Questions and answers

Questions that people have asked me about OH BEE HAVE empowering healing.

How does the product work to reduce pain?

The first thing to consider is the hydroxyl radicals generated are naturally produced and only last for 1 nanosecond and produce 1200 electron volts of energy to do work in your body. This is a foundational change and has enough energy to break down the old biology to CO2 and water (a cellular process called apoptosis). This is a natural system that your conscious mind does not detect as around millions of cells in your body do this everyday. So the feeling of pain is based on biology and a phenomenon that relates to signals from neurons. 
Pain is complex but there is an oxidation switch where thiol groups get oxidised and this stops pain signals. The oxidation of thiols occurs with the hydroxyl radical generated by OH BEE HAVE. 
Depending on the activity of the product the pain relief can occur quickly and within minutes but could last a few hours before reapplication is needed.
It appears that application on the area in pain is beneficial but also the systemic use and repeated use. The more the product is used the greater the number of protein particles in your body the more anti inflammatory as the particles get taken up by inflammatory cells by phagocytosis. An enzyme called NADPH oxidase produces H2O2 in the phagosome and this reacts with the reduced iron Fe2+ and it is this reaction that generates the hydroxyl radicals in the inflammatory cell. This process has been shown to stop the inflammation process from continuing and it appears that the cells enter apoptosis or a cell death. We know that inflammation is linked to pain and there are many cytokines and chemokines which are signalling molecules that are involved in healing and coordinating the healing cascade produced by macrophage which are inflammatory cells that get stopped by the anti inflammatory process in OBH.
Also, in fetal healing wounds can heal without scarring and without the involvement of the immune system. So OBH and Manuka honey has the ability to heal rapidly without the need for inflammation which points to a regeneration process which is more fundamental than healing with scarring. This is due to its ability to convert biology back to CO2 and water and start again from a clean slate. So it is healing that builds from a clean slate and removes the old damaged biological structures and restores through regeneration and not a normal wound healing. 
I hope this helps explain the complexity of the product. I will add more later.