Sustainability ethos

The global situation is getting worse everyday, or is it getting better. Seems to me at least, that we have the power to create the mess we are in and we also have the power to get out of the 6th mass extinction on planet earth if we humans start being open and truthful. The sustainable nature of the work I do comes from the very depths of understanding how nature works and how it works best without human intervention. Our pristine environments in New Zealand are becoming less and less due to humans making bad decisions for economic gain. So my solution is to use a technology and innovation that works to clean up the mess we have made for ourselves.

The sustainable approach I have created is to look into the very fabric of our nature and perceived reality and understand how to restore health to people so that they are empowered to do the right thing. It is up to you to decide what the right thing is, after all, the right hand rule of electromagnetism means that doing the right things is in alignment with light. Alignment with the way the universe is.  Having established a light touch and a sustainable approach, I am now working with nature in restoring my compassion to our land Aotearoa by providing a deeper connection to our mother earth and developing technologies whereby light is put into our bodies in order to restore well-being. Let there bee light and there was. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is a bee light in a bottle "Buzz light yeah!"

Bees are magical creatures and I work with them to share their magic with others. They say that honey is the food of the Gods and that the Holy Spirit comes as gentle as the dew fall. I have taken these concepts as a scientist and explored the depth of truth with regards to the product I have made. Seems strange to consider the idea that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father and look to the Holy Spirit for guidance in how to carry myself in science and my faith in unity. I have found a way to do that and that is why I enjoy what I do and love working with nature and not against it. I hope you too desire to live in harmony with nature and respect the gifts that we all have been given. The greatest gift that has been given is life itself. Don't let it cost you your life! Walk in your truth.