Paraboles and the scientific explanation

Noun In rhetoric, a comparison; specifically, a simile, especially a formal simile, as in poetry or poetic prose, taken from a present or imagined object or event: distinguished from a paradigm, or comparison with a real past event.

My model is to align science and spirituality through the experience of a healing that I had at church in 2013. I needed to make sense of that experience through the knowledge that I had developed scientifically over 28 years of my life. When you explore the basis of this reality and subject yourself to questioning. All I ask is to reserve judgement. As He who casts the first stone, who is unblemished by sin. We fail to do things everyday and it is these failing that result in us missing opportunities to grow and share.

There are a number of stories in the Bible which I look at through the lens of science as a quantum biologist in order to see what is being explained in a way that is not scientific.

In the Gospel of Matthew the parable is as follows: The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds but when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.

I developed my SUSY inversion model based on the concept of inverted symmetry where the Planck scale connects to the distance that light has travelled after 13.8 billion years. So the smallest thing (Planck scale or 1.6 E -35 meter) = 1/ Planck scale = 6.25 E 34 meters. In this context the smallest thing creates the biggest thing through inverted symmetry. So, I can see the reference in Matthew's Gospel in order to translate the Gospel of Matthew and understand the Bible in terms of today's scientific terminology and models. 

The six days of creation. The first day - light was created. the second day - the sky was created. the third day - dry land, seas, plants and trees were created. the fourth day - the Sun, Moon and stars were created.

I did not think about the universe but the six days it takes for the egg and sperm to fuse, form a blastocyst, hatch and implant into the womb. If we consider the separation of heaven and earth and the firmament in the context of cell division from the initial fertilized cell and it's separation into two daughter cells. Yes the language is different but I can see the perspective of one set of concepts and ideas in one language translated into the other concepts and in a scientific terminology. If you consider who is defining these terms, we are, humans. Then, it is our thinking and language that is creating the terminology, ideas and thoughts and translating those into understanding. That would suggest that it is our creation that is being referred to rather than that of the universe because we are the one's who through our own experience create a universe within ourselves that is either aligned to or misaligned to the universe. Understanding how light get converted into physical structure within the subconscious mind provides a context of light being created on the first day. Understanding that light originated from an alpha particle emission (The alpha and Omega), provides a context for the creation of light from a Bose Einstein Condensate of Helium (He the Father). The single form of all light within the universe at the ground state of energy, everything is present as one thing. The singularity. As God. So the idea that God created the universe through a sacrifice can be understood that the God particle is the origin of the universe and we are living within the universe that is the living God. Origin from the BEC (Bose Einstein Condensate) of helium. 

Being made in the image of God. Wisdom of Solomon 2:23: For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity. The righteous, because they are made in the image of God, can rest in the full hope of eternal life. The image of a Bose Einstein Condensate is a sphere, a circle, comprised of electrons. So the 16 electrons in the Bose Einstein Condensate of Helium is God's image. As we too are made of electrons, and the electron creates the Planck field of electromagnetism after 13.8 billion years of electrons travelling towards themselves on the four positions of the cross to produce a distance of 1.6E-35 meter. The electrons also create the proton and neutron pairing of three quarks (in my model - three electrons) the perspective of the original BEC. So from this perspective, yes we are made in the image of God and from God. So what is the pathway to immortality? If you understand that your electrons are 13.8 billion years old as of today. So your electron age is different from your age at birth. Do you consider the 9 months in the womb? What is your conception age? Understanding there are several ways of looking at age and aging. If we are to be immortal beings like God then how do we ascend into the heavens to become one with God? My position is that Earth is already located in the heavens and we need not go anywhere other than where we are now to create heaven on earth. He even, He being the Father, even being the inverted symmetry or SUSY inversion model where 12 go out (disciples) and 4 go in. 16 in total. How can 12 and 4 be even? There is a ratio 3 and 1. The three in one. In hydrogen we have a model in science of three in the nucleus (proton consisting of three quarks) and the one electron on the outside. 

My model suggests that each electron is matched by a positron and we have not lost antimatter at all, it has just been hidden by the numbering used to calculate quark charges in protons and neutrons, which has been generated through measurement. If measurement is a form of judgement and judge not least thee be judged. Then it is best we stop measuring and putting God to the test as this is what causes the illusion of asymmetry in the standard model of quarks used in biology, which is not the model used in physics. There are 6 quarks in physics in the standard model and only two quarks in biology (Up and Down). I changed the standard model quark mathematics calculations for quark change from Up = 2/3+ and Down = -1/3 to Up = -1 and Down = +1. The reason why I did this is because I wanted to created an understanding of putting God first. That means not measuring and accepting. No judgement. That meant that God is number 1. Given that God created everything seen and unseen, this means that from that perspective the quarks have to be 1 and -1. So I used that approach to put protons as +1 and neutrons as -1. I used the concept of multiplication rather than addition and I found that my neutron was -1 rather than 0 charge. This allowed me to put positrons back into the model and create the 0 charge on the neutron by making the positron cancel the -1 charge due to its +1 charge. I looked into the size difference between the positron and electron and neutron and proton. The electron = positron. The neutron > proton. So the larger size of the neutron is able to be considered due to the presence of the positron leading to the overall 0 charge in the standard model of neutrons. 

This allowed me to return inverted symmetry back into the geometry of atoms, this allows the cross based symmetry and geometry to be observed in S orbitals of atoms. The function of the cross in the Christ. So I have discovered the Cross based inverted symmetry in atoms and understand the role of this geometry in physics as "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". This principle comes from the understanding of the conservation of energy, where energy cannot be destroyed or created only transformed.

God's transformation into our present universe. My mathematical calculations using the SUSY inversion model based on cross inverted symmetry enabled me to identify and surrender to God's Love. I understood the actual act of sacrifice and the message of the Cross and carrying my own cross within the very nature of physics in my body, in chemistry in my body and biology in my body. Due to the nature of the geometry of light or electromagnetism. I became a quantum biologist to study God in essence to align myself with the universe and how it operates at the speed of light.

The inverted symmetry is observed in Newton's equation for Gravity as well as Einstein's model of electromagnetism. 
Einstein geometry
Newton's equation of Gravity.