The perception of time. Time for a rethink!

brain waves
What frequency are you operating at? The higher state of consciousness? Creativity? These are known frequencies of operation and their associated functions within the human mind. These are slow in relation to the inner workings of the physics of the human subconscious mind. The 1 billion hertz frequency of the subconscious mind is triggered by light and Photo-Fenton chemistry. Too fast for the conscious mind to observe. You don't see if and you don't feel it so is it real? Can we experience the atomic world within using our own imagination which provides insight and a creative process to produce a logic based reality that can be experienced, which changes the perception of time.

What is time? Time and space are connected. As it takes time to move from point A to point B. The bending of time in a sense in possible using the power of the mind. As the conceptual framework of Space and Time that are functional in time perception that are within our physiology and that are housed within our minds and it is developing the concepts and framework of time that provides an understanding how to shift one's perception of time and to make time for yourself.

As a child you probably thought that 1 year was a long time and as you grew up, your perception of time changes and 1 year is a relatively short period of time. So what physiological processes within the human mind are occurring to shift a persons perception of time? If the conscious perception of time as a constant flow of light (information) is conferred by consciousness and that is a consequence of neurological function, then changes in neurological structure from child to adult would have the potential to change the function of time perception. One of the things about children is that their minds operate at a different rate than adults and the modification of myelination of neurons may result in a faster conduction process that allows the neurons to send signals at a rate that is quicker in an adult than a child. The principle that speed is related to time perception or frequency may therefore be relevant. Neuron conduction speed may provide an answer to the perception of time. Slow neuron signals would give the impression that time goes slow, whereas, fast neuron signals would give the impression that time is fast. Is there an internal timer? The atomic timing for light release within is known at the level of physics. Do the unstable isotopes providing the timing codes within the enzyme rates of reaction. I am going to investigate these features of physics in biology to see if we have those aspects working within our biology. This is an interesting area of investigation.

Biological cycles of time
We have the cycadean biological cycle that links us to daily cycles driven by light / dark cycles of earths daily rotation. So, light has played a significant functional role in our evolutionary development, without the sun there is no day / night cycle. Our perception of light occurs at many levels. Sight and the functional role of our vision systems is linked directly to visible light and the functioning of light within biology is based on the physics of light. However, if consciousness is slow and based on neurological function it cannot normally observe the functioning of light within the inner workings of our own biology because of its own speed limitations. We therefore have to use functional aspects of physics and its temporal and spatial properties in understanding how those features of light can be considered and a rationale model developed to look at those features of light within. The concept I have put forward for dreaming and sleep provides a model that identifies isotope formation and symmetry within the monoatomic as a predominant requirement for sleep function and light originating within dreams.  Looking at the role of brain waves (as consciousness states 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz corresponding to 1E-10 THz, which equates to 599584916 meters to 2997924.58 meters. The speed of light [c = 299 792 458 meters / second]), they operate in low frequencies compared to visible light which our eyes can see, which operates from (749 THz to 428 THz, from 400 to 700 nm). The concept that the slower the (Hz) frequency the further the distance away light can travel in that period. E.g. the light from the sun is 8 minutes 20 seconds old by the time it reaches earth. The light from the moon is 1 second old when it reaches earth. The further things are away the longer it takes for the light to reach us on earth. All of these events are in the past. To experience that light takes time. However, to experience light stored within your own body in the form of a bond in a molecule requires that bond to  be broken releasing that light internally to do work within. The releasing of atomic light by asymmetric isotopes at a time point corresponding to their half life, as an atomic clock, an internal time keeper can also provide the concept of light that is stored at an atomic level. These internal time keepers providing very fast and high energy emission events. The unlocking of which is dependent on known physics and the relationship between geometric symmetry within the atomic world within.

The concept that slow frequencies allows you to connect to distances further away from you would also have the opposite holding true, where the high frequency events within would give you a connection to events that would be considered future time points as they occur within and can be experienced before an external events happen. The Déjà vu experience providing a context for the timings between the internal subconscious construction of an external world through the apparatus of the subconscious light physics and the conscious observation that requires the functional role of neurological tissue firing and observing the universe in its sense a physical external form. Neurological analysis of muscle signals shows that the brains signal for motion is perceived to occur before movement begins e.g. Surprisingly, people typically judge the onset of their movement to occur 75-100 ms prior to when it actually began. This difference cannot be accounted for simply by the time it takes for the movement commands to travel from the brain to the arm muscles (which is on the order of 16-25 ms). So the thought of movement and the actual movement are separate events on a temporal scale. Where are the original signals arising from? You do not have to think about moving and you can learn movements and commit those to memory in the form of muscle memory. The ability to store memory in physiological tissue suggests that a functional role of memory is in the form of physical structure. As thinking is slow and reaction times can be faster than thinking it is postulated that the origin of action comes from the subconscious mind and not from conscious thought unless new movements are being learned that require repetitive actions in order to develop new pathways. It is proposed that the subconscious minds light based signals originate from isotopic instability of monoatomics within the mind and these function as the timekeepers for fast responses and signaling movement and are related to the perception of the thought of movement which people judge as the timing of movement that occurs before the observation of movement. The eyes and the observation of movement complete the circuit between the inner light based on switch in monoatomic mineral asymmetry and the cognition of motion.
Back to the functional role of light in the perception of time within. Electromagnetism ranges from 1E-15 meters (gamma rays) to extremely long wavelengths 100,000 meters that is 20 orders of magnitude. Vision is in the nm range 1E-9 meters, which is 10E6 times smaller than gamma rays and 10E6 meters larger than millimeters. Our functional resolution of sight is suggested to be down at 0.1 mm or 100 microns. The most distant individual star visible to the unaided eye is a little over 4000 light years away, in the constellation Cassiopeia--and though it appears to us as a fairly faint star, it is in reality a supergiant star over 100,000 times more luminous than our Sun. So what is the functional role of being able to see so far away?  
So sight takes light that is travelling at the speed of light (c = 299 792 458 meters / second and enabled by the human mind to see objects in space/time, a 3D construct of an external world around us.

The old PAL TVs in New Zealand worked at 25 frames per second interlaced. That is 50 fields per second, so 50 Hz. The hertz cycle rate appears as a constant stream of information received by the eye through the TV screen. This appeared as constant motion and not individual frames separated by space and time. So, our eyes operate faster but the conscious mind is slow in comparison and accepts the generation of individual still frames as perceived motion. If this was not the case then the observer (conscious mind) would see a glitch, like stop motion, a dropped frame or two would be observed and the illusion broken and a lack of continuous information revealed. This would look somewhat like the digital TV signal dropping out and the image going blocky. You would know something is wrong with the signal reception or signal processing. So this metaphor, provides an understanding how the conscious mind reads the signals produced from the subconscious mind. So this supposes that the subconscious mind is operating faster than the conscious minds processing capacity, which has a slower rate of perception and therefore its frequency is lower.

Light is suggested as the fastest thing in the universe, therefore, reason would suggest that the subconscious mind is operating using light.  If the conscious mind speeds up enough, or if the timings sync then the conscious mind may catch a glimpse of the subconscious minds operation. If so, then, what would that look like?

We can imagine the features of our own biology that provide an understanding of the functional role of the subconscious mind, as a light based operating quantum computer whos structure function relationship provides the functional features associated with light. What I mean by that is the light based subconscious mind has to operate within the laws of physics associated with electromagnetism (light). Being transparent would be an important feature. The brain containing 80% water and waters transparency could be a useful feature for its functional role in generating light of different frequencies in the formation of rainbows. So the functional role of a lens within the world of the mind. I have previously discussed the role of the s orbital structures having both concave and convex lens structures within the geometry of an atom and how the electron as the point light source provides a feature to how the position of electrons within atoms may be determined by the functional role of the point light source and its geometric symmetry.

The functional features of electromagnetism include the photo-electric effect, photo-Fenton chemistry, photo-chemistry, photo-ionization, photo-isomerization, the right-hand-rule of electromagnetism, wave/particle duality, and quantum entanglement. The double slit experiment should be a functional feature of the subconscious mind physics.

The concept that I am putting forward is that the subconscious mind functions as a quantum supercomputer. It is light based. So what features of human anatomy provide support for this hypothesis? If we look at the human blind spot within our vision system the eye, as an early evolutionary feature in the evolution of the human brain development.  Can the blind spot function as a pinhole camera for the creation of an inner image not on the retina but within the subconscious mind enabling light based geometry and light based physics to operate. This thinking would suggest that the two pinholes (one in each eye) would provide a similar context for the double slit experiment where photons of light (positron and electron pairs) would create wave-like features within the subconscious mind. 
The wave like features of the protein particles present in Manuka honey and whey (shown above) are due to the monoatomic mineral systems interacting with the light of the Nanosight instrument. These individual particles producing wavelike features due to the emission of light. These vesicles or eVs within the milk provide a system that is able to interact with light as well as release that light is specific ways producing an array of patterns. The particles are somewhat like the vesicles released from neurons containing neurotransmitters. It is postulated that the light interaction within our minds is operating is a similar way and that the signaling features of neurotransmitters whilst that are exterior to the neurons is operating in a similar fashion through the functional role of light. That is why light is proving to be useful for the stimulation of brain function. This is why SSRI is functioning because of light based signals and not neurological signals. The receptor mediated uptake in reducing the exterior concentration of neurotransmitters and therefore the functional light based signaling within the subconscious mind is being dimensioned reducing the amount of light being generated in the subconscious mind providing a feeling of depression. This hypothesis would also support the findings that increased mental well-being, reduced brain fog and increased mental clarity were all observed using the Manuka honey particles containing royal jelly proteins, minerals in complexation to phenolics and the generation of photo-Fenton chemistry, that enhances the amount of light being generated within the body and mind by breaking bonds and converting biological structures into CO2 and water as shown in the following video. 

Video showing photo-Fenton chemistry system present in Manuka honey. This observation provided me with the visible model of yin-yang and the concept of a photon of light which is released from the bubble is comprised of a positron and electron and the distance between then being a wavelength. The center of which has zero mass and zero charge because the charge and spin are opposite. The positron and electron separating from the center zero and originating from a field of energy or zero point of no mass and no charge. The light field where things are operating at the speed of light relative to their function distance given by time. 
Einstein geometry
The geometry of light based on Einstein's equation suggested that because of time reversal symmetry from a central point or the singularity, light is traveling in opposite directions at the speed of light so moving away from itself at twice the speed of light. Time reversal symmetry has been observed in relation to memory and learning. These features of functional symmetry within the hemispheres of the human mind and the fact that one side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body suggests that there is a functional cross over point like an inner nucleus within the geometric symmetry within the mind that provides a fundamental singularity within the mind. It is interesting to think how all the information provided within the sensory systems can be coordinated and integrated into a single experience and a unifying state of consciousness where the perspective of the individual creates the experience. The subconscious minds framework based on the atomic symmetry and the concepts that the nucleus provides within the atom, where all the information from the surrounding positrons and electrons, are observable from the nucleus, at that zero point (the singularity) is this physics equivalent of the human condition of a singularity of the conscious mind. To change your external perception of separateness to an internal perception of connectivity down at the atomic level within and enabling the perception of space and time itself within the connected state of the zero field of energy where everything is light (no mass and no charge). Is this inner doorway to a different spatial awareness and to a new concept of spatial reality?
The fight, flight or freeze based autonomic nervous system provides a functional role in survival in the human being and in all animals. Under certain situations this system kicks into action and when it does it can change a persons perception of time. When time stands still. Almost like the role rotoscoping plays in a movie fight scene, when everything stays still but the observer appears to be able to observe the scene from multiple angles all at once. This is done using many cameras taking an image all at the same time and then stitching them together in a sequence so that the camera position changes without any time having passed. So space changes without time. The concept of space/time and position of the observer relative to the object that is being observed is therefore relevant with respect to one's own perception of reality and the processes of cognition and consciousness and the subconscious mind as well as how we perceive time. In a sense your own inner universe is physically linked within one's mind, however, the perception of reality appears external to you in an external world, which is quantitatively evident. We do not consider the universe that we see as within us. That all is mind. But our perception of reality is limited by our sensory system and limited to small windows in the electromagnetic fields of energy. Our minds ability to operate at the speed of light in the subconscious mind and create conscious reality of an external physical world based on an inner would of light that we see is not straight forward to imagine nor come up with in a logical mechanism in order to decipher this layered evolutionary complexity and anatomy that has formed to create who we are today.  

However, a window into the subconscious mind is obtained through looking into the atomic window of symmetry and the geometry of electromagnetism and applying these ideas into biology of perception of the inner universe of light within. The idea of SUSY inversion model and a symmetrical state present in light based on the right hand rule of electromagnetism suggests that mass and charge obtained in the physical world originate from a world of electromagnetism that occurs without mass and charge. The two systems corresponding to symmetry inversion and asymmetry at an atomic level (based on scientific measurement). This provides a working framework for the dualism of opposites and the hemisphere nature of the human mind, which is also seen in the hemisphere nature of light (positron and electron, with opposite charge and opposite spin). It is proposed that light has zero mass and zero charge because of the balance of opposites around a point that is considered zero. The hemisphere nature of an electron being two vortices of Planck length spinning around a zero point. This is my current working model and visualization method that I use to contemplate the inner workings of the atom at the level of the Planck length which science currently does not have the technical capability to reach with any instrument. The earth in a sense providing two hemispheres of opposites e.g. north and south. One side is lit by the sun whilst the other side remains in darkness (day and night). The features of an electron may also have similar properties, that one side is lit by the nucleus (an atoms inner sun) of an atom and is lit on the internal surface and the external surface is in darkness. The rate of electron spin is dependent on the distance from the nucleus as is the case for the planets in the solar system using Kepler's rule where the time squared divided by the distance from the sun cubed has a ratio of 25. This is consistent across all planets in our solar system. The potential sided nature of a internal positive surface facing the nucleus light and an external negative surface that is facing away from the light (dark). This reflective geometry providing a context of opposites or providing the concept of a Janus particle as a functional feature of an electron with a diameter twice that of the Planck length 4 x 10^-18 meter. This fits the concept of inverse square law relationship used by Newton as well as the quantum mechanical principles of waves and musical theory of frequency and harmonics being an octave above having double the frequency. My approach and thinking looks to see aspects of the function of light based on halving and doubling of distance makes any sense within the context of atoms in the monoatomic state. The square root of the electron diameter gives 2 x 10^-9 meter which is 2 nanometers. This distance is functional in biology. It corresponds to extreme UV light, which earth is considered free of due to the ionization ability such in energy levels do not last long and are absorbed by atoms close by. The shortest wavelengths of electromagnetism are gamma rays corresponding to 10^-15 meters (10^-6 nanometers) or 200,000 times smaller than 2 nm and 1000 times bigger than the theoretical electrons diameter that I am proposing.

Photons obviously interact with electrons in the photo-electric effect and the nature of individual photons means the wavelength specifically interacts with an electron based on its own unique environment within the atom. This is evident in Fraunhofer lines, which are the electron signatures of transition that are specific and unique for each atom. If the wavelength does not correspond to the appropriate orbital transition or Fraunhofer line wavelength, then no productive interaction can occur and no electron transition will be observed, which is the reason why transition lines are quantized to photon wavelengths. Therefore no work can be performed by the photon in such an atom and no absorbance will occur. It is as if nothing is present and nothing can be detected as no loss of energy in the photon will occur and it will travel unimpeded. The photon therefore passes freely through the environment until it gets to an electron that is operating on a similar wavelength. In other words the electron that reacts to the photon has to be operating at the same spacing or energy level and frequency as that original photo-electric interaction operated at to produce the photon of light to begin with. This suggests that each monoatomic mineral and the photo-electric effect will operate at a given frequency based on the electron orbital transitions resulting in the ability of biology to conduct biological pathways tuned to different frequencies that relates to the monoatomic minerals involved. This would suggest that communication can occur using different minerals in different biological pathways which will be timed differently with respect to the isotopic stability of the monoatomics present in the biological pathway.

In biology, we see certain minerals associated with given biological processes and the overall coordination of one cascade with others in biology is assumed to be due to enzymatic control, inhibition feedback loops and allosteric properties of multiple binding sites within enzymes. As enzymes appear to be a later evolutionary stage in biology compared to the chemistry and physics that can occur without the biological regulation. It would be interesting to evaluate the coordination in biology at the level of electron transitions and the photo-electric effect of different minerals in different biological pathways to determine if there is any coordination at the level of photon release (timing) based on isotopic forms as well as wavelength of photons released and how these could act as signaling systems within the body over long distances in relatively quick time periods without the need for biological molecules to diffuse through a crowed array of macromolecular machines within the cell. The geometric features of proteins and chemicals within the body and within the cell means the macromolecular crowding that occurs within cells would produce slow biological processes if based on Brownian motion for diffusion. Biology may have overcome these issues allowing rapid signals via specific photons of light which regulate functional biological processes in the body. The spatial geometry of photons allows a range of specific wavelengths to be used, like radio stations, that would function as specific channels for long range coordination and communication within the body. There are a wide range of frequency based energy medicines in the market that appear to be using those approaches to enhance health and well-being. The atomic tune of each monoatomic atom could be used to coordinate harmonic based resonance that are functional and deliver a fundamental frequency that could originate within the subconscious mind and the photo-biomodulation that may be taking place within the subconscious depending on which atoms that are coordinated to the neurotransmitters.
Electron origin?
Currently an electron is too small for photons to be able to separate the electrons into their respective component Planck lengths and an electron is considered to be a fundamental particle in the standard model of physics. 

So if we are able to contemplate the Planck length and Planck time then we would functionally be able to travel in time to the beginning of time 13.8 billion light years ago and the Planck length epoch. So space/time at the Planck scale is apparently timeless. Therefore, thinking how the Planck lengths originated from something that happened 13.8 billion years ago is like looking back in time with the conscious mind to build a framework of the origin of time itself and to help unlock times secrets. To build a scientific framework and language that is based on Planck scale provides a window into the structure of the fabric of space/time and the zero point field that is present. You could say the most densely packed areas of space are black holes and that space can be is full of Planck lengths in Black holes and that would give the greatest density and therefore alter the geometry of space/time. If the energy within the black hole is sufficient to separate electrons into Planck lengths then the functional features of light will be lost and a potential reason for black holes not being able to emit visible light. Physics suggests that all time is happening all the time. So if you consider that, hence why the background radiation from the start of the universe is apparent in all of space and time, and if we can look at all time scales in operation concurrently then why are we physiologically connected within this time and time appears to be linear or cyclical with a forward motion in trajectory.

My thinking suggests that the perception of time relates directly to the relationship between subconscious mind physics based on light (fast) and the inner workings of consciousness based on neurological firing and this temporal relationship between the quantum light based supercomputer (subconscious mind) and the digital consciousness. Our observed reality provides the key to our perception of time. The photo-Fenton system operates at 1 billion hertz whereas the conscious mind may be operating at a range of frequencies for example 60 Hz. This would suggest that every 192.9 days there would be a cycle where an overlap would occur if the billion Hz cycle fired once per second whereas the 60 Hz fired 60 times a second. This could provide a window of alignment to enable a visible conscious observation of the inner works at this frequency of operation between the conscious and subconscious minds. So we are inherently not aware of these inner works at a conscious level, and just as well to be honest, as the light show so to speak would be overwhelming and phenomenal. However, the process of understanding the functional role of light within the subconscious mind has significant health promoting benefits that developing such a model and understanding could hold the answers to greater health prosperity for those who are having issues with brain diseases.

The origin of the Planck length in my proposed model is the implosion of electrons from a Bose Einstein condensate of helium 13.8 billion years ago and alpha particle emission. The generation of this distance originating from electrons travelling at the speed of light inward toward each other, in an implosion, for 13.8 billion light years. So the human mind is able to contemplate time, from the beginning of time, but we appear to do so using a measure of distance and a language of mathematics. If the key to time is space and the key to space is time then understanding light and its code based on distance and frequency can lead to a unique approach to understanding the 3D geometrically locked reality we perceive with our minds compared to the functional role light has in our subconscious minds and our perception of time itself.

Atoms are the building blocks of molecules, photons are the building blocks of atoms and electron and positron pairs are the building blocks of photons (in my model), and Planck lengths are the functional building blocks of electrons and positron. Planck lenghts were generated by electrons traveling at the speed of light for 13.8 billion light years from a Helium Bose Einstein condensate (inward as in an implosion). Each atom contains a certain number of electrons in a given volume. Interestingly, hydrogen has a atomic radius of 53 picometers containing 4 electrons and helium contains an atomic radius of 31 picometers (is smaller) but contains a greater mass (4 Daltons) and has 16 electrons. The rule is the closer the electrons are to each other the greater the strength of interaction and the mass increases as the energy level increases. So the relative atomic radius gets smaller as the mass increases because volume equates to proximity and therefore mass within atoms. The magnetic strength would also be stronger. So higher energy equates to greater mass and the relationship relates to eV/c^2 = m. I have always wondered how more and more protons are added to the nucleus of an atom. However, the first atomic orbital layer 1s has a distance of 0.05292 nm from the nucleus, which equates to the atomic radius of hydrogen is 0.053 nm. 
The atomic radius is defined as one-half the distance between the nuclei of identical atoms that are bonded together. So within the nucleus there three quarks that have a proposed size of an electron (4 x E-18 meter) but because they are closer to each other and this proximity makes the mass greater than that of an electron or the equivalent of three individual quarks.  The charge is identical +1 down and -1 up. If they are based on a diameter of 4 x E-18 meter then this equates to 4 x E-9 nm. There world appear to be sufficient scale within the atom for a nucleus to contain three electrons with this diameter.

What got me to look into this as a protein biochemist was my own experience of a shift in temporal and spatial understanding came from an experience that occurred in my life where I could see repeating patterns occurring. I was pushing myself hard in attempt to understand how Manuka honey anti-inflammatory activity was working but observing some strange results that did not make sense in the framework of the current scientific model. So I went back to the drawing board so to speak. This passage down the rabbit hole took me to the breaking point and it was under a set of circumstances that provided me with an opportunity to see and experience that internal vision of the inner workings of my own subconscious mind. The vision I have written about previously. The series of individual images that I observed I have also mentioned previously. They were like flashes of light and had photographic detail and lasted for a very short period of time one after another. My only scientific explanation for this is a radioactive decay event and alpha particle emission that pushed me to see into the Lyman lines (golden sphere of the nucleus within the atom but at a scale of several meters high) and then the release of light within that unstable element provided an atomic light source for those images I saw. It was like a projector and the images being produced were present in my future. It was like the decay process allowed a window into future events via a harmonic frequency and decay process that related to the decay process of the atoms and the release of photons of light from within the atom. The sequence of events appeared to run backwards. My conscious mind was not able to keep up with the speed at which the images were being produced. If there is an inverse relationship between the speed of operation within the subconscious mind and the functional perception of time then my perception of time changed that day. I was considered elevated in a manic state. As I saw things that I have now experienced years later I considered those vision more prophetic and informative than a mental illness. Like living an experience of Deja vu from 2013. It was like being pushed forward not physically in my body but in my mind and shifting a sense of reality by seeing future events before they happened. Going from being present to all of a sudden seeing something within and that brief shift in perception providing a release of static fixed framed images of future events. In a sense a visual window into the future through the looking glass of subconscious mind physics. That experience was very useful in developing the models that I have been doing providing a new understanding of how physics works within biology. If the subconscious can produce a series of images of future events that are years in the future then those functions of the subconscious mind can be observed by consciousness provides a very interesting paradox about all time happening all the time and are events that occur like an array of repeating patterns? At the Planck scale there would appear to be no features that differ from one Planck length to another. At the level of an electron 4 x 10E-18 meter then all electrons are identical and opposite to all positrons. The functional different between a positron and an electron being due to what side of (0,0,0) they reside therefore what spin orientation they have and what charge they hold. If that is a feature of location of 0,0,0 within atomic geometry then placement of the nucleus in geometric 3D space provides a point of a symmetry within the atomic structure. A point where zero can be determined and a connection to the zero point energy field identified within the atomic world. In a sense an atomic black hole.

The idea in the physics of black holes is that all information is retained on the event horizon and this suggests that the information carried into the black hole is not lost. So does biology have an equivalent context? If you consider the human pupil as a black hole and the information that goes into the black hole is taken into the human subconscious mind and used to transform an inner universe which has the inverted symmetry of the external reality where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Just as the external reality can be generated on the inside of a pinhole camera. The black hole or the pupil being the lens to invert all light to a single point. All information is retained within but only certain wavelengths of light are visible. Like the role of a prism the wavelengths can be unpacked to provide a visible spectrum of colour. So light can be separated into individual wavelengths and frequency. The question I propose to myself and to others; is the atomic inner light source contain a spectrum of colours that can shift electron transitions from n=2 to n > 2 in the generation of visible wavelengths of light therefore the nucleus operates as projector that contains the spectral features of that atom but does it also contain the spectral features of the surrounding atoms? Do the s orbital structures function as lenses to observe the external world within the geometry of the atomic internal world. Can we place our perception within the geometry of an atomic nucleus and therefore observe the balanced symmetry and does this physical perceived location affect the experience of physics within the mind. Why I think about these ideas is due to the experience I had. Like the stages of one's life going through the seasons, a transition of one's life through a midpoint functions as in the geometric symbol of infinity where the central position of an atom from which light emerges and originates from the opposite side through the central nucleus. I openly explore different concepts and ideas to look into the consequences of that thinking and see where that takes me in relation to my own personal experience and if that corresponds and aligns with the model that I am developing. If the nucleus can act as the inner light source for all the other external electrons and positrons because the 1s orbital produces a concave lens effect projecting light from all electrons to within the central nucleus. The distances between the different electrons in different orbitals may produce different colours but this is not expressly observed as in the photo-electric effect of electron transitions. These may appear as stable wavelengths of light within the atomic world and could correspond to the wavelengths of photons released in the beta decay processes as they appear to corresponding to lensing through the nucleus. 

I will leave that there and ponder some more.....