Unification of Gravity and the Strong Force

hydrogen wave function

The functional understanding of biology is shifting away from the carbon-based biochemistry and into a model that has at its central theme hydrogen-based biology. Understanding how hydrogen is fundamental to all forms of life is the reason why the two elements oxygen and hydrogen are functional in water and pH and the dynamics of pH underpin ATP generation in the mitochondria. There are certain geometric forms of hydrogen wave function that are important in quantum tunnelling and entanglement processes leading to isotope generation. 

 It is this functional role of hydrogen in isotope physics that makes it important as an atomic clock due to isotope half-life decay timings.

The singularity physics model (SUSY inversion) features a strong relationship to the role of light in the atomic structure of hydrogen. As the simplest atom of the periodic table hydrogen displays photon spectral lines corresponding to Lyman (UV), Balmer (visible) and Paschen (infrared) and these relationships corresponding to the electromagnetic spectrum of UV | visible | infrared are mirroring the hydrogen s orbital electron transitions. 

We do not often associate the electromagnetic force within the atom to the spectrum of electromagnetism outside of ourselves to enable us to see colour. However, the single atoms connected to the neurotransmitters allow us to see these transitions operating via the photo-electric effect. 

We need an inertial frame of reference in order to understand the photo-electric effect. The frame of reference I use is an atomic singularity at the centre of the atom. This is a point that does not change as it has resulted from an inversion of the original He-BEC singularity e.g. Einstein's E = mc^2 and c^2 = E/M and the role of light (electromagnetism) in s orbital layers. The singularity of 1/c^2 = Eo x Mu o and an inversion of the original universe singularity. Having a functional event horizon in each atom based on the inverse of the original scale of the universe. Like an atomic event horizon everything inside of it remains within the nucleus of the atom. Everything bigger than this is in the orbital layers of the atom. 

The unification of Gravity and the Strong Force can be obtained by inverting the direction of motion from outward to inward down towards the singularity. This results in the inversion of Gravity and Ke with respect to the Strong Force. Further details of the approach and thinking are outlined in the link below.

Gravity and Strong force

Unified field theory development.