Quantum Technologies Ltd

Here are the three fathers of quantum mechanics. Everyone knows Einstein, as he is the most famous scientist in the world and everyone knows E=mc^2. And no "m" does not equal mass in my model. Another famous person you may know is Yahweh also known as Jesus Christ. So what do Einstein and Yahweh have in common and why is this the basis for a new way of looking at Spiritual science in the quantum realm? Well, Yahweh performed miracles, healing miracles and he was able to make the blind see. Understanding that physics is blind to our biology based on our current beliefs and what we are taught as scientists, and as allopathic medicine considers the human body to be physical and made of matter and that it needs physical things in order to interact with it, has made western allopathic medicine linear in its approach to health. Take a pill and you will get better or at least suppress the symptoms of the disease. 

There is a better way. You way. Or Yahweh. To experience and understand the message that comes from within the very depths of your being you have to listen to yourself and take ownership and responsibility of your health. It is the journey of a lifetime. Only you can truly know yourself. You are unique and the experiences you have in life have created you today. You may not remember all of those experiences you have had, however, your subconscious mind remembers and records everything. The conscious person is only aware of a small amount of that information, however, the past has created the consciousness that brings to fruition the creative subconscious mind. All the structures within in the physical mind are created through the subconscious mind, and the physics of light interacting with form. Therefore, everyone is an individual because the structures within the mind are constantly adapting to our environment. This adaptation and flexibility of the human subconscious mind is what provides our unique ability to see beyond the physical limits of conscious sight and into the realm of contemplation and imagination, which resides in the subconscious.
Quantum Technologies Ltd provides the revolutionary biological tools and understanding of the subconscious mind based on light physics at the Planck scale. The model is outside of time, and has no mass or charge. It is the now! From this conceptual framework all can be seen without interaction and from the point of non measurement. The act of measurement is an act of judgement. Hard concepts for the mind to retain in a void of nothing, where everything is in existence without motion. To perceive what is there before measurements are made in order to understand how to create what is desired and then align the universe to that desire to create what is wanted in as fewer steps as possible through being in alignment with the universal forces of the universe. The tiger chasing its tail constantly trying to catch the uncatchable. As if we have never witnessed the shadow within and seen the cave wall that the shadow not dances on.
Quantum Technologies Ltd uses unique thinking in order to understand how to break quantum mechanics, destroy the concept of time and experience spiritual enlightenment. When you finally get to see inside the engine after lifting the hood, you get to understand how things work. So I use my 28 years of scientific knowledge and deep spiritual experiences to look deep into the physics of my own body in order to understand how it is working, in order to share that wisdom and create quantum biological regenerative medicine technologies to help people heal themselves. Your body, your mind, your heart and your Soul. Integrated holistic health from a quantum biology perspective.