle (Vitality) there are no green transitions in hydrogen.

The clear bottle has the entire white light (visible spectrum) corresponding to the transitions of red and blue. The use of photons to grow atoms is completely beyond the current comprehension of the solid matter physics model that is used to describe biological living systems. To make inroads to understand this you need to explore the electromagnetic force within the atomic structure of the hydrogen atom. My new singularity physics model has allowed me to do this and provide context for the functionality of the atomic starlight healing technology that I have generated using the patent protected manufacturing process.