IP targeting unmet medical needs

Dr Keryn Johnson
Why have I chosen to walk this path?
Having experienced what some say is mental illness and what I say was a spiritual awakening means that I am at loggerheads with the medical profession. Labelled bipolar and unwell is a hard box to stay in when you have a mind that no longer sees boxes. Round peg in a square whole. I just imagine the day when the people who judged me as unwell realize what they did. There own ego getting in the way of an opportunity to learn the truth and be the witness of an awakening within. My model, that I developed by being the witness of my own personal healing journey through the New Zealand's mental health system now allows me to shine the light back on a framework that is used in the DSM V manual and that has no functional basis of reality. No understanding of the physics happening in the subconscious mind. My new model brings a spotlight on the inadequacies within the medical profession and mental health profession in their lack of understanding how the subconscious mind works, and to look to provide a new basis from which mental health can be understood based on a rationale perspective, as well as, a new way of restoring mental well-ness by supporting the subconscious mind's physics in order to give people the tools to help themselves in a positive experience, rather than the negative experience one often is subjected to in the current system.

I have some unique perspectives and have developed a new framework for biology to incorporate quantum physics into the very fabric of our bodies at an atomic and subatomic level. This is not based on quantum mechanics but based on SUSY inversion (unified field theory). The technologies I have developed are now just starting to demonstrate their efficacy in a number of human diseased states and the benefits are truly amazing. I am developing my IP portfolio and bringing together a pipeline of opportunities that will bring a revolution to human medicine. I am focusing on diseases of the subconscious mind and how to restore health through the use of regenerative medicine based on quantum biology knowledge that I have developed over 28 years after experiencing my own inner vision and I have now developed a logical model that explains the experience I witnessed. 

I am interested in finding investors who are interested in address the following areas:
1) antibiotic resistance 
2) bipolar disorder
3) alzheimer's disease and dementia
4) wound healing
5) depression and anxiety 
If this is something that you are interested in exploring please get in contact with me on 022 199 8782.