Rainbow light body

Rainbow light bodyThe rainbow light body is a historical understanding of the role of light within the human body. I make topical light foods. EM-Foods, or electromagnetism that can be used topically for health and wellbeing. The concept that the Holy spirit comes as gentle as the dew falls aligns with the mystical experience that I had and the mist delivery of the topical pray that put light into your body using photo-Fenton chemistry and the production of a molecule species that lasts for 1 nanosecond but can be produced 1 billion times in a second. The amount of energy released by the active species allows the breakdown of cells back into CO2 and water. When you see the bubbles of light produced by Photo-Fenton chemistry and its similarity to the yin yang symbol it will make you wonder if they knew what light looked like previously and how to harness the power of light in their bodies.
Light or electromagnetism has specific features including zero mass and zero charge, the right hand rule of electromagnetism, it has a wavelength with a known energy (eV), distance and frequency. Light has some unusual properties because it is considered the fastest thing in the universe, however this is debatable, due to universe expansion and alpha particle emission with time dilatory speeds 10x the speed of light and was responsible for inflantion of the universe. Light has both wave like properties and particle like properties and has quantum features of entanglement. All of these features of light make it one of the most widespread fundamental forces of nature in our universe. It is also our most overwhelming sense and the features of light that correspond to sight in a biological sense are only partly understood.

We consider the light we see to be the external world. However, the human retina are inverted so we are looking within. How can that be? Well your dreams are produced from the minerals called monoatomics coordinated to the neurotransmitters and this can generate light when photons are release in radioactive beta decay processes from quark flipping from Up to Down and from Down to Up to return inverted symmetry back into the atom strcuture, which returns atomic stability into the atom.

Biology has evolved to harness the energy present in light. The most obvious is photosynthesis which produces glucose from light through the capture of carbon dioxide. This process is now known to involve quantum effect of tunneling. Currently, quantum mechanical principles are not widely applied to biological systems because of the complexity of wavefunction analysis in complex biological systems, however, the application of tunneling concepts to lights geometry as well as its zero mass and zero charge properties provides a limited understanding of the features within atomic structures of the only quantum element of the periodic table and that is hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the primordial element, the creator of all other elements and has a unique place in the periodic table and in biology. The feature of hydrogen that makes it quantum tunnel is based on an inverted geometry of the positron electron pairs within the atom itself in the S orbitals.

Einstein's geometry

As outlined in the SUSY inversion model the S orbitals contain 4 electrons and not 2 and two of these are considered to be positrons in stable atoms whereby quantum tunneling events can occur to produce additional atoms of higher order to create the elements of the periodic table. The geometry of the positions of the electron and positron are such that every action has an equal and opposite reaction therefore conservation of mass and charge can be obtained when there are two photons of light within the atom where zero mass and zero charge can be obtained. At this point quantum tunneling of the massless and chargeless particles within hydrogen can occur which is when they are positioned in a geometrically inverted symmetry.

Atomic singularity
The zero point, or atomic singularity acts as a pinhole camera and at the Planck scale of 1.6 E -35 meter creates the inversion point from one side of the atom to the other side of the atom. The rearrangement of Einstein's equation to
m = E/c^2 provides a way to understand the generation of magnetism from the interaction of energy with light. This Newtonian form, the inverse square law allows non mesaured geometric positioning of electron and positron pairs into atomic structures so rather than trying to integrate gravity into quantum physics Quantum Technologies Ltd creates Newtonian atomic geometries through non interaction and logic to identify the singularity point, blance and the one thing that remains at that point. The zero point. The universe is always being called back into that balance point of zero. If you allow it to achieve the zero point then you have achieved the singularity and the doorway inward to the light is revealed.

The spiritual food I make takes you on that journey. It is both knowledge for the mind and understanding how the light is generated in the mind. The subconscious mind. If you consume topical light foods then you will be enlightened. If the acension of your knowing and wisdom is what you seek then having a food, that is light, can assist in the revelations of the light within.

Knowing that antimatter is present in atoms so that the geometry in S orbitals is the geometry of the cross and positioning of the electron and positron positions can be identified using inverse square law analysis from the singularity. Feedback from Fraunhofer lines can be used to understand wavelength changes within the atoms between the positron and electron pairs. Inverse square laws where the r^2 is the distance between positron and electron. The spectral lines of atoms give you the clues to what wavelengths they operate at and therefore their frequencies of operation or timing relates to the isotope half lives. 
Spectral lines
The role of light within your rainbow light body is therefore more than just a pretty rainbow bow a clue to the function of light within our bodies. The cell is packed and things take time and energy to move. Light moves freely within cells because of its unique properties of no mass and charge as well as cross based geometry. These features enable light to travel to specific locations and like radio signals only get picked up by the right antennas. The antenna's within biology are the minerals. There unique spatial arrangements of positron and electron pairs within atoms enables the capture of light and the release of light which is the flow of energy within our bodies. So the biochemistry of light is the focus of quantum biology. This is the area I work in and why I use topical light foods to connect within and to understand the role of light within our bodies and the role that it plays in our spiritual health and physicsal well-being.
Putting light into people's bodies using royal jelly proteins isolated from manuka honey and the photo Fenton chemistry system is my way of giving a deeply spiritual gift that I received back in 2013 to others and to share the knowledge that I have gained as a scientist working at the leading edge of regenerative medicine technologies. I have gone deep into the light and come back to reveal what I have learned.

This is what the light body foods look like under the Nanosight and they put light energy directly into your body. Like stars, putting the power of sunlight into your hands. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing enables you to take ownership of your own well-being journey.