The devil's in the details

To be able to distill science into a metaphor and provide an understanding of a new conceptual framework in which to explore the scientific landscape from this new perspective. The details in biology are complex with biochemical pathways heading in all directions building up and breaking down all components of cells. Biochemistry considers these and the enzyme systems that are functional and the DNA code that provides the builder's blue-print. This is like looking at the tree above and understanding only the leaves and provides a complex detailed system, that systems analysis using omics technologies to observe and make decisions based on. Having the ability to produce too much information means science has become overwhelmed with information. The human mind faced with this much information try's to understand this complexity by making models and building AI based platforms to understand what is going on in an attempt to control it. The models we have a both temporal and spatial which means they are dependent on the time the snapshot is taken as well as the resolution used. As the information changes based on the environment the information you get today will different from tomorrow. So what value does so much information have for making decisions? You data, your information. But this is not what it is today because your data is someone else's opportunity to make money from you. They say your genes create the opportunity for you to be sick. Sorry, this is not backed up my science. Your environment controls the gene expression and therefore your ability to live a healthy life is based on the environment that you can create around you.

If you now consider the chemistry as the branches and the trunk of the tree in the above image. If looking from above through the leaves of biology then the chemistry may be someone what obscured by the biology. Here we find that our own sensory system acts to obscure own understanding, in other word we find many chemical changes in our bodies and these chemical changes impact on our emotions and feelings in our bodies. The structural changes in water have been linked to emotion and the range of other chemicals the body produces has also been associated with various emotional states. The biology (DNA -> RNA -> proteins) produces the chemistry. The chemistry constantly changes and the time frame of those changes is dependent on the rate of enzymatic reactions and non enzymatic reactions in the body.
If we now consider the physics within the atomic world within our bodies. From a biology perspective, atoms a fixed in position and are stable and do not change. The atomic world is seen in biology in physical form as a solid object. This thinking, is based on simplification and making something that is complex easier to understand. However, from this understanding the only way to really impact biochemistry happening in our bodies is through chemicals. This assumption does not hold true as we now that atoms are complex and contain moving parts. It sounds very mechanistic and machine like, which was an old conceptual framework for atoms. Again, we have made things simple in order to try and break through the layers of knowledge. In my model of the tree the physics happening in our bodies is the root system. The roots are not seen as the soil layer covers them and makes what we observe biological and not physics. So to see the physics in our bodies would be considered unfamiliar, strange and create a sensation of surprise and possibly fear.

One last thing that we have not considered in the model of the tree and that is the seed. The original single cell that resulted in transformation through a process of germination to create the life that you witness before you. The seed is lost as there is too much going on to be discovered in the complexity of the biology, chemistry and physics that the seed of life within the tree itself is no longer observed. It is only when this tree creates new seeds that such a form is able to be observed once more. For me, the seed is to understand the essence of transformation. Who are the key players in the process of transformation and what rules does this process use. My own exploration of such a seed is shown in the video below.

Seeing life being created is amazing. A simple act can have profound consequences. Speak up and listen, both acts are acts of love. Who are the actors in your play. Enjoy the movie.