Types of pain that OH BEE HAVE is good for

OH BEE HAVE pain relief but online headache pain relief that is natural
This apitherapy product is a natural topical spray that is a light based alternative complementary medicine. It works by putting light into your body through the generation of hydroxyl radicals, that work at a nanosecond time scale, to oxidise thiols, switch off pain by stopping inflammatory cells (macrophage) from communicating with the nervous system. This stops the pain signals from being sent. This technology is revolutionary because it works in nanoseconds. The half-life of the hydroxyl radical last for 1 nanosecond so it does its job at the location where it is produced within the body. 
pain complementary medicine that is natural and good for headaches, period pain, joint pain, muscle aches
The proteins recovered from Manuka honey contain the antioxidant compounds that the bees have collected from plants. Inside of the ring structures of the antioxidants is a single atom. The atom behaves in a unique way because of its properties it is able to interact with light and become photo-reduced making them highly reactive towards hydrogen peroxide produced in your body as a result the targeted generation of hydroxyl radicals occurs leading to a local rapid pain relief affect.

People have tried this for a wide range of pains. All of which appear to receive benefits from the topical spray. Good for headaches, period pains, joint pains and muscle cramps. 

As the hydroxyl radicals are naturally produced in a persons body as part of the cellular apoptosis process, the old damaged parts of the body are able to be renewed using the power of apitherapy and the light medicine that is produced through photo-Fenton chemistry. 

This is a gift of regeneration that is produced by bees in Manuka honey. My product that I make contains that gift. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing puts the power of healing back into your hands.