Mental health

I speak from personal experience and I speak as research scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and 18 years researching regenerative medicine and trying to understand biology from the perspective of physics a new emerging area of science called quantum biology. Mental well-being is important and as we currently do not have a scientific model that explains the inner workings of the mind at the level of physics. I wanted to create a framework that I could use that was scientific and would allow a conversation to take place to discuss how spiritual visions occur and how these visions can be understood mechanistically within the aspects of physics and to use this framework to explain my own personal experience that I had in 2013, which enabled me to see things differently from the current models used. Unfortunately, I was considered unwell during the experience and was giving the diagnosis of Bipolar by the medical establishment. For me it was a spiritual healing. This difference in understanding made me question the current thinking and understanding in science about how the mind works, and how neurological research is focused on the function of neurons and consciousness but little is known about the inner workings of the human subconscious mind.

The pharmaceutical medications that are used today to treat mental health appear to provide little benefit. I think the main reason for this is attributed to the lack of understanding of the human subconscious mind. SSRI have a range of side effects and getting off these pharmaceutical medications is problematic as the brain adapts to the chemicals used to modulate brain activity. A serotonin reuptake inhibitor is a type of drug which acts as a reuptake inhibitor of the neurotransmitter serotonin by blocking the action of the serotonin transporter. This in turn leads to increased extracellular concentrations of serotonin. So by preventing the up take of serotonin heightened mood can be obtained. So this suggests that there may be an extracellular functional role of serotonin.

To understand what extracellular functional role serotonin may be having you need to contemplate the following video demonstrating how light interacts with monoatomic minerals bound to aromatic rings in compounds like serotonin. Light based patterns are obtained. This process that is observed in the atomic world produces light based signals that would appear to be present in the human mind external to and separate from the neurological tissue signals that involve depolarization of nerves cells. The role of these light based signals external to neurons appears to be connected to the human subconscious mind. Like the light and sound generated from lightning being seen before it is heard the light based signals are faster than the electrical signals in the mind and therefore play a role in the subconscious mind versus the conscious mind. So light is the fastest thing in the universe, therefore, the role of light and its functional health benefits in brain subconscious mind physics is important in understanding mental wellness.   

Our scientific models of mind are incomplete and therefore it is the blind leading the blind. The use of lithium (Li+) for the treatment of Bipolar disorder (Lithium toxicity, also known as lithium overdose, is the condition of having too much lithium. Symptoms may include a tremor, increased reflexes, trouble walking, kidney problems, and an altered level of consciousness. Some symptoms may last for a year after levels return to normal. The physics of lithium are interesting as it is a small atom with strong electron affinity and therefore is able to displace other atoms in coordination with aromatic rings of neurotransmitters. Here is the relative ion sizes and the binding strengths to aromatic rings.
Lithium's electron affinity is 59.6 kJ/mol compared to calcium's 2.37 kJ/mol and irons 15.7 kJ/mol. The stronger binding affinity for pi electron systems for lithium suggests that other ions coordinated to neurotransmitters could be displaced by lithium in the brain. As I have mentioned in my research previously atoms have a timekeeper built within their structure based on geometric symmetry and the number of protons and neutrons within the atom. The addition of hydrogen to the coordinated atom would lead to the generation of isotopes of lithium that have various timekeeping properties that would differ from the other monoatomic atoms involved in brain function in the subconscious mind.

For example: Lithium isotopes have the following timings based on proton / neutron compositions are Li 4/3 (2.5E-11 picosecond), Li 5/3 (3.0E-10 picosecond), Li 6/3 (stable), Li 7/3 (stable), Li 8/3 (839.9 milliseconds), Li 9/3 (178.3 milliseconds), Li 10/3 (2.0E-9 picoseconds), Li 11/3 (8.59 milliseconds) and Li 12/3 (10 nanoseconds).
lithium isotope stability
These timing features of lithium differ from other monoatomic minerals present in the brain. Compare this to the timing functions of calcium shown below.
calcium isotope stability
Two of the features of this approach comes to mind when looking at the data in the two graphs above. 1) Lithium has very few isotopes and therefore the amount of hydrogen that could be added in the form of storage within the atom would be limited compared to calcium, where each isotope contains an additional hydrogen (two photons of light). 2) The height of the chart corresponds to atomic stability with the atoms in the middle of the graph being considered stable and therefore the space without histogram bars. Taller bars are closer to the center and are more stable than the ones further away on the left and right. On the left there is more protons than neutrons and on the right there is more neutrons than protons. Typically even numbered isotopes are more stable than odd numbered isotopes. The greater the instability the faster the photon of light would be released from the monoatomic atom and therefore change the timekeeper function of the atom. In relation to enzyme activity, it could change the functional enzyme reaction rate. Isotope effects have been used to determine enzyme mechanisms. This functional approach to enzyme kinetics may relate to the above conceptual framework.
Can changes in isotope timing stability have an impact on brain function at the level of the subconscious mind? Can consciousness change which isotopic forms of monoatomic minerals are bound in neurotransmitters? Interesting questions that I do not have the answer for. However, my model does appear to have the ability to generate different isotopes using the quantum tunneling function of hydrogen. This provides the ability of the mind to generate its own timing functions.
So brain function if based on isotopic modulation of various monoatomics coordinated to neurotransmitters provides a rationale approach to understanding how the function of atoms, water (hydrogen - protons and pH) plays a role in quantum tunneling and the generation of isotopes within the mind. The isotopes acting as timekeepers for the release of atomic light within the mind and the recollection of memory that is stored as light trapped inside of atoms as well as the source light for dreams. The retina being sensitive enough to capture individual photons. 
I decided to study my own subconscious mind from the inside by developing a logic based model of the subconscious based on physics using the model of supersymmetry inversion (SUSY-inversion), which is my attempt at a simplification of a unified field theory. You could say I went on an inner journey of self-discovery using physics to see if this could be used to understand how the mind works at a subconscious level.
Most of the science of the mind you will see in the scientific literature talks about the physical brain about neurons and the biochemistry and biophysics associated with the minds function at a conscious neurological level. The composition of the brain and its many neurotransmitters and the firing of various neurons and the phenomenon of consciousness that arises from the complexity of trillions of neurons firing in certain ways that provides our ability to think and reason, that which sets us apart from other animals. Different parts of the brain have been associated with different functions and the interaction of various parts of the brain providing the a framework for how the brain works through neuron firing.

My own interest goes deeper than this because I think that biology is the latest in evolutionary processes to be built off the back of chemistry and that has evolved off the functional laws of physics. Having experienced an internal vision back in  2013 and attempting to understand how the physics of the brain / mind operates in order to create a logical framework for that event I had to develop an understanding of how light interacts with electrons and how the function of neurotransmitters operates in the subconscious mind. I am more interested in the mechanisms at the atomic level, the level of physics that is operating in the subconscious mind and how physics builds the fabric of the subconscious decision making processes that you have no control over because they happen too fast for the conscious mind to be able to respond in a conscious way. This connects directly into fight or flight and the rapid responses that occur prior to conscious thought. So I am not interested in the rationale mind but in the unconscious mind which is common to all beings on this planet and the rules and laws that the unconscious mind follows, that appears to be based on the laws of physics and how light works.

Without the conscious observer the physics operates without instructions and that is why the unconscious person (sedated using anesthetic) is alive and during sleep the conscious observer is not aware. This provides a basis for sleep at the level of physics and the role of the observer allowing the physics occurring in the subconscious mind the ability to restore symmetry of the various monoatomic isotopes through radioactive decay processes enabling the atoms to become stable once more and providing an inner atomic light source seen with the retina as part of closed eyed visions or dreams. 

Anesthetics work by stopping the conscious mind of neurons but without preventing the physics of the subconscious mind from occurring. So, by understanding the role physics plays within our minds we can potentially understand how a complex system of the brain is able to operate by following the laws of physics without the need for neurological activity at the subconscious level. It is all about establishing a rationale model for the subconscious mind and a good place to start appears to be physics.

Firstly, we need to start with a physics model that can predict 100% of the universe as it is today. My best approach to date is SUSY inversion model, this provides a Newtonian understanding of the balance of opposite from the perspective of non measurement. In other words you can avoid the application of wavefunction mathematics if your do not measure. This caveat makes it difficult you could say to verify my approach but if you follow the logic then one can perform experiments based on the logic of this approach to verify such thinking. You can read more about this on my website if you are interested. In other words if you have a system that is isolated from external influences it can reach the point of balance (supersymmetry inversion), this is the point of equilibrium. The position where both sides are equal but opposite. This symmetry state is observed in the Yin yang sphere as shown below and is the model I have used for a photon of light. This understanding was built on the observation made in the video below which is photo-Fenton chemistry and the role light plays in the reduction of iron and the generation of hydroxyl radicals and the subsequent chemistry that breaks biology back down into CO2 and water.

This is the concept of a photon of light being comprised of a positron (+1) and an electron (-1) spinning in opposite orientations and having opposite charges. At the center of the photon is a zero point where it provides the balance of opposites and results in the zero mass and zero charge of a photon of light. The distance between the positron and electron gives the wavelength of light and therefore its energy level and frequency. The balance of opposites provides a symmetry and duality concept that we see in opposing forces or in the concept that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". This is a Daoist principle of Eastern Philosophy. Seeing this production of light (photons) of no mass and charge originate from a bubble of light under a microscope was a unique observation. 

The supersymmetry inversion model that I have developed is pretty cool. As the balance of opposites, it relates the smallest thing in this universe "Planck length" to the distance light has travelled in a vacuum after 13.8 billion light years. Using inverse relationships where 1/ 1.6 x 10^-35 meter = 6.25 x 10^34 meter (the distance light has travelled in one direction. So it provides the idea of an origin in the universe, but the starting point differs from the current thinking of the "Big Bang" and uses the idea that energy cannot be destroyed or created but only transformed. So in my model everything is present before the Big Bang in a structure that has no contrast and therefore can not be observed. This provides an understanding of the uniformity and homogeneity of the early universe. The one chemical element that fitted the bill so to speak was helium in the form of a Bose Einstein Condensate, without any contrast of the electrons, so it cannot be seen through measurement as it is a state of zero (balanced symmetry with the electrons all being 0.00004 nm apart). This starting point where everything is present as a quantum fluid (the liquid waters of the universe) that is quantumly entangled (so in my model only a single universe exists). The helium quantum fluid provided a starting point to understand the identity of dark matter and dark energy, matter, virtual particles and the geometry of light (the right hand rule of electromagnetism) and the symmetry state that provides the balance of opposites in an atom, having four electrons to generate the three quarks in the proton and the electron to give a charge balance of 0 and the four electrons in the three quarks in a neutron and the positron to give the overall charge balance of 0. So I developed a model based on logic and not measurement and went to look to see if this model made sense in our universe.

When an up quark (electron [-1]) and a down quark (positron[+1]) pair up produces the photon of light, which is equivalent to the electron and positron pair outlined above. Turning the current model of asymmetry created by measurement into symmetry created by logic that predicts the universe as observed has not been an easy task but as our conscious mind is slow it is unable to catch up to the light operating in our subconscious mind to understand how it operates the way it does using quantum entanglement. It was only from my own person spiritual experience and healing that I was able to see outside of the existing model that science had created through measurement to be an external physical world into an inner world of light and develop the concepts that the subconscious mind is light based and based on symmetry and the principles of zero mass and zero charge. Whereas the conscious mind is based on physical form generated by asymmetry in the atomic structure which is produced through measurement.

The SUSY inversion model is built from the idea of rearranging Einstein's equation to produce c^2 = E/M and that light (c) is the interaction of an electric field and a magnetic field at right angles to each other and hence why M in E = Mc^2 is magnetism and not mass. This is a change in the framework used to understand symmetry and the quantum nature of light and apply those ideas to the geometry of light into the framework of spherical orbitals and the quantum nature of hydrogen in a state of symmetry. 

This changed thinking enabled me to place the geometry of electromagnetism on a mathematical cross. Y axis being E, -E and the X axis being -M, M. The Z axis is light c, -c. Building from this model I was able to connect S orbital structures of hydrogen with the geometry of Einstein as the sphere being the balance through the center (0,0,0, x,y,z) or the nucleus of the atom where the four electrons are positioned on the sphere is the shape of a cross or the furthest apart they can be. The symmetry state can only be obtained when the atom is in a monoatomic form in an isolated environment without bonding to surrounding atoms. There are only several unique environments where monoatomic minerals can exist.

One of these unique environments happens to be water and another in the ring structure of aromatics (the benzene ring) present in our very own neurotransmitters e.g. dopamine and serotonin etc. These ring structures are also present in phenolics or the plant antioxidants and a range of other chemicals used to treat people for a range of diseases. The coordination chemistry responsible to binding of the individual minerals provides a stepping stone between the physical brain and the physics of monoatomics and the understanding how the subconscious mind can operate in the world of light within the physical brain. It is the physics of monoatomics where the balance of opposites and symmetry can be applied using the model that I am developing.

This is how I discovered the Photo-Fenton chemistry that is present in Manuka honey and that was responsible for the generation of hydroxyl radicals. This discovery, and the concept that short lived high energy radicals (1200 electron volts lasting 1 billionth of a second) being responsible for the anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties present in Manuka honey went against the current scientific thinking in the health supplement market, whereby, the role of antioxidants is seen as important for maintaining biological stability and health and well-being. However, the clinical trials of anti-oxidants have not demonstrated efficacy in human disease prevention. So I explored further and found that monoatomic minerals were present in enzymes and are critical for their function. It appears that the role of radicals in our bodies has considerable beneficial properties. Preventing radical chemistry may result in loss of biochemical signals within the body leading to disease formation. A complete 180 degree understanding of the root cause of disease. 

The concept that biology uses physics is not new but to explore the complexity of instability of atoms due to their isotopes and the odd number of protons and neutrons and relate this to enzyme reaction rates is new. They appear to correlate. Building the concepts of physics into biology is needed to understand how things are working on a fundamental level. This is an emerging area of scientific discovery called quantum biology. As the speed of isotope decay occurs too fast for the conscious mind to witness and this appears to correspond to enzymatic rates of reaction and it appears to be logical to suggest that the two are intimately linked and the atomic clock within an enzyme that controls the rate of enzyme activity could be due to isotope instability.

The role of monoatomics in brain biochemistry is a step forward in understanding how the physics of single atoms plays a potential role in the subconscious mind physics. This provides a potential link between the use of lithium in Bipolar disorder and this understanding suggests various single atoms (monoatomics) are coordinated into the aromatic rings of neurotransmitters. The pi electrons forming the coordination bond to the monoatomic.

Both calcium and iron have important roles in brain biochemistry. There are 27 isotopes of calcium and iron is the most stable atom in the periodic table. Iron performs photo-Fenton chemistry, with light based photo-reduction of iron from Fe3+ to Fe2+, which can then react with hydrogen peroxide to generate hydroxyl radicals, which enables cells to be turned back into CO2 and water. Copper performs this photo-reduction and oxidation system also, going from Cu2+ to Cu+ which is also highly reactive and generates radicals which are involved in natural biological recycling. The radicals are paramagnetic species and would appear to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields.


The role of monoatomic minerals in the mind appears to be important as the single atoms can be changed into various isotopes via quantum tunneling processes where hydrogen is added to the atom creating an isotope by adding a neutron and positron or a proton and electron pair. 

The amine (NH2) in the above image can also be NH3+ and it is suggested that this added hydrogen can be added into a coordinated monoatomic bound to the aromatic ring pi electrons. 
Hydrogen contains four electrons (three quarks and one electron in the standard model). The S orbital structure contains 4 electrons. If you consider the symmetry of opposites and the formation of two photons within the geometry of the hydrogen atom. Under such circumstances the hydrogen will have no mass and no charge is it is observed as two photons of light. Under this set of circumstances quantum tunneling will be feasible. This biological transmutation of minerals coordinated in the aromatic ring of neurotransmitters provides the basis for unstable isotope formation through the addition of hydrogen. This hypothesis is suggested to play a functional role in memory storage. Each isotope has a different half life and therefore it has an inherent ability to release a photon of light based on radioactive decay (beta plus and beta minus) that results in restoring symmetry and balance within the atom itself to give an even number of protons and neutrons and positrons and electrons so everything is balanced and the overall charge of the atom is 0. This is no longer an ion in complexation with the aromatic ring structure of the neurotransmitter but a single metal atom that has unique properties producing a range of isotopes depending how many hydrogen are being added through quantum tunneling, with structural instability based on symmetry and leading to photons being released. Each atom having its own unique frequency based on its half-life.

So there is a potential mechanism for the generation of light within the mind and I am suggesting this inner atomic light source is associated with the formation of dreams. Sleeping provides the brain with the ability to restore symmetry of the monoatomic atoms by turning off the conscious observer during sleep. This would suggest that no more hydrogen is being added to the monoatomic atoms because this is triggered by light absorption by the aromatic ring of the neurotransmitter and photo-reduction which may be a barrier that needs to be met before quantum tunneling can commence, however, this is currently not known. If during sleep the atomic symmetry is restored releasing light through beta decay processes and this photon is the potential origin of the light during dreaming.

The decay process releasing two entangled photons of light in symmetry. The symmetry of atoms is therefore providing a deeper understanding where mental well-being originates. Sleep restores symmetry in the atoms and therefore mental stability and mental well-being. The lack of sleep, has an outcome of increasing the instability in the monoatomic atoms coordinated to neurotransmitters and this asymmetry increases the beta plus and beta minus decay processes while we are awake resulting in observations that appear unusual as a greater level of physics is happening which is unlocking memories that are stored within the atoms coordinated to neurotransmitters. This increased level of radioactive decay events that increases the instability within the mind of the individual results in an appearance of behaviors that correspond to mental instability. Well, that may be the external perspective of someone having an internal vision. For the individual who may be elevated/manic, they will have much more energy as the physics of single atom radioactive decay event results in the release of 100s of times more energy that ATP based energy production generated in the mitochondria. So there is a tipping point, where the physics of the subconscious mind gets to the point, where depending on the nature of the atoms present, the instability generated in the monoatomic system results in the emission of alpha particles. This is a further step up in energy release with the potential to experience a change in physical reality whereby rather than Balmer line electron transitions are experienced as visible wavelengths of light the individual experiences Lyman line transitions. Going from n=2 to n=1 is a significant amount of energy needs to be released all at once. This takes the individual into a room of golden light. A vision into the center of the nucleus of the atom up close and personal. My own experience of this inner vision is what allowed me to construct a scientific framework that accounts for such a vision. What resulted after that vision was a sequence of photographic images, like individual polaroid snapshots that my mind saw as in a dream but not whilst I was asleep. This revelation of images provided a set of signposts for future events in my life. It was like a sequence of events was shown to me that were played out like my life flashing before my eyes except I had not lived that part of my life yet. Such a strange set of events provided a vision that was considered mental illness. However, from that vision has arisen a new scientific framework based on physics that is developing and merging with biology in the field of quantum biology. Quantum physics is the wavefunction analysis model of atoms and the position of electrons. It is a symmetrical model and uses imaginary numbers to work out the symmetry. I have approached it slightly differently using the concept of non measured reality creating supersymmetry inversion. Allowing the act of not measuring to produce a isolated system that operates at equilibrium when everything remains symmetrical and therefore the balance of symmetry inversion can hold true only for the instance prior to measurement. In my model, everything is present but in the balance of opposites. No mass and no charge. Sound familiar? Well, by making everything light by rearranging Einstein's equation to c^2 = E/M allows a conceptual framework of light squared to be produced. I remembered the rise / run mathematics of the straight line on a graph of Y axis and X axis. The symmetry and right angle geometry can be used to understand the Planck building blocks of the universe. 

Did I experience an alpha particle decay process at church back in 2013, or at least this is a potential plausible scientific explanation of the experience that I had, that no one else observed. This inverted retina and Balmer electron transition lines gives an alternative perspective and understanding how people can see things that others do not. The frequency the mind is operating at and therefore what is observed will be associated with the monoatomics present coordinated to the neurotransmitters. This could give a plausible explanation of the hallucinogenic compounds as it relates to the compound structure and the ability to put hydrogen into the monoatomic mineral coordinated to the compound rather than to the receptor mediated binding event. So it is more fundamental to the atomic structure than the neurological function and on and off rates as previously suggested in the literature.

My own personal experience was not drug induced. It resulted in the observation of seeing a golden sphere of light within and two other orbs of light that were smaller on either side of this large central sphere. Such visions have been had by others but scientific explanations of such experiences are lacking in the scientific literature. I guess it is easier to dismiss things as mental illness that use that experience and inner vision to develop a more robust scientific framework for the physics happening within the subconscious mind.  This observation appeared out of nowhere and because it was so brilliant seemed even more vivid than the normal physical world seen around us. This is the basis of seeing into the future or having revelatory visions spoken about in the Bible and by others. As the number of images that I saw when normal vision returned was of future events in my life, some of which I have now experienced as a De jar Vue, that can only be explained by developing this model of the subconscious mind. The radioactive decay process released sufficient energy to shift my entire visual field into Lyman lines n=1 rather than Balmer lines n=2, another realm of light within, which made no sense to me at the time due to my current scientific knowledge, until I explored the anatomy of the human eye and the inverted human retina (rods and cones pointing inwards). How else would we be able to see your dreams at night with your eye closed. So my model provided a 180 degree inverted reality and builds a model for the subconscious mind that is based on physics of monoatomic minerals that are coordinated to neurotransmitters. It therefore provides a deep connection between physics and biology. I would not have been able to dream up such a model unless I had that experience back in 2013 so in a way the gift of that experience was like a double edged sword. 

It is known that the anatomy of the human retina are inverted. The retina rods and cones are  inward looking and not outward facing. In the scientific literature it is suggested that the retina are backwards. However, we see our dreams at night with our eyes closed so we appear to see the atomic world within our subconscious mind (based on physics of the photo electric effect and the Balmer line electron transitions correspond to visible wavelengths of light), well that is my proposed hypothesis. What evolved first? The subconscious mind being based on the physics of light and then the eye and the conscious mind evolved later. This chronological development would make sense of what is happening within our minds. The subconscious minds Balmer lines correspond to visible wavelengths of light and this provides normal subconscious mind vision based on the monoatomic minerals coordinated to the neurotransmitters.

electromagnetic spectrum


The origin sight based system is therefore is proposed to be based on the interaction of light with electrons and provides an answer to early evolutionary processes in the development of the eye and the function of sight based on electron orbital changes triggered by light. The spherical nature of S orbitals and the spherical nature of the eye may provide a link. The concave and convex lens of the S orbital structure may have provided an atomic lens to be able to observe within the atomic world? One of the functional consequences of sight appears to be related to atomic instability and asymmetry in atoms given sufficient energy of the photons present e.g. the photo reduction of iron and the photo-Fenton system discovered in Manuka honey. Biology has utilized the energy within this light based quantum system (zero mass and zero charge) seen in symmetry to enable the generation of biological structures and building these from the ground up.

An interesting concept in that I have been developing is an electron being generated from two Planck lengths that are rotating around each other at right angles giving the following dimensions of 4 x 10^-18 meter where the Planck length is 1.6 x 10^-35 meter. In this model 2 Planck length equals 1 electron. 2 electrons equals a photon of light. Two photons of light equals hydrogen. The two by two concept (animals go in two by two) in the Bible and Noah's arc is a conceptual framework for quantum tunneling where hydrogen is added to monoatomic minerals coordinated with neurotransmitters which is connected to hydrogen geometry ( based on symmetry and zero mass and zero charge state of photons) within nitrogen associated with the monoamine neurotransmitters. As the experience at Church back in 2013 was in effect triggered by the thought of oneness and the mathematics of quark calculations and changing it from addition to multiplication. 

My personal experience of seeing the golden sphere of light in this context suggest I observed the nucleus and the 1S orbital structure and the Lyman series of electron transitions. The building of a rationale model for unusual observations suggests that it is the physics of the subconscious mind and its role in generating observation through Balmer series transitions in normal vision that is modified through the generation of atomic energy within the atoms decay processes that occurs in a spiritual experience and these are the processes that are occurring during issues with mental well-being. 

The colours of Balmer lines (n=2) extend from red through to UVA. The longer the wavelength the less energy. The Paschen lines correspond to n=3 layer of the S orbitals and the Lyman lines n=1. Vision in the subconscious mind appears to be based on which atomic orbital layers your electrons are shifting between during the photo-electric effect (the interaction of light within the mind and electrons in monoatomic minerals coordinated to neurotransmitters), where Balmer lines are considered normal vision and the Lyman line vision is seeing into the nucleus of the atom which is the source of light within an atom.

The symmetry within the geometry of the atom and S orbitals could provide a lens effect directing all point light sources (electrons) into the center of the atom or its nucleus at 0,0,0 (the inner golden sphere of light). When the atom is in balance the two points of light are able to be inverted through the 0,0,0 point (x,y,z) and symmetry and stability within the atom is maintained. The stable atom is connected to a zero point field of geometric symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Radicals have an asymmetry and therefore energy is able to be obtained from the radical returning back to the state of symmetry within the atomic structure. The energy is released as it returns back into the symmetry. The instability of radicals providing a source energy within the atom itself, which can promote atomic instability through the generation of isotopes and this appears to be linked to the photo-fenton system present within the subconscious mind and the hydroxyl radical, which has a timing of 1 nanosecond and 1200 eV. As it is faster than the conscious mind there is no conscious experience of it normally and the reason for our inability to see the physics happening is due to the slow rate of the processes that consciousness requires.

These are concepts that are counter intuitive as measurement disturbs the symmetrical state and therefore allows things to be seen in mathematical terms. When everything is in balance the mathematical numbers creates a zero through the balance of opposites and that suggests that nothing is present but that concept of zero being point forward here is not nothing but everything in a state of photons (no mass and no charge), which can be generated through non measurement and hence equilibrium and balance. The zero point energy field is always present and its wavelength is down at the Planck length where symmetry and balance is present and therefore no contrast is observed and without contrast nothing can be observable as these is no beginning or end and an essential homogeneous system.

So far what I am saying appears to make logical sense to me at least and the concept that all is mind is well and truly outlined in psychology. The mechanisms are however not explained. My model of the subconscious mind that I am developing, based on Newtonian physics and super symmetry inversion, gives a plausible logical explanation for the mechanisms involved based on isotopes of atoms in a monoatomic form coordinated to neurotransmitters. The number of coordination sites providing either a stimulatory or inhibitory action based on the number of sites occupied and different metal binding geometries and the various neurotransmitters. This appears to be a rationale mechanistic understanding for the subconscious mind and gives a basis for approaches to therapeutic intervention based on the use of monoatomic minerals coordinated with ring structures of neurotransmitters or other phenolic antioxidants as in the case for the phenolics present in Manuka honey.

The current models for mental illness used in the DSM V manual does not have any mechanistic details making the boundary between mental illness versus spiritual experience a difficult and challenging topic for discussion. There are no criteria for spiritual experience in the DSM V manual and as such many people who experience prophetic visions are classified as mentally unwell as defined by the DSM V manual. By providing a rationale mode of action for the subconscious mind physics, a deeper understanding is being provided and the necessary information is being made able to be understood with respect to how lithium works (coordination chemistry and displacement of other monoatomic minerals bound to neurotransmitters). Previously the mode of action for lithium was unknown yet it is the go to treatment for bipolar. My model and experience of taking such treatments as well as scientific understanding that I outline provides a rationale basis for understanding how lithium being a strongly electronegative monoatomic mineral with stronger electron affinity that other minerals can form tight bonds to aromatic rings and can displace calcium and iron, which have known functions in the brain and therefore alter the monoatomic minerals coordinated to neurotransmitters. The consequences of changes in brain physics are profound.

This model supports the concept of having dreams to restore symmetry in the monoatomic minerals via radioactive decay events in the monoatomic minerals to restore symmetry in the atom itself and provides a basis and rationale for sleep. It also provides an understanding of what is going on when a person starts to have visions based on radioactive decay events of monoatomic minerals in the day time with a lack of sleep and the increased rate of radioactive decay events the longer a person stays awake, leading to a greater number of visions based on the physics of the subconscious mind. 

You could say I have jumped to a few conclusions based on my own spiritual experiences and creating a rationale explanation for these. However, these conclusion appear to be sound and consistent with the anatomy of the human retina as well as the role of hydrogen as a quantum atom that can undergo quantum tunneling, when it occurs as two photons of light without mass and charge, which occurs as two electrons and two positrons rather than the proton and the electron. The symmetry state of hydrogen provides the opportunity for the photons to be in an opposite configuration providing the balance of opposites "where every action has an equal and opposite reaction". Where the symmetrical hydrogen atom without mass and charge can enter into the nucleus of the monoatomic making the asymmetric atom by adding a neutron. In effect, the amine NH2 becomes NH3 and the central hydrogen in this amine is added to the mineral complex building the atom four electrons at a time. Building from the ground up. This would suggest that hydrogen could form deuterium through quantum tunneling and then tritium and then helium. The stability of atoms is then due to atomic symmetry and instability comes from an odd number of protons and neutrons. This instability is corrected through radioactive decay processes. 

This hydrogen based atomic transmutation of the coordinated mineral provides the basis for memory storage whereby light of hydrogen in symmetry gets altered into a asymmetry of solid matter physics to create the neutron and positron or electron and proton pairing with an overall mass and charge of zero. The conservation of charge is maintained.

In my proposed model based on supersymmetry the atom S orbital has 4 electrons and not 2 as currently proposed. Or you could say that the positrons are missing and there are two electrons and two positrons. The balance of zero charge is always maintained in the atom and it is only when neutrons > protons or proton > neutrons occurs, that instability occurs within the atom. Isotopic decay processes occur to return the atom back into a balanced symmetry of opposites restoring atomic stability. It is proposed that atomic decay processes cannot occur easily with the conscious observed present so sleep is needed to facilitate this process and providing the inner atomic light source for dreams.

If your environment is not supporting your state of mental well-being then the empowerment of your subconscious mind physics can aid you in making changes. The photo-Fenton chemistry that I mentioned earlier can breakdown cells into CO2 and water releasing light in this process. This appears to be able assist people to break old habits and make new ones. The product that I have developed assists this process by enabling biological structures and neurons to be returned by apoptosis back into CO2 and water, releasing energy in this process to support the development of new pathways and new neurological connections and new memories in the form of the creation of new structures. This is my current hypothesis. This death and regeneration system allows adaptive change to occur so the individuals can change their behavioral patterns and develop new patterns that can assist in their growth and development. You no longer need to feel disempowered by your neurological patterns and you can take control of your life by breaking the old habits when you break down those pathways and understand how the tools are now available to put you back into the drivers seat of your own subconscious mind. You no longer need to be controlled by those embedded patterns. That is why I developed OH BEE HAVE empowering healing to help myself and others take control of their well-being. It is a topical energy system supporting death and regeneration in your body through the generation of photo-fenton chemistry and how it supports a transformation and renewal not only at a cellular level but at the level of physics in your subconscious mind, based on the energy of monoatomics. This has supported by own minds expansion and given me the energy needed to develop the SUSY inversion model (unified field theory) and understand the mechanism of action of Manuka honey. Take ownership of your mental well-being by supporting the regenerative healing processes that occur at night in your subconscious mind. Restore symmetry and balance into your monoatomics through the use of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. It has certainly helped myself and others mental well-being. Enjoy! You deserve it.